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Ayurveda Healing Sancturary

We have moved! An Authentic Ayurvedic Spa/Mind-Body Experience in the Country near Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Enjoy 1-3 days of Ayurveda Healing treatments with Andrea Olivera

A Sacred healing sanctuary based on Ayurveda concepts, philosophy and ancient Vedic traditions.

ONLY 90 a minute Drive from downtown Toronto. Come up for a country drive and a Ayurveda Healing package of rejuvenating treatments surrounded by gardens, sacred woodlands and a mystical creek to refresh your energy field. Let Mother Nature bathe you with forest love and healing waters. Overnight stays available at our comfortable country inn. Enjoy an Ayurveda Dosha balancing breakfast!



Andrea Olivera is a seminal figure in Canada’s Ayurvedic spa healing and beauty industry. For over 30 years she has helped thousands of clients and students experience the wonders of Ayurveda through her unique Andrea Olivera Ayurveda Method as an educator, author, speaker, aromacologist, and creator of Ayurveda Rituals Botanicals – her exquisite line of natural botanical skincare and perfumes. She is also the author of Eye on Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish Almanac, and A Rishi Among Us —Tales of Krishan Mantri. She is currently working on her third book.

Karmic Life Readings using Jyotisha Vedic Astrology and Rice Divination

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I help find your karmic life map. During your session we will explore your karmic debt, reoccurring patterns and propensities, the lessons that you came here to learn as a soul…

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Andrea OliveraYou are invited to… The Devi Sanctuary Healing Circle Our next healing circle is Saturday February 25th, 10:30am to 12pm, and continues on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Future Dates: March 18th – April 22nd – May 13th Located in Bewdley, Northumberland County  By donation, to reserve a seat reply to this email or call. 416-504-6049 What happens at a healing circle stays in a healing circle… The walk in the woods is taken from many traditions as a time to commune with nature and our inner self. Being in nature heightens our senses and sharpens our intuition, therefore allowing us to perceive and receive answers to questions we have or receive insights, even epiphanies, about issues we need to be resolved. Walking in awareness allows one to process and digest our thoughts and emotions. Each religion has its spiritual pilgrimages that people attend. Walking to Holy places, shrines and sacred sites like cathedrals, temples, and mosques offers those spiritual seekers their time to pray, communicate, and commune with their Divinity of faith. In tribal, indigenous, and religious rituals, taking a pilgrimage by walking offers one time to repent, worship, connect, reflect, process, release blocked emotions as well as be cleansed by the energy of the land, and for those of faith by the actual face of Divinity they worship. Andrea Olivera on Pilgrimage There are no specific mantras as we wish for each person to pray, chant, and commune safely within their own beliefs. Our intention is not to convert or suggest for anyone to pray to another form of Divinity that they are not comfortable with. The walk begins with an intention setting, there will be incense and candles to take on their walk to offer along the way to either one of our reflection stations that we have set up with universal images of Divinity that one can tap into. Everything in this universe is an image of an aspect of God. Divinity, Higher Power, Source, Divine Light, Nature, Mother Nature, Goddesses. Whatever is comfortable for a person to call “It”. Tapping into this externally trains us to see our highest potential, our own Divinity and True Self, that we are a Soul, a part and parcel or aspect or servant or all of the above of Divinity. Walking in awareness of our struggles, pain, predominant emotions and mental states is our first step in healing. Walking toward our Higher Self, or towards a new perspective of conscious awareness can boost our immune system and increase our will to live our inner faith. This is the ritual… Set an intention  Be aware of what you need, how you feel, and ask nature to help you to support you and heal you. The trees, land, water, air and the sounds of nature will communicate with you. Cleanse your energy and recharge your body mind and spirit. For those who wish to see the divine mirror between ourselves and aspects of Divinity there will be extra support stations that will have an Deity where one can select to sit by or walk around or just contemplate and be in observation. Each station will have a different opportunity to go deeper into oneself to see things with the teachings offered. For example, when we see a statue of the Elephant God called Ganesha we are not expecting someone to worship this Hindu God but to see the hidden esoteric metaphysical understanding of it. In Yoga, the first posture/asana is Lotus pose. To be able to sit in meditation for hours one must have a good strong physical foundation, a ROOT that connects us to the element Earth. The Elephant is a symbol of the great Earth element. It has strength, and power and an elephant has stored all the knowledge of the medicines in nature. With the elephant’s trunk it can remove great obstacles in its way and with its massive legs it can stand still without fear. It is connected to its roots, it’s ancestral lineage and family origins. Therefore this symbol is considered an Obstacle remover. When we move out of weakness from our minds & body, legends of family trauma fears phobias with awareness we can awaken that energy within our consciousness and remove the obstacles that are in the way towards our good health of body mind, and spirit. Fear is the obstacle and when we do not have a good strong Earth element the wind can knock us out of the way. Therefore a good athlete, or yogi, strengthens their core and then can master the body and mind. This quality of God or Higher power lives in our root chakra so when we stop on the walk towards the meditation contemplation station where the Deity of Ganesha is we are reflecting on our own state of consciousness. The awareness ritual / question will be Become aware of your deepest obstacle, challenge, predominant emotion, fear, worry, and anxiety, and set an intention today to find a new awareness perspective, even a solution or healing wisdom to help you remove and let go, shifting you out of this state of consciousness that leaves you weak. That is why we call the land Devi Sanctuary, Devi means the Feminine Divine aspect of our Higher Power / Divinity / God that acts like a Mother. This is our own immune system and this is how and why Ayurvedic medicine heals with nature, food, herbs, spices, medicated oils, healing touch, breath, and sound to boost our immunity and digestive strength. There are some Divine Feminine aspects like Angel, Goddess Of Compassion Kuan Yin, a female Buddha, Mother Mary, and Goddess Parvati in the form of Annapurna the goddess of food. We will be bringing more in from India in the spring. This is a spiritual dwelling sacred space that we are slowly building. Taking time in nature in a walking meditation will boost our immunity, help digest negative emotions that block our life force energy and keep us stuck. Part of the walk is guided so they know where to go and what is available and then you are left to commune and do your own inner work. We will then gather inside to begin the healing circle starting with some refreshments some Ayurveda snacks, spices, teas, and treats. We will connect as a community. For those people who feel alone and unsupported, the intention is to create a safe space. We then will begin a guided meditation and a guided journaling session to support the emotional release exercise, we close with a random reading from a collection of poems, stories, and scriptures and close with an invitation to share our reflections as a group. This is by donation as it’s my community service. – Andrea Olivera [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraOn October 17th started an auspicious time to develop our connection to the Divine Mother of this universe. For 9 days and nights starting October 17th to October 25th, begins the growth of the New Moon towards its fullness as a Full Moon. The deep meaning behind this auspicious time is multi-layered and complex. I have learned to take this time of year to do my purification and have introspection time.  The Fall season naturally stirs the windiness of our minds, increasing worries and doubts as well as feelings of scarcity. I often call it squirrel season!  Notice the frenzied behaviour of squirrels this time of year? The fear of the cold dark Winter creates a restlessness in all creation to search for safety and comfort. Running into the arms of a caring, protective nurturing Mother can feel comforting and necessary during challenging times. A child’s development is dependent on feelings of security, safety, healthy nourishment, affection and nurturing. The absence of any of these essential emotional elements can create an inner search to feed the hunger and settle the pain within of being withheld the love we needed. Navaratri; meaning the 9 nights the Mother Goddess slays the demon and reigns in victory. Representing the 9 months we live in our physical mother’s womb, and our journey of growth, as well as the stored samskaras, our cellular memories of our past karmas. The idea is to turn inwards.  The word “Nav” in Sanskrit means 9 and the “Ra” in the word Navaratri means “that which gives solace”. Therefore for 9 days and 9 nights give yourself a sense of solace, enter an inner state of introspection and find stillness. The word “ratri” means night, and it is during the night that we tend to bring up the past, or overthink, worry, perhaps even our physical pains increase? Creating time during these 9 nights to offer peaceful meditations and prayers can help to heal the “Tri” the three afflictions or poisons.  In Yoga, they are understood as the 3 kleshas. Ignorance, Attachment and Aversion.  Yoga offers practices to overcome these fluctuations of the mind-stuff. Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana’s (physical postures), and Ayurveda offer remedies for daily self-care of the body. From abhyanga self-massage to herbal teas and customized spices in our meals, catered to our constitutional body-mind type. The concept of “Know Thyself”, “Heal Thyself” is what I practice and share with all those who come to see me. Introducing these Vedic philosophies and metaphors provide positive imagery, helping us move out of the ordinary ways of thinking that may not offer the insights and revelations we need to heal. Every child loves a bedtime story, then enjoys waking up and starting their day with animated cartoons that teach, entertain and inspire. Take time to understand all these mystic stories as they are there to help us.  The word ‘Tri” refers to the three types of afflictions, the suffering of the physical body, the mental our negative or conditioned thoughts, and on the astral level our past impressions stored deeply within our cellular body. When we introspect and go inward, we can assist the mental and emotional digestive fire, our Buddhi Agni, to process and digest these afflictions. Once we let go and create inner space, we can feel rebirthed, and our mind can rest in peace. During this time, our inner Shakti, our Prana, the power of our consciousness, and our life force energy, can destroy and fight with our inner demons. These sabotaging negative thoughts and emotions are like inner demons that come to sabotage our life force energy and weaken our Prana and immune system.  These can come as our lower behaviours like our indulges or addictions, our unclarity or uncertainty. The seeds in our blood carry our ancestral karma like diseases. The demon of doubt, laziness, depression, our argumentative nature, the rebellious nature, hatred, envy, anger, lust, and all those sarcastic life negating beliefs like, lack of self worth, unworthiness and self-hatred. During these 9 nights we invoke a part of our Higher Power. The aspect of this Divine Feminine Prana Shakti is to raise our energy and move through our darkness into the light of Truth. When we have released all the negative tendencies within, and invoked the Devi within and increased our inner Truth our Higher Power, or that part of us that is Divine, our minds can digest our emotions and past impressions. These impressions are stored in our 7 gate ways of consciousness our chakras. Each of our Chakras is a storehouse of those karmas. These 9 nights can be a great way to purify our past misdeeds and let go of the sabotaging fears that prevent us from moving towards our destiny or soul’s purpose. Meditating on your Chakras, and cleansing practices for your body mind and soul are helpful. Take a Chakra Assessment to see where to start… Take the Chakra Quiz Here I invite my guests and clients to reflect on these metaphors and treasured healing formulas held within these stories/scriptures, as a meditation and contemplation practice. While living in the ashrama at the temples, I learned the practice of offering my food, flowers, incense, fragrances and medicines to the form of deities being worshiped to receive their blessings. After prayers and chants were offered in a ritual called puja, those offerings became charged with the prana (energy) of the different forms of divinity. We all need blessings, angels, spirit guides, our ancestors, gods & goddesses, to feel protection and care during hard times. This is a time that I also create a new batch of Devi. A Ritual of Scent who’s ingredients I offer to my deities of Devi (Goddess) to get their blessings. This is known as Prasadam of the deity. Wearing the scent or eating the remnants of the offering contains the blessings of the deity to help our healing needs. May the divine mother nurture your soul back to health, happiness, and prosperity. JAI MA! Click here for a house cleansing ritual [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraSahasrara The Seat of the Luminescent Soul where Knowledge, Knower and Known become ONE in Bliss ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Thousand Fold, Lotus of a thousand petals #7 Crown Chakra Location: Fontanelle, top of the cranium cerebral plexusBija Seed Sound: OMElement: All, infiniteSense: All, infiniteColor: Gold/WhiteDeities: Adi Shiva- The Deity of Bliss and Moksha. The Realm of the Rishis/Sages or the “Realised Beings” As consciousness moves upward experiencing different planes, elements, radiations, vibrations, prana, purification and transformation, the Yogi reaches the state of Asama-Prajnata-Samadhi. The state of stillness and oneness. The union Kundalini Shakti travels upward to find is achieved, and the Yogi becomes self-realized and God-realized. A complete awakening occurs starting from the root of the Lotus in the Muladhara Chakra to a blossoming at the Sahasrara Chakra. Our self-discovery path is a journey through these 7 gateways of consciousness. Our experiences are unique and unfold according to time, place and circumstance. Having a deep understanding of your birth chart can reveal or show a map of the Karmic play at hand. Once we have an understanding of the many layers of karma and begin a path of self-realization and selfless actions to build merit and virtues, we enter the Sahasrara gate where sits the luminescent Soul our true Self. This realization leads to Divine Bliss and Liberation. Balance your Sahasrara Chakra with Krishna perfume. This Ritual scent balances Chakra #7, Sahasara, the 1,000 petalled lotus in all the Dosha’s in order to invoke the transcendental experience of love. Learn more >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraAjna