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12 Step Chakra Self-care Healing Ritual

Let me share my Earth Day healing Ritual for self-care

that can help you connect to your own Vyapani Shakti and accelerate healing and balance.

Once a month the Moon will transit the sign of Aries and be the star of Ashwini, so if you missed it, you can plan this Ritual of Self Healing for the next cycle of the Moon.

But every day is Earth Day to me as my devotional practice is to commune with Mother Earth in all of Her forms of the Goddess.

Extracted from Andrea’s daily lunar awareness message on Facebook from Earth day on April 22, 2020. Add Andrea as a friend on Facebook to get these messages as soon as they are posted!

Step 1

Bring out your crystal and gemstone collection

Step 2

Cleanse all of your stones

in cold water with 1 cup of Sea Salt. Dry your crystals and place them in your garden or potted plants for one hour to recharge them.

Prepare a new fresh bowl of cold water with sea salt for after your ritual. Keep this new bowl behind you ready to cleanse your stones.

You may also want to keep a bottle of your Dosha Scalp and Body Formulas just in case you want to include a Self-Abhyanga massage at the end.

Step 3

Select a crystal

that draws your attention and that connects you to the frequency and vibration of the land that you were born in.

Amethyst is one of Uruguay’s national gemstones. I use it the most as it is also my birth stone.

Collect stones from your homeland, as their vibration will resonate with your earth element energy centre that connects you, your legacy, your family story, and all that needs healing for your Muladhara (Root) Chakra.

Step 4

Charge each crystal

by holding it in your hand and setting an intention into it. You can also transmit a prayer or mantra into each stone before placing it onto your body.

Step 5

Find a comfortable place to lay down like your yoga mat or your bed

Play a calming meditation or music.
Light a candle, your Kashmiri Rose Dhoop incense to cleanse your space and set the mood.

Then place each crystal over each chakra according to their color and healing properties. There are several charts and videos online that you can follow.

A simple outline that you can follow and teach your children is to place the same colored stones over the same colors of each chakra.

Step 6

Once the crystals have settled over each chakra, begin your Pranayama or simple breathing practice

Breathe into each chakra area focusing your minds eye on each stone. Meditate on the Earth in which the stones came from, take a visual journey into the map of the world.

Feel Her healing energy cradling you and supporting you.
Have a vision of yourself as a balanced healthy being enjoying life on Earth

Feel a connection to the element of Earth and begin your internal dialogue with Mother Earth.
Listen to Her message to you.

Step 7

Let yourself rest, as Mother Earth holds space for you.

Imagine you are on the lap of the Mother. In this moment give yourself all the positive, loving, supportive thoughts you need.

Step 8

Extend this positive, healing prayer

or thought outside of yourself all around you, your pets, family members and plants. Then extend outside of your own space into your neighbors. Keep moving down the street, in and out of homes, all the way to the next border, across the city, into the next city then the next country and so far and so on until you cover the whole Earth.

Step 9

Hold a healing vision for the Earth

Breathe into it, pray into it, and rest.

Step 10

Once your healing ceremony comes to an natural end and you are ready to get up.

Gently remove each stone, thank it and place it into the bowl near to you with the salt water.

Touch the water and sprinkle a few drops over that chakra centre.

Light another Kashmiri Rose Incense and smudge over that area of your body that just released energy blocks and emotions that no longer serve you.

Continue this until all the crystals are now soaking in the sea salt bowl.

Step 11

Stretch your body

If you like to do a gentle restorative yoga practice or my favorite thing to do is a Self-Abhyanga Massage.

Make sure to have your oils ready beside you to begin a nice full massage of your body or an area that you wish to heal.

Step 12

End your healing Earth Day Ritual with a Sacred Bath

that contains herbs, flowers and decorate your tub with sea shells, plants and stones to bring the feeling of bathing in nature home. See details here.