A doorway where miracles occur when perception, Truth, Consciousness and Light awaken the Seer within ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Ajna – translates to “Command, Authority” #6 The Third Eye Chakra Location: Upper end of the Spinal ColumnBija Seed Sound: OMElement: Space/AkashaSense: SoundColor: Indigo Blue (Western), Smokey Grey (Yogic Texts)Deities: Shiva and Shakti Ardhanarishvara, the half-male, half-female Shiva-Shakti Symbols Two Lotus Petals, one is inscribed with The Sun, the other with The Moon. This represents Sun-Pingala, and Moon-Ida.The planet JUPITER/GURU of the Deities A portal between spine and the brain, the center between the eyebrows, the center where Ida and Pinga end and merge with Sushumna this is known as Triveni. The Third-Eye Chakra is considered a bridge a meeting place where the Guru, inner teacher, communicates with the Self. This is an internal relationship often reflected externally in a Guru/Disciple relationship. Many subtle initiations can occur here between our inner Guru our Higher Power and the Self. Within the gateway of our inner temple, our inner Divine eye of intuition and knowledge can receive profound revelations and insights that can lead to a spiritual awakening. This door of perception reveals Truth, Consciousness, and Light when awakened. The removal of the darkness and ignorance, “GU”, and are now embodying the light of knowledge, “RU”. Therefore the meaning of the word “Guru” is the eternal master who expels the darkness and ignorance wit the torch of knowledge. Ajna is where the Buddhi, our Cosmic Intelligence, sits. The wisdom that emerges from the Fire of discernment cleansing our perceptions, opinions, attachments, sparks our revelationary knowledge. Here when the Yogi controls the mind and senses, one becomes able to “Dwell within the Self” becoming the “Witness” and attaining our “Buddhahood” or True Self. At Ajna Chakra all Karmic chains our Samskaras/Vasanas are burnt with the Fire of discernment the power to recognize what is real and unreal and see the Truth and BE THE TRUTH – our TRUE SELF a being of LIGHT and LOVE. Balance your Anja Chakra with Shiva perfume. from our Rituals of Scent line, custom blended by Andrea Olivera. This Ritual scent balances Chakra #6 Ajna, Third eye chakra, the seat of intuition to promote deep states of meditation, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Shiva is crafted using a combination of cooling essences; Sandalwood, Sudanese Black Coconut attar… Learn More >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraVishuddha The Center of Purification or Bharati Sthana – The Center of Speech. ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Visha: poison or impurityShuddhi: purification #5 The Throat Chakra Location: Throat RegionBija Seed Sound: HamElement: Space/AkashaSense: SoundColor: Light Blue (Western)Violet (Yogic Texts)Deities: Panchavaktra Shiva (the five headed Shiva) and His consort Shakini Shakti (the bestower of the highest knowledge) Symbols Purple Lotus Flower with sixteen petals in the center of the flower is a drop of Nectar. These 16 Petals represent 16 out of the 24 Siddhis which are 16 mystical attainments we can develop when we purify our ego and move towards our Divine Nature.A Peaceful Elephant called AiravataA Half Moon as the number 16 refers to the sixteen phases of the Moon.The Moon is Soma – The Nectar. Other Sanskrit MeaningsA) Bharati Sthana is the Abode of Bharati the Goddess of Speech, She is a manifestation of Goddess Saraswati DeviB) Vishuddhikaya Chakra meaning “Center of Nectar” In Swadhisthana Chakra a deep Churning of the Ocean of Consciousness began, but here in the centre of our Throat Chakra that battle between the Good and Evil, Divine and Demoniac suggests that as they churned the primordial ocean representing the world and the mind, a poison rose to the surface. This poison was destructive and a merciful elevated God, Shiva the Lord of Compassion, drank the poison holding it in his throat. This throat turned blue and Shiva, therefore, gets his name Nilakantha, Blue Throated Lord. This internal poison and the Divine Nectar are simultaneously created.If one has the awareness and function at the level of this Chakra one can absorb the negative poisons and transform it into blissful nectar. This nectar is the food of the Gods, The Ambrosia and the Amrita the Elixir of Life. It is also known as Soma, The Divine Nectar of Immortality, and Madya as the Tantrics and Sufi’s speak about the “Sweet Wine” or “The Wine of Bliss”. Within Christianity, Christ says“But whoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life” John 4:14 Vishuddhi Chakra Center is where we purify our lower natures and begin to live as a peaceful being living compassionately. It is the threshold of Truth and Self Realization. Balance your Vishuddha Chakra with Dharma perfume. The Ritual Scent Dharma purifies Chakra #5 Visuddhi, located in the throat region to promote the expression of one’s truth. Essential oils such as jasmine, bergamot and magnolia promote mental clarity and enhance meditation. As you imbibe in the fragrance of Dharma… Learn More >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraAnahata Chakra The Centre of Infinite Cosmic Sound,Unstruck infinite pulse of Love ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Unstruck or unbeaten infinite sound of the cosmos #4 The Heart Chakra Location: Heart RegionBija Seed Sound: YamElement: AirSense: TouchColor: Pink and GreenDeities: Presiding deity Goddess Kakini wearing yellow garments and  sitting on a red lotus and Lord Vayu, the lord of the winds, who is the  father of Bhima and the spiritual father of Hanuman. Symbols Blue Lotus with twelve petals inscribed with Kam Kham Gam Gham Nam Cham Chham Jam Jham Nam Tam and ThamTwo interlaced triangles forming the Star of David, a Hexagon.The Wish Fulfilling Tree ChintamaniEternal Flame/Candle This Centre holds the Shabda Brahman or the Cosmic Sound that is infinitely filled with unconditional LOVE/BHAKTI. The Vedic Scriptures identify this center as the abode of the Jivatma, the individual embodiment of the consciousness of our Soul. There is a minor Chakra located just under Anahata Chakra is considered the abode of our individualized Deity our mirror reflection of our Divine Nature in Sanskrit known as Ishta Devata.A Wish-Fulfilling tree called Chintamani or Kalpa Vriksha sits within the lower chamber of the Heart Centre. Our Sankalpa/Wishes can become fulfilled and tend to bear fruit if our Sankalpa is powerful, and if our Karmic load lightens our consciousness, the energy can move upwards towards union with the Beloved. Ancient Tantric texts describe a magical lake that contains a sacred garden of Divine Beings sitting around this Wish Fulfilling Tree called Chintamani. As we raise our awareness and begin a reciprocal loving relationship with our internal and eternal Beloved who resides deeply in that Cosmic Infinite vibration of love we can experience the awakening and union our Divine Light and Love of the Eternal Flame. Balance your Anahata Chakra with Magdalena perfume. May the experience of the Ritual scent of Magdalena invite you to surrender to love. Inspired by the love and bhakti (devotion) of Mary Magdalene, this ritual blend balances Chakra #4-Anahata, heart chakra and is good for kapha dosha’s. It inspires the heart to the experience of love which makes self-less devotion and service possible. Learn More >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraThe power of intention can be reinforced by the Ritual of casting a spell, which is a ceremony around casting a thought to fulfill a desire. The magic behind spells or Rituals is the intention behind them. The stronger the focus on the intention the more powerful the spell. Actualizing our intentions with sacred ceremony can help us align our thoughts towards our intention. When we raise the vibration of our intention and identify the energy blocks or negative emotions that may be deeply seated within our subconscious, our spells (which are merely energetic goals set within a ritualistic transmission) can produce more effective results. In my Divination practice of reading Rice or casting a birth chart thru Vedic Astrology, there are many prescriptions that I give to help support the actualization of desires of the heart, career, health. Still, my most popular prescription is my LOVE RITUAL. We are all wanting the experience of LOVE, and wish to manifest happy, healthy relationships. Unfortunately, our past experiences may still carry energetic blocks stored deeply in our cellular memory that prevent us from being able to manifest love, romance, and healthy relationships in our lives. In your birth chart, we can see the strengths and weaknesses of certain planets placed in certain Zodiac signs and houses that can explain the many reasons why there are issues in the areas of love and relationships. Read more about my Karmic Life Readings here  https://ayurvedaritualsspa.com/jyotish-astrology/ It is important to see these karmic blocks and lessons and repair them with prescribed rituals and healing ceremonies for you to be able to manifest happier and healthier relationships in all areas of your life. Our soul consents with the souls of others, having experiences for us to learn and evolve from. Once entangled in a human body, the soul can forget those contracts that we have chosen to play out with others, becoming immersed within that karmic play. This can entrap us in the repetition of behaviours that keep attracting the same painful issues and themes, relationship after relationship. Identifying these stored painful memories and old decisions that we made about life, love, marriage, relationships, and ourselves is key. This is the first step towards freeing ourselves from repetitive cycles of continuous disappointments that weaken our Prana (life force energy). A Love Ritual first begins with… A) Identifying old beliefs and old decisions that you made from past experiences. Relationships you have had in this lifetime and previous lifetimes can still today block your ability to manifest the love you desire to experience in the present moment. B) Identifying and examining Karmic debts and repetitive themes, undigested lessons and painful past experiences in your birth chart can direct the first steps towards Healing and mending your broken heart. C) Identifying the predominant emotion or emotions that may be blocking your Prana your life force energy and weakening your immune system and power to manifest. D) Identifying the LOVE that you are looking for, the essence of LOVE that you are and experience of LOVE that you desire.  We forget that WE ARE THE ESSENCE OF LOVE, and that LOVE is what we are looking for outside of ourselves. Returning to Self-Love first will draw us towards the essence of love that matches our own essence of love. E) Taking the healing journey involves a Karma Emotional Release Therapy (KERT) session and answering some questions, journaling, then using the KERT workbook, available as an ebook here https://ayurvedaritualsspa.com/ebooks-by-andrea-olivera/. Please email me for the KERT Homework questions to get you started! info@ayurvedictouch.com  You are now ready to begin a LOVE RITUAL  This is customized and tailored to your specific needs and will be prescribed during your Karmic Life Reading or your Karma Emotional Release Therapy Session. A Summer LOVE RITUAL… Fridays are a perfect day to engage in love ceremonies. Harmonizing with others, socializing, meeting new people, going on dates, having gatherings or parties are great to cast a love spell, perform a sacred love ceremony, and begin the Ritual of Self-Care to invoke self-love, peace, and harmony. The original love ritual ceremony was done in a river, lake or ocean invoking the love and fertility Goddesses and the water spirit Herself to bless one with love, children and prosperity for the family. Invoking the Water Spirit within and without We are aquatic beings, over 60% water. Water is sexuality, creativity and emotionality. Therefore, within us are sweet rivers of desire, passionate waterfalls, colourful creative oceans filled with caves of unexplored and undiscovered treasures.  Approaching a body of water with the understanding that everything in this universe is a mirror reflection, an opportunity to tap into Prana arises. This macrocosm reservoir from the Angel of Water, the Divine Feminine creative life force energy, charges our own microcosm with Her qualities. This is the power of attraction! Tapping into natures power of attraction and connecting inward towards our own essence of love, creative life force and desire generates the magic of natural seduction.  This is the Elemental secret known by all mystics, magicians, priests and priestesses of all walks and paths that I share with you. To help empower you and teach you to cast your own amazing Love Rituals and practice the art of this Elemental Wisdom. Start your ceremony by bringing an offering to the Spirit of Water. It may help to research and connect to the personality of A Water Goddess that you resonate with. Ochun the African fertility river Goddess, Yemaya The Mother of Fish, or Anahita the Persian water Goddess are just some examples. Approach a body of water, place an offering of fruits, flowers, coins and incense at the water bank. Sit and begin sharing all of your worries, struggles and pain around not being able to manifest love or fertility, even your prosperity goals. Communicate as if you are speaking to your dearest friend or a caring mother. Reveal to Her the journey of personal discovery and awareness that you now understand from doing the Karma an Emotional Release Therapy and your revelations from journaling your answers from the homework I sent you.  It is important to reveal, confess, and take time to repent as this step helps one to integrate the lessons and understandings received. These insights become doorways out of our suffering, and the helping hand of our higher emotional intelligence. When we read the stories and mythologies of the Water Divinities we learn from them and adapt those teachings in our own lives. Once you have offered your gift and shared, ask permission to cleanse and recharge your aura with and by Her Shakti (energy). Begin cleansing away all that is old and no longer of use in your energy field, allow yourself to release emotions and negative thoughts as you cleanse your aura with the fruits and flowers. Take a piece of fruit in each hand and start cleansing your body, starting from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Allow the fruit to touch your skin, over your clothing letting it absorb the energy from the body. Rub areas of your body that have pain, throw each piece of fruit far into the water. Thank it for healing you.  Take the flowers and using sweeping like caresses starting from top of the head to toes. Cleanse front and back of body, then throw the flowers far into the water, thanking them for cleansing away all blocked negative thought energies and emotions. Now walk away from the cleansing space and leave the flowers and fruits to float away taking with them your sorrows for the Divine Mother of Water to heal. We as children loved crawling into the lap of our mother as she soothed our fears and caressed away our tears.  Water is the body of our Divine Universal Mother, take time to rest, heal, and recharge in her presence.  Once you have let go, you have created space for something new to enter in your life. Invoke now your inner reservoir of desire – Set Your Intention!  Now Cast your Spell! Speak out loud your desire intentions and draw from the powers of the sweet waters within and without. Hold a vision of the love you wish to draw to you. Invite that essence of love to come into your life as a spouse, child or object of your desire What is meant to be yours will be yours!  Light your Kashmiri Rose Dhoop stick or incense stick and sit in deep meditation and gratitude. Thank the Spirit the Mother of Water and return home to start your Bath Ritual ( see below) Sacred Bath Ritual Recipe Continue this ceremony and home bath ritual for five consistent Fridays as advised. For a further customized prescription tailored to your needs book a Karmic Life Reading or Consultation  [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraManipura Chakra A City of Gems, Our Power to Digest ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Mani: gem, pearl, jewelPura: city or place #3 Solar Chakra Location: Solar Plexus, all upper digestive organsBija Seed Sound: RamElement: Fire / AgniSense: SightColor: YellowDeities: Braddha Rudra and Shakti LakiniSymbol: The Ram, Inverted Triangle, Lotus blossom with 10 petals Manipura: Our internal Fire-pit, our City of internal Lights Entering our internal Fire-Pit where layers of our Karmas become purified in our internal fires, igniting the fire of discernment our Tejas and opening the gateway into “A city of Pearls of Wisdom”.Insights, revelations, “Aha moments”, are sharpened as the power of discernment or the inner sense of sight is switched on.When the “Lights” turn on and the engine of our digestive fires are strong we are able to see clearly and better digest our emotions, and our present and past life experiences.An internal equilibrium manifests and supplies our bodies with vitality and we are able to wassimilate the nutrients from our food and those unforgettable life lessons and teachings that come to us from the collection of our Karmas. Ayurveda describes 13 digestive fires, the main centre fire pit or the Mother of all these fires is Jathara Agni. This centre is the door we enter towards the establishment of our individuation. The symbol of Manipura Chakra is a Lotus Blossom with 10 petals. Each petal represents vibrations of our Pranic Energy. There are 10 Pranas that help to regulate the whole bodily functions and nourish our organs of actions and the organs of knowledge or perception. 5 Prana Vayus Prana – The function of InhalationApana– The function of ExhalationUdana– The function of IngestionSamana– The function of DigestionsVyana– The function of Circulation / Nervous System 5 Upa Pranas Naga – controls burpingKurma – controls the movement of our eyelidsDevadatta – controls yawningKrikala – controls sneezingDhananjaya – controls our stability and the functions of the organs Our Vital Energy Force has two main functions: A) Receiving power – PranaB) Eliminating power- Apana These two Pranic Energies when functioning well radiate and pulsate with the light of transformation out of our polluted wastes-Ama, towards an upward movement out of the darkness into the light of our soul. Here we begin to see the flavour, qualities and characteristics of our Higher Power, or the power of our inner saboteur and its ego. Balance your Manipura Chakra with Shiva perfume. This Ritual scent balances Chakra #6 Ajna, Third eye chakra, the seat of intuition to promote deep states of meditation, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Shiva is crafted using a combination of cooling essences; Sandalwood, Sudanese Black Coconut attar, Sudanese Black Rose, and Kush attar blended with a global bouquet of floral waters in a base of… Click Here >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraSvadhisthana Chakra The Self takes pleasure and becomes established as it dwells sits within its own abode ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Sva = The Self – One’s own BeingSvad = To take pleasure inAdhisthana = Abode or Seat – Established #2 Sacral Chakra Location: NavelBija Seed Sound: VamElement: WaterSense: TasteColor: OrangeDeities: Brahma & Saraswati Symbol: Cosmic GoldenWomb, Crocodile The potential to transform our past mistakes and purify our subconsciousness where the prints of our cellular memory or Samskara/Vasanas “Sit 0r Dwell” “Our Story”, floats within this abode of the self. This is the inner ground where the epic story of Samudra Manthana, or the churning of the Ocean story, found in the Hindu scriptures the Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata, and the Vishnu Purana, takes place. Our inner saboteur can be the consciousness of our inner child who is stuck in the pain, stories, and traumas of the past. It can also be part of the ego who carries the pain of previous lives. Those parts of the underdeveloped or not yet fully realized part of our ego can represent that demoniac force or darkness holding the rope on one side of the mountain that is about to churn the ocean. On the other side of the mountain, the part of our consciousness that has awakened, has developed and is becoming its True Self or Higher Power. Our Divine nature pulls the rope churning our emotions and purifying our consciousness. The goal? To capture the Elixir of Life and not stay dormant or indulge in our senses. This churning purifies our lower emotions such as anger, fear, self-doubt, violence, hatred, greed, envy, jealousy, arrogance and lethargy. It turns them into life-enhancing gems, wisdom trees, the blessing of Mother Divine, and Prana. All the ingredients that make up the Nectar of Immortality come up from this churning. Here we move away from self-sabotaging actions of the ego and move our unconscious selfish actions which can destroy our growth potential into the flow of our creative higher being of peace and love. The Symbol of Svadhistana chakra is the crocodile. The crocodile represents the Sanchita Karma, our collected Karmas, Samskaras, and Vasanas that lay dormant like the crocodile. Our deepest desires and behaviours stem from the collected deeds and mis-deeds. Churning, purifying, clearing and atoning them can affect our future Karmas. This is the action known as Kriyamana Karma, the Karma created in this present life. This begins our yogic path of purification found in the Kriyas, actions burn out of beliefs. When inertia and laziness possess our consciousness, we need to apply these Kriyas to awaken two hidden gems, our Will Power or Iccha Shakti and our Vitality/Vigor or Kriya Shakti. The power of our creativity and sexuality awakens when the three powerful energies churn our ocean of consciousness. Prana Shakti or Life Force Energy, Dharana Shakti or the Power of Focus and Chetana Shakti or the power of Discernment awaken. When these energies or Shaktis awaken the Symbol that appears is the Cosmic Golden Womb that gives birth to the Knowledge of the Self. Balance your Svadhisthana Chakra with Devi perfume. This Ritual scent balances Chakra #2 , Swadisthana, the abode of the sensual self and promotes the free flow of creative expression. The aphrodisiatic scent, Devi is formulated using the sacred attar of Pink Lotus representing the Goddess of Abdundance, Arabian, Vintage Indian and Bulgarian rose oils representing the Divine Mother and Bergamot… Learn More >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraThe Muladhara Chakra Our Root, Our Tribe, Our Ancestors. ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Mula: RootAhhara: Foundation, Base, Support #1 The Root Chakra Location:Base of the Spine: Coccygeal Plexus, Vertabrae 1-2-3Bija Seed Sound: LamElement: Earth, TattvaSense: SmellColor: RedDeities: The Goddess Dakini Symbol Lotus Blossom Four Petals representing1. Mind2. Intellect3. Consciousness4. Ego In the center of our tailbone sits the bija (seed) of pure potentiality. This bija (seed) lays dormant deep in the earth, the root of our consciousness. The seeds of our past deeds and misdeeds known as our Prarabdha Karma lay dormant waiting for the time (Kala the serpent of time) to awaken. The 7 trunks of the Elephant represent our 7 hidden spiritual treasures, the 7 Dhatus; Tissues of the Body, 7 Gems and minerals found in the earth and the 7 Levels ofConsciousness waiting to be awakened. UnconsciousnessSubconsciousnessDream ConsciousnessWaking ConsciousnessAstral ConsciousnessSupreme ConsciousnessCosmic Consciousness The root of our consciousness from our childhood to our previous past lives lay in an unconscious state. To awaken awareness brings us out of the darkness of negative emotions such as fears, insecurity, doubt, disillusions, phobias, and the seeds of our Prarabdha Karmas our misdeeds and that of our family. Our tribal roots and their legacies keep the pain of the past. Traumas block our consciousness from transforming inherited obstacles out of the darkness into the light of self-evolution. Here begins our spiritual unfoldment and the shedding of the past. As we move upwards towards union with our true self, we travel through the next doorways of consciousness. Balance your Muladhara Chakra with Ganesha perfume. May the energy of the Ritual scent of Ganesha invite the experience of freedom and release. This Ritual scent stabilizes the first or Muladhara chakra. The Ritual scent of Ganesha is crafted with a fresh blend of sweet citrus and chocolate attar essences to first increase our mental clarity which… Learn More >> [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraMessages in the Rice: The art of Rice Divination By Andrea Olivera Omen observation is an important quality and skill of the Priestess and Priest. It can be a “gift” that one is born with or develops due to extreme spiritual practices. Or even life traumas that provoke the opening of specific spiritual centres. Most life experiences are there to assist us, bringing a deeper or higher experience of ourselves and our consciousness. They can open doors, reveal our natural “superpowers”, and provoke our inner artist. Separation from my motherland and dearest loved ones like my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins was a strong life experience. My family, the floral and herbs gardens of my great-grandmother, and the sea, were parts of me. This occurrence brought my soul into the discovery of Eastern culture, teachings, oracles and healing traditions. Meeting the esoteric and metaphysical phenomenon was often part of my daily endeavours, and the initiation into the Divination of Rice was part of my early experience of tribal wisdom. In many tribal cultures, rice was used as a form of divination and tool that Oracle’s would employ to determine the state of the tribe. It would also be used to help guide an individual who is suffering or needs answers to life’s struggles. As a native of Uruguay South America, my family grew up eating rice as our daily staple. Dinner without rice was not a complete meal for my family. Similar to many other cultures around us who came to Toronto as immigrants, rice was an integral part of foreign cuisine in most homes, except the homes of my Canadian friends who only knew rice from a box and called it “Uncle Ben”. That type of rice was not considered rice by foreigners. Each country had its style of rice, the Italians rice was fat and stubby, the Indian and Pakistani rice was long and aromatic, the Mexican and other Latin rice were short and hard, sometimes yellowish. But the Uruguayan rice was nowhere to be found in this cold, grey new world we were in. We arranged shipments of the organic local rice to be sent to us from rice plantations in rural Uruguay from our family who harvested it. My little sister and I would watch our parents rejoice at the arrival of the parcels. It was like watching excited and happy children receive treasured gifts on Christmas morning. Memories of several myths and folklore stories that were told around our kitchen table back home as my great grandmother and grandmother would make savoury and sweet dishes from rice repeat in my mind. A tradition that continued here in the new land of Toronto when my grandmother would visit and eventually stayed, and reinforced those traditions, habits and recipes to my mother and my aunt Tia Rosa. Being close to my grandma, I hung on to every word and watched all of her actions. We continued the tradition here in the new land of Toronto when my grandmother would visit and eventually stayed. She reinforced those traditions, habits and recipes to my mother and my aunt Tia Rosa. Being close to my grandma, I hung on to every word and watched all of her actions. I would listen intently to the women of my family share ghost stories to legends of our indigenous peoples, as they cooked up traditional meals and jarred sweet jams made out of imported quince, figs, peach and yams. My imagination and interest grew wildly, and a restlessness stirred my soul to begin to search for the mystic at a very young age. My dreams were full of these legends and stories. While awake I studied and practiced those old traditions, intertwining the myths of other cultures that I was integrating living among different nationalities here in Toronto. A commonality that I found while visiting each of my neighbours and sitting at their kitchen tables was that rice was sacred in each home, and each dish came with its own legend or mystery. Alters of Deities enchanted my eyes, and the sound of sacred hymns and chants filled my ears of words I did not understand, my nose enticed by the fragrant smoke offered in stick forms to their Gods and then placed into dried rice so they would stand while still burning. “Ma ! Ma ! el arroz de los Indios tiene fuego!!!! (the rice of the Indians has fire in it)” I would say as I ran from their apartment door across the hall back to ours. Our neighbours would laugh and daily I learned that not only did the rice hold the stick of smoke but that each of their Gods/Goddesses , loved the same sweet rice dishes that I loved my “arroz con leche”. Who were those gold dolls, I questioned, that ate rice several times a day? Why didn’t they eat cookies or cakes or a hamburger? I thought as I watched them serve a spoonful of rice with peas, aromatic spices and vegetables to their dolls of gold dressed in bright, colourful dresses. I especially was enamoured with one really cute blue God (Krishna), who ate the most of the sweet rice they offered him. We seemed to have a love for that milky sweet desert in common. Today I know that those early childhood impressions brought me towards my Eastern path of healing practices. Discoveries of layered teachings of rice healings, rice readings, rice medicinal poultices and Oracles using rice popped up for me to see during my studies in Eastern healing sciences such as Shiatsu and Ayurveda. As an Ayurveda Spa Specialist, trained in several methods of abhyanga Ayurveda massage and healing treatments, my favourite was always Shashtishali Pinda Sweda a massage using milk and rice cooked in medicinal herbal concoctions. In South India’s practice of Ayurveda’s fivefold detoxification therapy known as Pancha Karma, a poultice made of red rice is cooked in customized herbal medicines and milk and is rhythmically massaged to the whole body. Depending on the practitioner’s spiritual connections, mantras and prayers over the body makes this treatment recuperative and can be incredibly helpful in improving circulation and skin complexion. At the same time, it heals pains, restores, and brings vitality and vigour to the whole being. Some Siddha healers in India, read the dried rice grains left after a treatment on a patients body. Those that have the “healing eyes” can see just by the patterns left on the body if the treatment was effective or not. The Earth Mother Goddesses ruling over the harvest of grains to nourish all sentient beings, and their worship stood out to me more than others, I felt a connection. I believe my personal experiences were responsible for this, and I would like to share some of them with you today. Here are some of my findings… In Japan a ritual using divination known as the Mi Kayu Ura is performed on January 15th to predict the weather and to foresee the quality of the year’s harvest. In other Shinto tribal traditions, rice gruel is made, and the various consistencies are examined by the Priest to predict events from the weather to the prosperity and fertility of the tribe. There are several mentions of Rice Divination that are applied to the IChing, otherwise known as the Book of Changes. From reading the Hexagram the usual method of consulting the IChing as an Oracle to the use of Yarrow Stalks, Turtle Shells, the IChing Coins, Marbles & Beads, Dice, Astrology and in very ancient scriptures the use of Rice grains. In Cambodia a polyandrous Goddess of the sky, clouds and water called Po Ino Nogar is similar to Indonesia’s Dewi Sri the Goddess of Rice and the Moon. Most of the similarities found among these Goddesses is that rule over snakes known as Nagas, fertility and motherhood. Phosop or Mae Khwan Khao is Thailands Mother of Rice There are several scholars who have studied the story or the manuscript of a Goddess Nang Khosop who is considered to be the soul of the Rice in Laos. Legends say that the future of Buddhist Dharma was feared by a sage living in a forest and he slaughtered Nang Khosop into many pieces, which now symbolize the varieties of rice like red rice, black rice, white rice, long and short-grain rice, and so on. The cultivation of rice is an analogy of how the different Buddhist doctrines flourished. A reinterpretation of Buddhist teachings were found through the myth of the Rice Goddess. In Aboriginal Latin cultures, Rice grains have their place in the Divination Arts. Many of the rice plantations have several ceremonies and Rituals to the Goddess of Rice. Offering of songs and dances as well as flowers and gifts are offered to the Goddess of Rice. One of the stories that will always stay with me, and I believe was one of my first initiations into the art of Rice Divination, was from several meetings with mystics, teachers and healers as well as a family member who told me of his personal experiences. You see, myths come alive by the legend or storyteller If the one sharing a fable, myth or legend has any spiritual awareness, psychic abilities and powers themselves, they can charge a room with a story! Let alone fill your consciousness with empowered thoughts, ideas, and visions that support your Dharma. The Hindu traditions call this Shakti Pat, the transmission of spiritual energy to open your inner eye of awareness or your Ajna Chakra the energy centre known as the Third Eye Chakra. Mystics walk in all shapes, sizes, styles and traditions. I was fortunate to have met a few real earth mystics as a child and young adult. Earth mystics have a natural ability to communicate with the spirit world as well as plants, animals, birds the sky the ocean. Everything in nature becomes an encyclopedia that can be interpreted and read by the natural mystics. Many a prophecy came in this way, in the meetings with remarkable beings, who then wrote down their insights, revelations and some shared those incredible transmissions that they received. Within our aboriginal cultures, our Shamans and natural mystics use several forms of Divination arts like Aeromancy the reading of the weather. There are shamans who can understand the different sounds thatare made by thunder as a messenger of the Gods & Goddesses; this is known as the Divination method called Brontomancy. I had the experience of sitting with some priests who could read the shape of smoke that came from certain fire ceremonies offered to specific Deities. This art of divination is known as Capnomancy, and smoke from candles as well as incense, can be interpreted as well as the smoke from healing treatments like Moxabustion. They could read the sound of the thunder in the sky and the shapes of lightning. Even the ways rain would fall from the sky scripted the vision for those with the eyes to see. Another art of divination that reads the animal spirits, as well as elemental spirits is Apantomancy. Both Apantomancy and Augury, the practice of divining the flow of movement that birds make and the traces left from the sightings of animals, are part of the language spoken by those seers and mystics. You see birds to Shamans are considered messengers of the Gods, paying attention to them will communicate the forecast of the weather, and other needed pieces of information to prepare the lands for cultivation. In such traditions, rice and other grains and seeds are often thrown on the ground, and the diviners pay attention to the ways birds fly and move towards the grains. Many rice farmers have these natural skills, as day in and day out they are surrounded by the elements and need to sharpen their communication skills to all around them. In Aboriginal Latin cultures, Rice grains have their place in the Divination arts. In Brazil, the Amazonian tribals use several forms of Divination like Aeromancy reading the weather like rain, thunder and lightning. My great-grandmother was known by the villagers to have the gift of Apantomancy. She was part South American Indigenous and was known to practice the indigenous ways. She informally practiced the art of divination that reads animal spirits, elemental spirits, the flow of movements that birds make, and understood natures language. Most shamans of the North, South and Central Americas know this Divinational practice of Augury. The understanding of the flow and movement of birds as messengers of the Gods and Goddesses. Rice farmers have often been known to throw rice grains on the ground and pay attention to the ways birds fly and move towards the grains, this would give them insights into the harvest season and weather patterns. My Tia Susana (aunt) in Uruguay married into a family of rice farmers, who continued to share mystical stories and their own personal experiences cultivating the rice under the light of the Moon, living in nature and learning the language of the land and all creation. From those stories and transmissions, I was brought to discover the art of Rice Divination. It was on one of my visits back home that my journey into this form and other forms of divination began. The story I was told by a rice farmer, El Rayo, meaning “The Lightning Bolt”, has always stayed with me. He has this special aura around him, and many who have met him know that there is something special about him. Every encounter I ever had with him since I was a child has always been interesting and profound, yet so simple and innocent. He shared a story one afternoon after a long day at the beach, over a campfire, with a guitar in his hand he spoke with such a kind melody. “It was a night of a full Moon, the heavy rains had slightly flooded the rice fields and the birds the night before had shared many messages of what was to come. The creatures of the night had much to say usually, but this night it was quiet, a deep stillness fill the fields.” “I had to climb on a tree to watch the fields that night as there was a need in me or a knowing to be still and aware; it was the nature of that night. In my surrender, I must have fallen asleep, or you know one of those kinds of sleeps that you are still fully awake, perhaps it was a trance-like state that fell on me after being in oneness and observation of nature.” “There in that stillness, that quiet night filled with so many meanings and messages, I was awoken by a dance of colorful lights from the sky. We fell into that same stillness, all was quiet but the sound of the crackling of the fire and the background sounds of the waves, I was mystified watching his sparkling eyes that saw and knew things I so wanted to understand.” He continued “There was a mystic presence all around, and I could feel and hear the voice of nature speak to me, Her presence was all around, the colours and vibrations were so healing, I wanted the whole world to feel the love. The spirit of healing introduced Herself to me, and we stayed up all night watching, listening to the messages of those beyond the stars. Each night creature whispered their secrets to me, and I knew what I had to do to save the rice and myself.” Of course a true mystic never reveals all the secrets, and I knew that there was so, so much he wasn’t sharing. The layers of stories, myths and legends filled my nights with teachings during dream time, and my day time was spent investigating and learning more and more about the mystical secrets around me. I remember dreaming that night about those colours in the sky, the silvery frequency from the Moon, the rice fields and the golden glow left on them by the golden light of the Sun. The radiant vibration of all the communication happening between the sky and earth enchanted my dream! Then deep in my cellular memory there appeared the tribal women who would come in from the Amazon to help in the harvest. The memory of the Priestess that held the rice and invoked the energy of the Goddess awakened within me as I felt her place the rice grains in my hand. Dream teaching is a sacred transmission, and it becomes later activated by meetings with mystics and teachers that can awaken and water that seed that lives in you from lifetimes past. Later my initiations as a Priestess of Yemaya (Mother of the Sea ) and my journey into Ayurveda confirmed my path into divination and the healing arts. The tradition of casting rice and healing with rice to read the signs and symbols, the energetics of the astral, mental, emotional and physical body became part of my path of practice. I woke up surrounded by the sound of the ocean, the scent of sacred herbs from the fire in my hair and a calling to create. I got up and took a bag of the freshly harvested rice from the pantry and painted it gold and silver and started casting it to all those around me. My translation of that Universal Prana was to paint that rice with the shiny vibration of light from the Sun and Moon. I played with that coloured rice for days, weeks and months as a young girl. Casting of the Rice became my art, and I only did it when I would feel that mystic wind blowing within me, only when that stillness that I felt by that fire pit with the sounds of the waves crashing into the shoreline and the glowing fullness of that silvery Moon bathing my consciousness. Only when I felt that connection to those Rice fields the Atlantic Ocean, my grandmothers lemon tree and great-grandmothers flower gardens, these memories of that land that my grandmother would cry in grief of separation at night about. Years later during my visit to the small villages in West Bengal India, I brought out my small bag of my old gold and silver painted rice to a local mystic who was known to cure the villagers from the deadly bite of the cobra. She smiled at me and in her broken English told me the story of the Naga (snake) tradition of that region, and asked me if I ever had a dream of a Goddess coming to me? I shared my stories with her as she sat wildly looking into my eyes almost in a trance state. She reminded me of a cobra herself, swaying from side to side as I spoke. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and blew into it, reciting a mantra. She then placed a small image of the Goddess Laxshmi carved in a green stone into my hand. She then asked me to cast the rice for her, and my journey began. When that deity touched my hand, memories and images of the many stories of the forms of Laxshmi came. One is of ShriDevi or Dewi Sri a Rice Goddess of Indonesia and Bali. She can be seen worshiped also in Sri Lanka by many Ayurveda Vaidyas (doctors) as She is a manifestation of the Hindu Goddess of Health and Wealth Laxshmi Herself. The Javanese and Sundanese also worship Her and adorn beautiful shrines decorated with aromatic flowers and sweets yearly to receive Her blessings for a good rice harvest. Many of these alters have a symbol of a snake (naga) as snakes are a good omen of a bountiful harvest. A Mapag ceremony is celebrated in honor of ShriDevi to invoke Her into the village for a successful harvest, Ma Pag means ” To Bring Shri”, many priestesses fall into a trance similar to my witness from my initiations into the priesthood of Yemaya. Throughout South East Asia many ceremonies to invoke the Goddess to bring fertility love an abundance of health, children and wealth is common. A Burmese ritual called Pon Magyi is performed by Rice farmers to invoke the rice and fertility spirit can also be similar to the African Yoruba fertility rituals to Ochun the Goddess of the Sweet Rivers who brings love, fertility and prosperity to all. Yemaya my guardian spirit, is the form of the Mother of the Sea or Mother of Fish, Her festivals and rituals bring a similar blessing as Mother Laxshmi does to her devotees. My understanding and love of the Goddess in all Her forms fills my heart and soul. During my trips back home and visits with my Tia Susana I became stronger. She coached my return back to the Sea and Her mysteries, as well as encouraging me to bring out my magic and step into my love of healing and divination. I welcomed the further meetings with those that carried that connection and who live in the memory and embodiment of Her essence. They, who speak with nature spirits and the elements, walk with such a calm and depth. One day I will share the many encounters with them that I have had. A few years later when we walked together on the Atlantic ocean, El Rayo guided me into the waters to feel the healing powers of the mother of the Sea. He had sensed great fear, emotional and physical pain within me, as he gently guided me towards the healing offered by the presence of the Goddess, he stroked my back and whispered, “tranquila no tengas miedo” (be still and feel no fear). My tears fell into the waters of the sea, dissolving my illusions, the past and the grief that I carried within my soul. His healing touch and words expelled the fear and introduced me, or I should say brought me back to my Ocean Mother and myself. “Rest here, sit by your Mother and let her enter you once again, She has not forgotten you, even though you live thousands of miles away from Her, you are Hers and she is Yours, now rest once again on Her lap and let her bring you back to life”. She and her disciple El Rayo de las Arrozeras did just that for me that day brought me home, back to myself, restoring my life force. Rice Divination readings are sacred and unique offerings that can be booked during certain phases of the Sun and Moon. They provide a look at your energetics of body mind and soul. Rice Diviners cast rice for blessings, insights and in support of other Divinational arts like astrological charts and tarot. When you are uncertain of your time of birth, a Rice Reading can provide insights into life issues and can be used to determine energetic blocks. Andrea offers Rice Divination readings for 1 hour for $125 + HST. Click here for more details. Rice divination rituals can also be booked for wedding celebrations, birth or baby showers, bridal parties, rites of passage, or a special healing ceremony. Cost is $500 for 2 hours [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraWe may practice guided meditations so that our enlightened nature may overcome our demonic Rahu-based habitual tendencies. We may experience different forms of self-sabotage depending on our constitutions (which we learn about through Ayurveda) and our Rahu-Ketu configurations (which we learn about through Jyotish).  This first meditation is about elemental balance. Let’s reflect on our cosmic anatomy. We are all made up of the five great elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. The great Vedic seers recorded many observations about our true nature, Nature herself, the heavenly Mother and Father, and all of creation. Let us reflect within our hearts about the nature of our relationship with the divine. Within our hearts–within the deepest chamber of our heart–sits a reservoir of love. This love reflects our internal–and eternal–relationship with the divine. We search for this love in every relationship that we have in this material world.  In the search for our truly beloved, we experience relationships that do not fulfill our soul needs. In the soul realm, we consent to other souls and define our contracts together before we are born into this material existence.  The key players we play within the sandbox of our lives are souls with whom we have created contracts in the soul realm. Therefore, we have consented to all the experiences in our lives to learn, grow, and recreate ourselves. Every person who comes into our lives and every person with whom we experience struggles (grief, pain, and suffering) has consented to those very experiences. We play in the sandbox of our lives, wanting each of these relationships to satisfy the hunger within our soul.  This desire, this thirst, can never be quenched. When one realizes the true desire of the soul, the real thirst and hunger is union with the Beloved, realization of that internal and eternal relationship relieves the soul. It is only then that we can let go of the disappointments that we experience with our mundane relationships. Our first playmate in that sandbox is the mother. The mother soul who we choose to play and dance with us in this new existence partly reflects the needs of our soul. It is as if we come into this existence knowing which souls we want to dance and play with.  The souls seem to consent to have this experience together. If each and every one of the souls who have come to journey, to dance, to play, to trigger us and provoke us in this life all chose to have these experiences with us, doesn’t that mean we are responsible?  We have consented to all of these experiences that happen to us in our lives. It can be painful to admit that we chose for those souls who have hurt us to engage in those experiences; that we chose to experience that hurt. We are responsible for the very pain that we are in. The word responsible contains the word respond: I suggest that we must respond to that which we need to be responsible for–our own pain, our own suffering.  To respond to that pain, to respond to that suffering means to pay attention. This attention requires our continuous inner observation in an internal dialogue that helps us understand suffering, our nature, and the qualities of our individual soul consciousness. Click here to sign up for a free meditation from Andrea Olivera. [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraBuilding your alter and seeking inspiration By reflecting on our lower consciousness, and through Rituals, the mirror of Higher Divinity emerges. Rituals to the Gods and Goddess are universal. Our traditions are similar to the cultures in the East. Find a tradition that connects to you. It can be an image of God, an affirmation, mantra, or prayer. Our altars offer similar ingredients, and the platform of devotion is the same.  We all use imagery, invocation, ritual, song, and dance to celebrate the highest form of Divinity within. It is essential not to forget the inner work while preparing for your healing service by doing personal yoga, meditation, or prayer practice.  Having an alter set up that can reflect the essence of our soul and the connection to our higher power can be very supportive to you and your guest. The essences that boost our immune system, faith, truth, trust, courage, strength, love, hope, forgiveness, gratitude, are important to connect with during your sessions and personal practices. Finding Symbols for your alter Having a symbol of each essence on your alter will connect you to those virtues and qualities, lifting your vibration and supporting the flow of your Prana, as well as your guest. When your vibration is high, it will support and stimulate their life force energy.  When your vibration is low due to pain, stress, anxiety, worries, insecurity, or any other negative emotion, your life force energy will be weak. It will make you susceptible to catching the flu, colds, getting headaches, or experiencing other aches and pains in your body. Unfortunately, this can also transfer into the energy field of your guest or those around you. It is part of your set-up and preparation time to take a few minutes before you begin your session to tap into your Higher Power, your Prana, and boost your immunity.  Having an alter for you to look at will continue this practical meditation and continue to keep your life force energy high. Your guest and those around you will feel this positive vibration, and a sense of peace and harmony will be present in the atmosphere. This is Sattva, the atmosphere of Goodness, Serenity Love, and Peace.  The Deity is a mirror reflection of our Divine self. The goal is to move out of our inner darkness, the lower self, and direct that inner saboteur or demonic nature within us toward the light of truth, the light of being, and the light of love. Our true self is Divinity. The stories of the Gods and Goddesses are to show us the path towards freedom from suffering. We are meant to walk in our Divine nature, but life can present crises, traumas, and situations that provoke our lower consciousness to act out.  “Behaviour is everything,” my teacher used to say. “Watch the behaviour, and you will know all about the person.” To select your true inner expression of Divinity, one needs to take inventory of one’s nature and behaviours when acting in the light of consciousness, or when dominated by the shadow.  Indians call true inner expression of Divinity your ishtadevata, the Santeria call it your Orisha, and the Christians call it your Guardian Angel, which mirrors your higher attainment. The good and evil of our nature, the characteristics, and the qualities of our nature all reflect the truth of our soul. There are several ways by which you may find the mirror of yourself in this universe, which Deity, Orisha, or Guardian Angel reflects your true higher self. Some options are divination, Jyotisha (Vedic astrology), or deep introspection. Step One Select the form of divination that supports your spiritual beliefs. Take time to consult with a Jyotisha (Vedic astrologer) with whom you resonate and have a strong connection. Ask her to reveal to you the ruling deities in your astrological chart. Or, consult a High Priest or Priestess in the traditions that resonate with you. Ask him or her, after a deep assessment of your nature and behaviour, to reveal the image of the God or Goddess that supports your truth. Step Two  Build your relationship with your ruling Deity. Select an image of Divinity to be the central point of your altar. When we wish to commune with the Divine, selecting an image, icon, or murti (form) of that Deity can help to channel an intimate relationship. Different deities represent different aspects of the Supreme Personality of Universal Consciousness, also known as Ultimate Reality. Some call that the Great Spirit, or God. The qualities and characteristics of these deities can be symbols of our own Divine Nature. Research a deity who inspires you, making you feel safe and protected, or one that mirrors all the characteristics and qualities that you wish to attain. Step Three Understanding the complexities and specific characteristics of the nature of your chosen Deity, reflect on your nature and behaviour.  Step Four Create an altar for your Deity. Learn about all that they love: the colours that represent them, the aromatics that are offered to them, the foods, and all of their personal paraphernalia (candles, bells, feathers, seashells, garments).  Step Five Prepare their invocation song or mantra. Step Six Sit gazing at the image on the altar, see the mirrors, heal the reflections and insights. When we have issues with others, these issues are usually mirrors to our own issues, of the pains and struggles that we have in common.  When we sit and reflect on why we are so triggered by the person who has hurt us, we will see that there is something like a tuning fork principle: the same note rings back. In these mirrors, we have insights into our own nature. They give an opportunity to decide anew and see if there is a benefit in keeping the pain or sorrow. The mirroring allows a chance for us to break out of the behaviour pattern. Once we see it, it can shatter like the glass in a mirror, breaking the illusions that keep us bound to our suffering. Step Seven  Be aware of the inner saboteur who tries to withhold this highest reflection of your Greatest self. Watch the patterns of self-sabotage and feed your Divinity by offering your senses. Sit within your own being, your own self, and enjoy entering into your higher self. Ritual is a personal form of external meditation. Keeping an altar allows you to focus your thoughts and energy into building a wonderfully strong immunity. Leave behind thoughts of self that are not life-enhancing. Select your Ritual of Scent Divinity in a Bottle Enhance your rituals with 7 scents hand crafted by Andrea Olivera. Devi-The Goddess May the experience of the fragrance Devi invoke your inner Goddess. The Devi is the divine feminine energy in the form of the Mother, the Divine Partner, the Moon, the flower, the womb and the ability to love and nourish yourself and others. This Ritual scent soothes the Pitta dosha and inspires change in the Kapha dosha. It balances Chakra #2 , Swadisthana, the abode of the sensual self and promotes the free flow of creative expression. The aphrodisiatic scent, Devi is formulated using the sacred attar of Pink Lotus representing the Goddess of Abdundance, Arabian, Vintage Indian and Bulgarian rose oils representing the Divine Mother and Bergamot, Persian Lilac blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend. As you breathe in the Ritual Scent of Devi connect with your vital creative energies and rebirth your authentic self. Click here to visit our store. Dharma-Righteous Duty May the experience of the Ritual scent Dharma invoke the awareness of your Divine Truth and duty. Dharma is said to be that which leads us to the path of perfection and glory, performing one’s dharma brings happiness, wealth, beauty, longevity. The Ritual scent of Dharma balances the Vata dosha by grounding and centering energy, creating clarity and enabling you to connect with your soul’s purpose to follow your dharma. The Ritual Scent Dharma purifies Chakra #5 Visuddhi , located in the throat region to promote the expression of one’s truth. Essential oils such as jasmine, bergamot and magnolia promote mental clarity and enhance meditation. As you imbibe in the fragrance of Dharma allow the Ritual blend to take you into a deeper state of connection with your higher self so that you may come to know your righteous duty. The Ritual Scent of Dharma has been crafted from organic India Jasmine Sambac, Bergamot, Magnolia, and Vanilla with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend. As you breathe in the Ritual Scent of Dharma may you breathe in  inner clarity to guide you toward your divine truth. Click here to visit our store. Ganesha May the energy of the Ritual scent of Ganesha invite the experience of freedom and release. This Ritual scent calms and centers the Vata dosha and stabilizes the first or Muladhara chakra. The Ritual scent of Ganesha is crafted with a fresh blend of sweet citrus and chocolate attar essences to first increase our mental clarity which will enable us to calm and ground our energy to ultimately release any blockages. Ganesha is a combination of Carnation and Sweet Orange essential oils blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual blend. Caution: Avoid eye contact and if pregnant or epileptic. As you breathe in the Ritual scent of Ganesha charge your body with prana, increase your vitality and harness and unleash your energy like the free flowing mountain river. Click here to visit our store. Krishna-The Ideal Lover May the experience of Krishna invoke profound romantic union with your Beloved. The name Krishna means all-attractive aspect of the Divine. Radha, his Divine lover and consort, symbolizes the Supreme union of the self with another. When the heart energy is disturbed, feelings of pain and separation from the Other arise. This Ritual scent balances Chakra #7, Sahasara, the 1,000 petalled lotus in all the Dosha’s in order to invoke the transcendental experience of love. Krishna is blended with aphrodisiac essential oils to intoxicate the earthbound senses and mind and allow you to attract love and intimacy into your life. Krishna perfume was realized through the divine mingling of Arabian and Egyptian sandalwood attars, Wild Jasmine Sambac, Indian Rose Gulab, Persian Shafayat attar blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s ritual blend. As you breathe in the Ritual scent of Krishna may you attract your  Other and may your’ earthly and celestial energies become entwined like lovers locked in an eternal amorous embrace. Click here to visit our store. Rumi-The Poet May the Ritual Scent of Rumi invoke intimate connection with the Divine. Rumi, a Sufi Poet devoted his life to writing about the Divine after an ecstatic awakening. This Ritual scent targets Chakra #4, Anahata- the heart chakra, to calm and balance anxieties of the heart and contains a collection of aromatic aphrodisiac flowers, herbs and romantic essences that have been culled from the pages of Rumi’s ecstatic mystical poetry. The Rose bouquet will transport you into a trance of stillness and calm. Rumi is a whirling dance of exotic essential oils; Persian rose, Jannat Al Ferdous attar, Vintage Turkish Rose, Wild Magnolia, Persian Lily and Indian Rose are blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend. As you breathe in the intoxicating Ritual scent of Rumi may this erotic whirling dance of scent drench your heart with divine ecstatic love. Click here to visit our store. Shiva-The Yogi May the experience of the Ritual scent of Shiva invoke the transformation of your being for the purposes of self-realization. Invoke your inner MahaYogi (Great Yogi) elevate your consciousness and let your energy flow. This Ritual scent cools the Pitta dosha and balances Chakra #3, Manipura to unblock dull or stagnant energy at the navel centre, and Chakra #6 Ajna, Third eye chakra, the seat of intuition to promote deep states of meditation, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Shiva is crafted using a combination of cooling essences; Sandalwood, Sudanese Black Coconut attar, Sudanese Black Rose, and Kush attar blended with a global bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend. The sacred coconut symbolizes the mind. Its healing essence tames and cools the inner fire, and helps to encourage the transmutation of lower energies into higher states of awareness. As you breathe in the Ritual Scent of Shiva breathe in yogic transformation, harness your shakti energy and transcend into bliss… Click here to visit our store. Magdalena-The Bhakta May the experience of the Ritual scent of Magdalena invite you to surrender to love. Inspired by the love and bhakti(devotion) of Mary Magdalene, this ritual blend balances Chakra #4-Anahata, heart chakra and is good for kapha dosha’s. It inspires the heart to the experience of  love which makes self-less devotion and service possible. The sacred concoction of precious resins of Frankincense and Myrrah are used to ward off negative and blocked energies and to rid one of evil spirits. Magdelana is composed of ancient Frankicense attar, precious Myrrah attar, Fig leaf, Olive leaf, Morrocan Cypress, Indian Majmua attar, Neroli Absolute, Rose Absolute blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend. As you breathe in the Ritual scent of Magdalena allow yourself to surrender to devotion so that you may come to know the experience of divine love. Click here to visit our store. [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraAs the Moon moves into Pisces this afternoon in the sky, I am preparing to embrace loving my feet. Does anyone else need a desperate PEDICURE!!!! In this Moon in Pisces, enjoy some water therapies for your feet as a self-care ceremony to connect with your Soul-Sole’s needs. Today, while the Moon moves into Pisces in the Star (nakshatra) of Purva Bhadra Pada, is a great time to bring out all your pedicure tools, foot masks, scrubs, and your copper Kansa wands to massage your feet. There are such deep mythologies behind this Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology that I wanted to lighten up its heavy intense meaning behind its symbol of the Two Front Feet of a Funeral Cot, or The One-Footed Serpent or Goat , Aja Ekapada a fierce from of Lord Shiva. This intense star of transformation ignites a spiritual fire within that purifies the lower emotions such as anger, envy, self-centered behaviors, our secret dark side. When we engage in austerities, tapas, and disciplined spiritual practices, we transform out of our negativity and begin to live in our true authentic selves. This energy or Shakti is known as Yajamana Vdyamana Shakti Practices like yoga poses that require your intense focus and determination. Prayers that cleanse out the darkness in our consciousness and bring us closer to the higher vibration of the light within are recommended during this Moon in Pisces. Another symbol of this Star is a two-faced man who has two sides of himself, his dark inner secretive personality and his divine high spiritual qualities. The two fish in the sign of Pisces can also symbolize the two natures held within this sign. Today which fish will you feed? The Pisces body part is the feet. The Element is Water and today on this wet, gloomy day, nurture your feet and connect to the higher qualities of your Sole-Soul! As a child, I would watch my grandmother, mother, and two aunts nurture their feet on a Sunday. It seemed to be the beautification day for the feet. An excellent recipe for your foot soak is to add fresh ginger mixed with lemons, fresh basil or mint, a cup of Himalayan Sea Salts or Dead Sea Salts, a pinch of cinnamon and 2-4 drops of Lavender essential oil. Soak for 15 mins. Sand your feet with foot sanders or stones or your copper Kansa wands or cups. Cut your toenails, condition your cuticles with a mix of coconut, or olive oil or ghee mixed with a pinch of cardamom spice powder. Exfoliate your feet with a cup of chickpea flour mixed with a pinch of ginger powder, turmeric powder, cardamom powder, mixed in Rosewater or coconut water. Rinse off well. Massage your feet with your favorite foot cream, or make a blend of a moisturizing oil like olive, or shea butter. Mix two drops of Peppermint essential oil or your favorite essential oil, I enjoy Ylang Ylang with Geranium; this helps uplift heavy energy and increase circulation. End your foot ceremony with a color to uplift your mood today Red Polish is excellent for Passion and Love Attraction Pink Polish is excellent for connecting to that youthful part of yourself Orange Polish is excellent for balancing emotions and connecting to your creativity Purple Polish is excellent for a mysterious love ceremony and connection to your higher sex vibe Green Polish is excellent to inspire mental focus and clarity Blue Polish is excellent to bring out all unexpressed emotions, speak them sing them out or write them out Share your favorite Foot Care Home Recipe with us! I offer personal readings and guidance in my Karmic Life Readings call 416 504 6049 to book your consultation with me. It includes a look at your birth chart, your planetary transits, and a customized self-care ritual to help you with an area in your life that needs your love and support. Listen to The Art and Science of Readings by Andrea Olivera for free! [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraPomegranate: The Fruit of Immortality The Fruit of Immortality or the Fruit of Life, as it was named by ancient civilizations, understood the sacredness, holy mystery, medicinal attributes, and beauty secrets found in the pomegranate. Inspired, I dove into research on this calyx shaped bejeweled crown of a fruit. Goddesses like Persephone, Hera, and Egyptian Queens, wear Pomegranates crowns to symbolize their power of fertility, prosperity, and longevity. King Solomon is known to wear a crown made out of the shape of pomegranates, and artistic depictions see this shape as the original design in the making of crowns worldwide. Hera, the wife of Zeus, a symbol of the fertile wife, walked mount Olympus dropping pomegranate seeds from her crown bestowing beauty. Mother Mary holds Jesus in one hand and a pomegranate in another, the ideas are many here, one is that he is future king to be crowned. The other, a sign of progeny of Christianity that she birthed. Others believe that it was a gift given to Christ as a blessing for long life, prosperity, and good health. During my research in Ayurveda beauty secrets, I discovered several recipes both in Indo- Persian, Hindu, and Pakistani medical texts and culinary arts as mentioning the pomegranate for having several medicinal benefits that bring longevity, and restoration of skin and youth. Mentioned in sacred texts, the pomegranate was an ingredient found in the Elixir of Immortality and other Ojas (Vitality) boosting formulas. Bringing youth and glow to the skin, hair, and full body. Knowing this, I took pomegranate seed oil, other aphrodisiac flowers, and herbs, as part of my formula blends. My Rejuvenation Serum, Renewal Cream, as well as Liquid Nectar, are three anti-aging skin preserving botanical products from my Ayurveda Rituals botanical skincare line. After years of testing the benefits of pomegranate seed oil mixed and infused into other botanical aromatics, I came to see the benefits. I believed the ancient formulas had mystical meanings behind the use of pomegranates and not only medicinal properties. Capture the Sophisticated knowledge of rejuvenation brought to us from the early civilizations who understood the art of beauty. Our formula’s are Tri-Doshic, & effective for all skin types. Indulge through the recommend daily self-care Rituals and use the tantalizing fragrances to set the mood so you can relax and enjoy the results. My love of Egyptian mythology, as well as scriptures, revealed these secrets of longevity. I became mesmerized with the stories and secret formulas. This fascination was the inspiration behind my botanical products and Rituals of Scent perfumes. Much evidence appeared that continued to prove the mystery behind the pomegranate. Some Egyptian tombstones had pomegranate seeds and dried fruits around the mummies as well as in and out of their ornaments. This was to symbolize prosperity blessings for the next life. It also was an essential ingredient used in skin preservation rituals prior to the full embalming methods. Ancient Egyptians and the Persian and Arab Empires used pomegranate seed oil to anoint their body and protect it from the harsh sun rays. It was also one of the main ingredients found in the embalming rituals due to this powerful fruit’s abundant polyphenols called anthocyanins as well as ellagic acid, which has preserving ingredients that assist in removing free radicals in the skin. The anthocyanins and acids also repair and protect the skin from decay. Blocking free radical damage is the primary function of the ellagic acid and tannins, as well as the anthocyanins and other plant polyphenols found in pomegranates. This makes pomegranate a potent ANTIOXIDANT that helps in CELL REGENERATION and repairs the inner and outer layer of the skin. Pomegranates were known to preserve and repair skin tissue and prevent decay and assist in wound healing, all the critical factors behind the secrets of embalming recipes. These secrets came into the kitchens of ancient cultures that still today use the pomegranate in their culinary arts. Therefore they were not only anointing their hair, skin, and body with them but were grinding the seeds into their foods and turning them into wines, pastes, spice powders, and garnishes. They found tremendous medicinal internal and external benefits that it became part of their daily eating habits. Still found in many modern parts of these countries, the pomegranate is a staple. The consumption of pomegranates by Goddesses and Queens was found in mythological texts stating that the many seeds eaten symbolized the power of fertility and fruitfulness that they had. Persephone used the pomegranate seeds to calculate the number of days she would spend in the underworld every year by eating them and increasing her power of fertility. Then coming out of the underworld to fertilize the grounds, she would bring abundance and prosperity to her kingdom. Bhumi Devi, the Hindu Earth Goddess, is shown in many paintings entering a garden of pomegranates and eating them as a symbol of the abundance of the earth’s prosperity and fertility. Still in India today, her temples and deity are adorned with garlands of pomegranates and roses. Persian miniature art or negargari Irani as well as Persian carpets, ornaments, and wall paintings contain images of beautiful women feeding their lovers pomegranates and staining their lips red to symbolize deep love and passion. During the Han Dynasty, many paintings were found and are still found today hung in homes as a sign to bestow fertility and to bless the house of newlyweds with great progeny. Paintings with red seeds lavishly bursting out of the picture are an emblem to fertility found in Middle Eastern art. In Azerbaijan, Pomegranates are the national emblem, and there is a yearly festival to symbolize fertility and prosperity blessings for the land. It is such a loved symbol that it is sown on athletic clothing as a flag. When used in skincare pomegranate seed oil brings vitality to the skin as it improves circulation and is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial. It is very moisturizing and healing, giving the skin youth and glow. Pomegranate oil regenerates and repairs skin. It is one of the best anti-aging ingredients in my botanical blend and prevents wrinkles and dehydration due to its antioxidants. There are several species of pomegranates throughout the world. I love the taste, color, and scent of pomegranates from Iran. Over the years, I’ve discovered so many amazing delicious Persian recipes. Some containing pomegranate paste, or spice blends containing the grind from the seeds. Syrups of all shades of pink and red that decorate and entice the senses. Tasty soups and stews, garnished and cooked with these little gem droplets. These recipes excited me, and propelled my search for regions they grow best. One day I will go directly to Azerbaijan, a city of pomegranates! The Goychay yearly Pomegranate festival in Azerbaijan shows a variety of different types of Pomegranates, and they are known to grow the Black Pomegranates. Local artisans showcase their lovely paintings of women decorated with pomegranates, cooking with them, grinding the seeds into powder as well as macerating the seeds into pomegranate seed oil. Pomegranate jam, syrup, cosmetics, powders, seed oil, liquors, sweets, and fresh-pressed juices paint the streets scarlet red, offering a beautiful vision of culture and a glimpse of the ancient Persian Empire. In the 12th Century, a Persian King Bahram’s life adventures with his seven princesses are written in The Haft Paikar. Here a story told by one of the princesses shares images of a sacred, celestial garden, known as the garden of Eram.  Pomegranates decorate the garden floors, walls, and tables that feature goblets of ruby red wine and fruit trays decorated with celestial flowers that scent the air with intoxicating aromas. Pomegranates look like gemstones, with pistachio nuts piled up into pyramids adorned with quinces beside them. Apples and roses dipped in the scent of musk and saffron. Juicy peaches, pears, wild figs, and dishes of several aromatic stews, including a pomegranate stew. The steaming smell of saffron, honey, rose water, aloe, scented with musk, served over bejeweled saffron-colored rice with red currents pistachios and caramelized onions. Displayed ready for the feast of love that was about to occur.  Rejuvenation happens when we are aroused by love, excited by the flow of love in our body, hearts and mind.  The Arabs and Egyptians perfected the use of aphrodisiacs in perfumes and skincare with their secret attars. Modern French perfumers then modified them and modernized them into the perfume industry that we know today. Aphrodisiac means relating to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, and beauty.  Aphrodisiac, or vitality-generating herbs, increase the life-force in the body. (generate equals procreate, bring forth and vital equals life).  This life force is responsible for growth and maintenance in nature. When a person nurtures her/himself with herbs, flowers, fruits, it creates youthfulness and life within them.  My goal for the Ayurveda Rituals Botanical skincare line was to invite people to put the products on at night, and while they sleep to re-generate themselves in body, mind, and soul.– Andrea Olivera Anything that is aphrodisiac is anabolic to the body—anabolic means building. Thus, in Ayurveda, everything from ice cream to almonds is considered an ‘Aphrodisiac’ or anabolic. In Sanskrit, it is ‘Rasayana.’ Rasa means nectar, the nectar of life & immortality. In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera is called ‘Kumari,’ which means virgin. This is so because when used internally, it is said to restore a woman’s sexual organs to their original state of virginity. When applied externally, as anyone who has used it knows, it restores (heals) the skin to its original state of suppleness and elasticity. This is one of the ingredients within the line that is both healing and restorative  Another herb is Shatavari, which literally means 100 husbands.  Presumably, the woman who takes the herb has the juice and staying power to frolic with 100 husbands while remaining vital and independent. Ashwagandha is said to make a man like a horse, a stallion. And these significations go on and on. My Ayurveda herbal powder mix called Vata Ubtan, a Dual Performance product that acts like an exfoliant as well as a facial masque when mixed with avocado for moisture, contains a blend of Shatavari and Ashwagandha. Inviting these aphrodisiac ingredients into your skincare routines helps restore and revitalize your skin. In several other cultures, the mention of gardens of pomegranates in their scriptures and books of myths described the journey of humankind into the realm of fertility and the need to plant the seed of future offspring. Therefore part of the quest for immortality is a quest to connect to our internal reservoir of Ojas (vitality) and to preserve that energy force to keep us looking and feeling young and resilient.  Pomegranates have several meanings that all relate to increasing longevity and feeling an abundance of life force. In the Bible, pomegranates are mentioned several times. Ancient Israel and Judaism pomegranates were brought to Moses as symbols of the promised land, and later certain coins were created with the holy fruit to symbolize the prosperity promised. In several temples of the Hebrews, Indo-Persians, Turkish, and Greeks pomegranates were engraved on pillars to represent abundant blessings of good luck, longevity, and prosperity.  Today in modern Greece, it is a common tradition to decorate new homes with pomegranates and also to bring them as gifts when visiting people’s homes.  There are several dishes also found in Greek cuisine using the pomegranate. In Greek Orthodox churches, a dish called kollyva is made as an offering during funerals or memorials, symbolizing “everlasting life”. The dish consists of boiled wheat, mixed with sugar, and decorated with pomegranates. During Rosh Hashana, it is a tradition to eat juicy pomegranates to bring fruitful blessings to the family. As the pomegranate has many seeds within it, many cultures see these seeds as symbols of many offspring. Pomegranates are mentioned in the Kabbalah and are considered omens when they appear in meditations or visions. In Jewish mystical traditions like the Kabbalah, a doorway to the garden of pomegranates indicates many esoteric meanings behind God’s relationship to his creation. Embroidered on many garments, including the hems of robes worn by Hebrew high priests, represent the seeds of knowledge to become fertile within their consciousness. To be able to understand the great mystery of creation and the creator. May this research inspire you to discover recipes using pomegranates that invoke vitality and optimum health. Perhaps placing a painting near your skincare rituals or in your kitchen can help remind you of your own fountain of youth within, allowing to feel blessed by the wisdom of the ancients. Follow this simple skincare preserving ritual at night when you feel tired, and your skin needs nurturing. Ayurveda Rituals Botanical Products are a collection of ancient recipes for modern lifestyles inspired and supported by six important factors: Ayurveda Wisdom, up to date esthetic expertise: Scientific botanical research, extensive aromatherapy knowledge, modern technology and deep rooted healing traditions. Present in each drop of Ayurveda Rituals Botanical Products is the bliss of pure wild-crated aromatics including a selection of fragrant essences using a diverse species of flowers, herbs, spices, tree resins and Attars from around the world that are infused into the oil of the Fruit of Immortality the Pomegranate. Visit our store. [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraDo you believe in Omens? Looking for signs, omens, messages from nature spirits, animals, and the universe helps us to feel connected. We sharpen our intuition and begin to have deeper inner dialogues with ourselves, nature, and our higher oower. Vedic Astrology has much to offer when it comes to the interpretation of Omens.  An Omen can come as a sign to indicate whether or not a project, idea, or wish will be successful. Looking for messages Shamans from indigenous cultures follow the messages of nature. Astrologers follow the movement of the planets and stars. Religious practitioners select random scriptural writings and read the signs held within them. Mystics develop a sense of awareness to all signs, symbols, actions, and behaviors around them.  by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com The practice of Omenology has many detailed mythologies, stories, legends, and paths of practice, each different from one another depending on culture, race, religion, and traditions. To begin, start by meditating on one question that you need guidance on, or perhaps a project that you would like to start and need confirmation from your intuition that now is a good time? Or maybe it’s a desire that you have a need that you wish to be fulfilled.  Select one theme at a time, one question at a time, having too many at once can be overwhelming, and you may miss the subtle messages around you. Select a day that you can dedicate all of your attention. A day where you can focus on your meditation, connecting with yourself. A day where you can take a walk into nature so that you can create sacred space and time to commune with nature. by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com Write out your question on parchment paper and use a red ink pen. Write it by hand three times. After you have written it down, sit and meditate on each word. Select the right words, the right phrase that captures all your emotions,thoughts and visions. Get clear on your question, or intention. Writing it with red ink symbolizes that you are giving birth to your intention. It provides your question an identity, a birth time. Note the time you wrote your question, the day, and place. As if your question was born on that day, time, and place, meaning the city you are in at the time you cast this question. Make sure to take your parchment paper as well as the red ink pen with you. Your time with nature can bring many messages, omens, signs, and symbols that may help support your purpose.  Spend some time in nature, select a place that is safe to you, that has a body of water, many trees and flowers. Find a comfortable spot. Take out your hand written question and begin to breath life into it. A practice of Pranayama while meditating and visualizing your question will breathe life into it.  As you enter nature, bring your question into your mind’s eye, read it out loud three times as if you are asking nature Herself to bring you the answer. Then sit, become one with your surroundings, open your awareness, and listen to the language of nature. When you become distracted, walk towards a body of water or a tree that attracts you. Enter nature in the same way you would visit a friend, knock, announce yourself, and state what you are doing there? Ask if today is a good day or time to connect? Nature will reveal to you if it is a good time or not. You will feel it, sense it, see it. Try another time. Your intuition will speak to you or nature Herself will send a messenger. Beware of animals around you, notice their energy, their movements, and action.  Write down what you see and feel. Once again, ask your question out loud three times, sit be aware, and write down any patterns any messages or messengers. You may not know what you are looking for. Just be in observation for things that stand out to you. Like the color of a certain animal, or an animal that is not usually in a place like that. Perhaps it is a particular plant or flower that catches your attention? Or the movement of the water you are sitting close too? Look at the sky, the clouds, take in all the visuals around you, and see deeply into them.  Once you feel blank as if Mother Nature cleansed you with Her breeze, washed your thoughts with Her picturesque clouds and sky, calmed your nerves as you brushed up against the trees, leaves, grass. That feeling within you that feels filled up with nature’s prana, and your aura took in all the green of the Earth, the blue of the Sky and Waters. When you have let the colors of Her flowers inspire trust within you, then you know that nature has spoken to you and guided you into yourself and your intuition as brought you to your Truth. Looking for truth The word trust has the word Truth within it. Take a moment and see the Truth about your question, see the full intention, feel the Truth. How it will touch your life and the lives of those around you Thank Mother Divine for holding space for you while you balance your energies and elements. Take a gift for Mother Nature to thank Her Gifts can help in your results, for example, offering honey to a river or lake can sweeten your life, bring sweetness into your life like love, or helps to sweeten a relationship that has gone sour. by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com Bringing white flowers as an offering helps to clear confusion, open paths that seem blocked and bring clarity to your mind. Offering yellow roses to the river can help with prosperity or for a creative project to be successful. Gifts of seeds and nuts for the birds and animals can bring you blessings. Make your ritual special, train yourself to see signs and symbols everywhere, sharpen your intuition by practicing awareness. Recording your findings and then sitting down with a guide who can help you interpret them until you learn the messages yourself is a start to learning nature’s language. There are many interpreters; my ways are taught to me by the five women who raised me, my search of divination arts, and my Vedic Astrology teacher who taught me the ways of the East. If you find yourself needing an interpreter, please feel free to consult with me about what items to bring as an offering, and for a customized Ritual. Let’s take a look at the Omens around you? Write out all of your insights messages animals that came to you or caught your attention in point form, send them to me along with your question that you wrote in red ink. Email this to info@ayurvedictouch.com and then book a FREE 30 min consultation with me by calling 416 504 6049 A numbers of images in this blog are from artist, Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. Danielle comes from a family of artists and adventurers. Born in New Zealand, then nurtured and shaped by New York City, and currently living in Germany. It is a deep bond with Mother India that continually inspires her life and work. For more please visit her website www.followingthemoon.com Listen to The Art and Science of Readings by Andrea Olivera for free! [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraThis is an excerpt from Andrea’s book, “A Rishi Among Us: Tales of Krishan Mantri”. A PDF version of the book is available in our store located here. Mantriji, Omenology and Me When I arrived in Toronto as a young girl, that first day at the airport I watched as an Indian man in a long white shirt came to my mother’s assistance when we were alone and desperate for help. Throughout my childhood, this kind man would return in dreams and reassure me with the words: “We meet again.” by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com As a young woman raised by ‘five mothers’ (my mother, her sisters, my grandmother, and great-grandmother), each of whom taught me their wisdom and respect for nature in her forms as flowers, scents, food, and intuition, I knew that there are no coincidences in the observation of nature. This elemental wisdom was shared by Seers my ancestors would have knows as los Videntes. Los Videntes understand that the concept of omenology rests on a foundation of unusual phenomena. Since a very young age I was filled with deep questions. There was a deep restlessness within me that only a true bona fide Spiritual Master could cure. The many books, organized religious groups, and the esoteric cults I had investigated were just not providing my inner seeker of truth with any satisfaction. By the time I had reached the age of 21, I knew it was time for a serious teacher. One Sunday afternoon, when I was 23, I ventured for the first time to an area of Gerrard Street East in Toronto known as Little India, along with my reluctant sister and a friend. We stepped off the streetcar into another world, where scents of roasted corn with fresh lime and spicy garnishes filled the air, and dazzling window displays of colorfully dressed mannequins in shiny silk saris and flashy sequenced jewels sparkled in the mid-day light. The street was crowded with many different types of Indian folk; Punjabi men in lovely turbans, holding their kirpans, and women who floated in their Punjabi pants and long outfits with shawls covering their heads, exposing long blue-black hair neatly tied back. Children played alongside their siblings while their parents hustled in and out of grocery stores, buying bags of rice and grains, perhaps as offerings to their temples. Standing on Gerrard Street that afternoon, I broadcast to God, the Universe, and my spirit guides to send me a sign that my Teacher was on his or her way. In that very moment— with my sister and friend as my witnesses—a large white owl swooped down right in front of me from the right to the left side of the street, so large, and extraordinarily out of place! A few pigeons flew frantically away as the white owl nested in between a storefront roof and the building’s secondfloor apartment. We stared in awe and appreciation for this great being before us. Several people around us stopped and watched as well, pointing and speaking loudly in Hindi. I was mesmerized and stood still in time. As I looked into the white owl’s eyes, I remembered Mantriji. “Go and find Mantriji!” My instinct demanded that I search for him. I knew the owl was an omen. For thousands of years, every civilization has sought ways of understanding natural laws, the order of the universe, and its effect on humankind. Omens are observed around the table of mate, in ceremonies, in the kitchen, in the garden, and in one’s daily activities. Growing up with this language I immediately understood the meaning of encountering the white owl at the very moment I was begging for God to send me a teacher. Omenology is a universal language of the natural order, a language only a few speak. To give a language to the unseen worlds is the mystery behind omenology. To interpret this language of mother nature, there is a relationship established between the seer, the seen, and the unseen worlds. Every culture speaks a version of this language based on the experiences of its ancestors, their culture, race, and creed. The women in my family speak this language as their mother tongue. In India, omenology is referred to as nimitta, a fully scientific system of divination based on the observations of seers who have developed a sense of intuition and an ability to read signs and patterns in the present moment. Interpretation also depends on a seer’s level of consciousness, life experience, and state of mental health. Among the tribes of women practicing earth sciences, interpretations of omens vary. For example, one might say that the white owl means a change about to come, anotherinterpret the owl as an omen of death itself, and another that deception is upon you. Some say that the change you are about to encounter will transform your life, and you will experience a state like death. The owl symbolizes the wisdom that one can attain after such a life-transforming event. Each of these interpretations were true concerning my nimitta of seeing an owl while trying to find a life transforming teacher, one who would actually kill the ignorance that I was living in. I sought a teacher who could incinerate my limited beliefs into life-changing transmutation! Mantriji was my white owl of change, my whirlwind of clarity. Mantriji is like the owl that sees in the dark and guides one beyond the veil of deception and illusion. Like a wise old owl, he dispelled my darkness of ignorance with a torch of knowledge, just like Krishna did for Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Each satsanga was a combat of illusion and those mental and emotional blocks that stop each of us from reaching our own inner white owl. He knew the language of los Videntes because he is one, a master of nimitta who interpreted several omens daily, breaking many a spell under which I lived! The Art of Omenology is found in the Brihat Samhita, an ancient text on astronomy and astrology. My love for the Vedas grows daily as I find the same language spoken by my mothers in these scriptures based on evidence. The Vedas offer a step-by-step process in the art of Divination not found in any other system, including a deep and comprehensive approach to divination, medicine, mysticism, numerology, sacred symbols, songs, prayers, and the magic arts. I undertook the writing of this book in homage to my great and humble teacher, Mantriji, who shared his deep understanding of the vast shastras of India, including astrology(jyotisha) and its branch of omenology. Along with Mantriji’s insights and teachings, I have shared the story of my journey before, during and after I sat at his feet for satsanga (spiritual community), along with my reflections, and those of my Guru-brothers and -sisters, of how Mantriji’s teachings have touched our lives. This book celebrates and honours Mantriji, a humble teacher who has shared his knowledge, life force, talents and stories with many of us who sat at his feet for satsanga. My goal was to collect stories, insights, teachings, and inspirational thoughts about Mantriji. Along with my Guru-brothers and -sisters I share our personal stories about how his teachings have touched our lives. Through our stories and life lessons, I hope to share the benefit of his teachings. -Andrea Olivera This is an excerpt from Andrea’s book, “A Rishi Among Us: Tales of Krishan Mantri”. A PDF version of the book is available in our store located here. [...] Read more...
Andrea Olivera“As Above So Below, Find it as You Go!”That was a phrase one of my esoteric teachers used to say before starting any class on the mysteries of this universe.Andrea Olivera The time of energetic war is upon us, like these viruses we see causing panic & fear consciousness. Let us turn to ancient concepts about our cosmic nature for guidance. The churning of the ocean, seeing a war between the gods, represents our divine nature and demons, our inner saboteur. The story begins with a quest set by the gods and demons to find the Elixir of Life, mythology that reflects our inner conflicts between our higher self and our lower nature. In the story, a serpent-like demon Rahu-Ketu becomes obsessed with stealing the elixir of life all for himself. Yes, similar to what is happening today in the fight for toilet paper! In a state of fear consciousness, our lower selves become self-centered, forgetting the higher purpose of life, self-service love, and compassion. You see, there is always going to be a hidden desire within us all, a nature that is subconscious that will come out in dark times and act in ways that are not aligned to our soul’s purpose.  We all have a Rahu nature, that part of our subconscious mind that likes to sabotage and destroy our health, happiness, and state of mental peace. Knowing that part of our nature, we can begin an inner transformation and alignment to our Higher Self. The story also shows many layers of our true self, our Divinity, and how to overcome that inner saboteur.  The search for our true nature brings us to one realization. We must come together with all aspects of self, community, and relationships with nature and all sentient beings. This is the key to finding the Elixir of Life and the secrets of living a harmonious, happy, and healthy life. The position of this behavior in our birth chart can sabotage us and those around us. The position of Rahu-Ketu shows this. Rahu-Ketu In the story, Rahu succeeds getting nectar, but just as he takes a sip of it, the Moon with its profound intuitive nature sees that its a demon, and alerts the Sun who then tells the sustainer of this universe Vishnu. He throws his disc and chops off the head of this serpent-demon, Rahu-Ketu, severing the head from the tail.  In our chart, the head of Rahu indicates the Karma that we have come here to face. Wherever the tail of Ketu sits is the remedy and holds the ways out of our suffering.  This Karmic axis is so vital for us to understand. To know that every 18 months, a new opportunity to heal the past, to let go of perceptions, people, and situations that no longer support our soul’s destiny can be liberating. Universal timings can provide us with time frames for us to plan our evolution and freedom from Karmic bondage. Knowing your Cosmic Anatomy and understanding your Elemental nature, your constitution, and your birth chart helps guide us in self-study. It can liberate us from perceptions of self that keep us suffering and experiencing repetitive behaviors that no longer work for us. Severing our inner saboteur and detaching from things that continue to make us suffer is essential in living a joyful life. During these times of uncertainty and fear of the future, we can turn towards ancient concepts. Following rituals and practices that may support, heal and guide us out of darkness into the light  Using a birth chart to navigate life. Our birth chart becomes a map out of our suffering. A karmic life map that leads towards a higher understanding. A connection with our soul bringing higher power, true nature, and the internal and eternal relationship with Divinity. Lets first start by understanding the idea that as individuated souls born into these bodies that help us move towards our spiritual development, we all are affected by the natural laws of Karma. Some of those Karmic issues can manifest in our physical body. The art of healing in Ayurveda provides Pancha Karma therapies, which are five actions of purification and rejuvenation treatments. These help us free ourselves from physical toxins, toxins of the mind, and emotions. Understanding the principals and laws of Karma are complex; it starts with our own Karmic Life Map first.  My teacher Mantriji would always say “Know Thyself, Heal Thyself”. This principal always awakens in me anytime my Karmas are active, and life lessons have come to me as an opportunity for inner growth. Astrology’s primary goal is for us to know our Karma and to see the areas in our lives that we will tend to suffer.  Ayurveda and Yoga are Jyotisha’s (Vedic Astrology) third sister, and together, they provide medicines, practices, rituals, and tools for us to follow. They bring our health, consciousness and spirit into a living balance, allowing one to find peace. Let us first understand some of key players in this cosmic dance that walk us towards self understanding. In your birth chart, the primary planet that will indicate your soul’s purpose is the Sun. In the Vedas ancient scriptures, we find Ayurveda Yoga and Jyotisha prescriptions for humanity’s salvation from mental, physical, and spiritual suffering, teaching us the importance of self-realization.  As to know thyself and to understand the self, we begin to find a compassionate understanding for all sentient beings, our earth, and each soul that lives in this universe.  The soul is called the Atman, and the journey is for the soul to realize its true self. To know and understand the flavor, and nature of your purpose in life shows in your karmic life map. To find your soul’s purpose, we look for the position of the Sun. The threads of our destiny are guided by our soul, who knows its true essence. It’s aware and works together with our elements and the mind, and senses fulfillment of that Dharma. To know your Dharma (your soul’s constitutional position or nature) is key in aligning our thoughts, actions, dreams, and behaviors towards our Soul purpose. Ayurvedic Astrology Astrology helps us understand the obstacles, the strengths, and weaknesses of our consciousness and offers remedies, practices, and rituals for our relief from suffering. The Sun is like the King, that reigns over the body and all its ministers. It is also like the soul because it never strays away from its mission, duty, or purpose.   The Moon is like the Queen Mother that nourishes and feeds the kingdom. Offering beauty, fortune, and change similar to The Mind. The Moon’s cycles, waxing and waning, affect all agriculture. Affecting all sentient being’s fertility on a conscious and subconscious level. To know the position of your Moon at the time of your birth helps you understand the nature of your own mind.  Yoga practices given by the guru of yoga Patanjali are all practices to treat the different natures of the mind that keep us distracted. Guiding us back on the path of self-realization and understanding of the true self. The practices given are to arrest the fluctuations of the mind so that we can sit in our own state of being.  Mantriji used to say “To Be in The BE!, but we are busy in the Doing only dreaming of being in the be. It is due to the nature of our mind.” Just knowing the interplay, the dance between your soul’s purpose and the nature of your mind can give you great insights on how to align your thoughts, actions, and behaviors towards your soul’s purpose. Then to see what Karmas are fixed or unfixed in our charts can bring us to more self-acceptance, helping us feel compassionate understanding towards ourselves. To have a Karmic Life Reading with me, please send an email to info@ayurvedictouch.com with your time of birth, place of birth, and date of birth.  Please send a list of questions that you have for me and a picture of yourself if we are doing a long-distance reading.  Email or call me at 416 504 6049 Listen to The Art and Science of Readings by Andrea Olivera for free! [...] Read more...
Andrea OliveraAnointing rituals have been practiced for centuries. Ancient cultures understood the benefits of bathing in medicinal oils and anointing their bodies with aromatic fragrances in defense of viruses, disease and negative energies such as curses, spells and even evil spirits. Cosmic Aura by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com In search of the meaning of life, the fountain of youth, or to obtain spiritual insights, the practice of a spiritual pilgrimage or vision quest would have preparatory rituals of shaving the head, bathing in selected herbs, milks and oils, casting of an Oracle, or taking guidance from the astrologers and most importantly massaging the head using pressure points and chanting of mantras to prepare one of a meditative state to go inward as the first step into the mysteries of obtaining enlightenment, youth or immortality. In many spiritual scriptures to meditate focusing the eyes towards the point of the nose and gazing into ones third eye, or the Ajna Chakra was said to bring one into a deeper connection with their inner guru, guide, guardian angel their Higher Power,  it  is this connection that opens a mystical doorway into the field of the miraculous. Within this doorway lay the secrets to anti-aging, youth and bliss.There is another energetic portal that is not mentioned often the Soma Chakra. This minor chakra  is located between The Third Eye Chakra  and The Sahasrara Chakra, (Crown Chakra). Soma has several meanings from the nectar of immortality, or the elixir of Life , to the name of the Moon God himself. In Yoga the sister science of Ayurveda, many of the routines prescribed or asanas the postures given, are to prepare the body to sit in meditation focusing all of our energy and to concentrate all of our attention inward to hopefully enter into our own mystery and discover our purpose, our soul, our Higher Power. “Sisters” by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com Ancient Yogis knew that to mediate on the Soma Chakra would stop the aging process, increase vitality and stamina and preserve the full body and mind as well as prevent decay and disease of the body.In Ayurveda the Churning of the Ocean story explains how the Gods obtained the Nectar of Immortality the Soma  by churning the ocean and invoking the Father of Ayurveda Lord Dhanwantari the celestial physician who brought forth the nectar in his golden pot for the world to use. These stories have layers of hidden clues for humanities self realization and relief from all suffering.  I invite you to research them and explore the treasures of healing formulas and practices left for us by the Sages. In modern day Ayurveda there are ancient formulas, treatments and practices that we now bring into healing  rooms, yoga studios and our very own self care daily rituals of  to obtain rejuvenation, peace of mind, healing to the body and soul.  One of those treatments is known as Shirodhara -the drip of peace  This treatment is described by the Vaidya’s (doctors of Ayurveda trained in India) as the most effective rejuvenation therapy for the mind. It releases tremendous mental stress, anxiety and the restlessness of a windy mind. The concentration of warmed herbal oils continuously pouring over the Soma Chakra invites one to journey inwards and search for or connect too our own mystical nature. Once in union with our mystical nature or true being our Higher Power , our inner guru or Beloved we can experience a deep peace, a profound feeling of tranquility. All thoughts quiet, the wind begins to blow in the right ways aligning our Pranic energetic body into balance. All Ayurveda healing treatments like Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage, Shiro-Abhyanga otherwise known as Indian Head Massage, Shirodhara and all of the Basti and Pottali treatments are to direct the flow of our life force energy known as Prana. The postures in your yoga practice are there to also support the Prana  and increase our immune system. These ancient Sages documented severalrecipes for our health and spiritual wellness. The study of these ancient texts and scriptures as been my passion for years, I am so grateful for all these teachings and have wanted to share them with the world with my own ways, hence the creation of my    Ayurveda Rituals studio spa boutique,  as well as my Rituals of Scent and Ayurveda Rituals Botanical Skincare line. This months theme is the Ritual of Scent of  Shiva a botanical fragrance I created that captures and honors this voyage into the mystical inner eye, with the intoxicating scent of African Violets, Black Coconut Attar from Sudan as well as the exotic Black Sudanese Rose, layers of Sandalwood Attars and essential oils ,Vetiver, in a boutique of floral waters from around the world.Shiva Ritual of Scent botanical perfume balances the Ajna (third eye)  and Manipura (solar plexus) Chakras as these two energy centres are where we process and digest our thoughts, emotions, food and energies. Our Shirodhara and Shiro-Abhyanga services balance the mind and body with Ayurveda’s most trance enhancing meditative treatments. Taking you deep within your being and connecting with your life force energy, bringing alignment of your thoughts towards your purpose and a feeling of total health! Discover your inner SOMA! Newsletter Signup for special offers, news & events! Subscribe Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. [...] Read more...
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