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3 Day Enchanting Country Escape

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Join us for an enchanting country retreat to Northumberland County

An Ayurveda Healing Sanctuary near Rice Lake

Treatments based on Ayurveda concepts, philosophy and ancient Vedic traditions.

ONLY 90 a minute Drive from downtown Toronto • 1 hour drive from Scarborough • 45 Minutes from Oshawa • 20 minutes from Port Hope and Cobourg Beach • 10 minutes from Rice Lake


Healing begins…

  • Ayurveda Breakfast Included
  • Opening Invocation and healing ceremony
  • A discovery assessment with Andrea Olivera using applied behavioural kinesiology, an ancient muscle testing method, to discover what negative deep emotions are manifested deep in the tissues blocking your life force energy (Prana) and effecting your immune system
  • an Ayurvedic pulse assessment
  • a Chakra assessment
  • a Face and Body reading
  • Ayurveda Treatments based on your selected Day 1 package (see below packages for details)


Checking in…

  • Ayurveda Breakfast Included
  • Customized check-in session to review previous days effects and adjust the plan accordingly
  • Ayurveda Treatments based on your selected Day 2 package (see below for details)


The final healing day…

  • Ayurveda Breakfast Included
  • A final check-in session to review previous days effects and adjust the plan accordingly
  • Ayurveda Treatments based on your selected Day 3 package (see below for details)


  • Add a Ayurveda Lunch customized by Andrea Olivera for $35 (per person)
  • Add a Ayurveda Dinner customized by Andrea Olivera for $45 (per person)
  • Overnight stay is $250+HST for one person, per day
  • Overnight stay is $300+HST for two people, per day
  • Extended stays (over 3 days) are available, contact us for details


We offer a variety of packages based on your needs. If you have any questions please consult with us for guidance. Select your package for each day. See below for pricing calculator.

3 Hour Package: $375+HST


  • Consultation & Sensory test
  • Chakra Aura Cleanse
  • Indian Head Massage (30 min)
  • Ayurveda Facial (1 hour)
  • Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage (1.5 hour)
  • Add on Shirodhara special for $50

4.5 Hour Package: $550+HST


  • Karmic Life Reading / Vedic Astrology / Karma Emotional Release (1 Hour)
  • Consultation & Sensory Test
  • Chakra Aura cleanse
  • Indian Head Massage (30 min)
  • Ayurveda Facial (1 hour)
  • Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage (1.5 hour)
  • Shirodhara (30 mins)
  • Ayurveda Snacks and Tea

Ayurveda Indulgence, A 6.5 hour Healing Experience

LOVE indulgent body healing and entering the mysteries of your birth chart? This package is for you!

This package is created for those who wish to dive deep into their Karmic Life Map (Vedic Astrology Reading), explore the Karmic issues and begin the Karma Emotional Release Therapy. This 2 hour journey allows Andrea to customize your 4 hour body therapy. 

Total cost for this package is $875+HST including Ayurveda lunch, Ayurveda herbal teas and snacks.

The following treatments are customized after we deep dive into your birth chart and Karma Emotional Release Therapy:

  • Deluxe Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage, an extended treatment using heated stones, and aromatic hot towels
  • Chakra Aura Cleanse and Guna Therapy
  • The Deluxe Ayurveda Facial
  • The Traditional Indian Head Massage
  • Shirodhara The Drip of Peace Treatment

If you need time to share, time to heal and time to explore and problem solve then this is your best package option.

Book today! Contact us at 416-504-6049 or email us at info@ayurvedictouch.com

Over 100 5 star reviews on Google!



TESTIMONIAL – 4.5 hour visit with no overnight 
“A session with Andrea is not like any other spa experience you will find.  All of your senses will be nurtured.  Upon arrival you will notice her attention to detail, the aromas will calm you and invite you in.  She will guide you through your first ritual and walk you through the beautifully decorated space with an area provided for your every need.  You will feel at home.   Healthy, flavourful food will stimulate your tastebuds, nourish your body and a little sampling of sweets will take care of your sweet tooth.  
You will be fully at ease for your reading and your healing can begin.  Andrea will tailor the entire experience to you.  The Abhyanga massage is decadent.  You will feel warm and cozy.   Your body will thank you, your mind and your soul will thank you.  You will be refreshed, wiser and at ease with yourself.  So grateful to have found this little paradise.”
Thank you again Andrea💕
TESTIMONIAL – 3 hour Escape package a day spa trip

“Amazing, Amazing, Amazing spiritual experience!  I came up to the Ayurveda Rituals Spa in Northumberland County not really knowing what to expect but I booked the 3 hour Rejuvenation Package because that’s what I really felt I needed.

Andrea is truly an exceptional soul and her wonderful treatments were exactly what I needed.  I was in distress and her soothing presence, her wonderful treatments, her stunningly beautiful Spa decorated so beautifully welcomed me back to my grounded self – soothed, healed, rested, rejuvenated all systems relaxed and in their proper place   All working together as they should, instead of the disjointed self I came in with.  The scents of her product, the feel of the treatments, the warm oil massaged so masterfully – Bliss absolute Bliss – I’m planning my birthday sanctuary there now as an overnight package.  Can’t wait to go back, the guest rooms are so beautiful and want to explore the beautiful woodlands the sanctuary rests in.  So looking forward to my next visit.”
– Lynn Skilling, Toronto


“Thank you Andrea for the beautiful experiences you have given my mom and I on two separate occasions. Our first experience was total bliss and joy! You made such an impression on us with all the knowledge you shared about Ayurveda, delicious food and blissful treatments that we had to come back a second time. I recommend all of Andrea’s services to anyone looking for an Ayurvedic spa getaway to those open to some healing”

– Shawna D

“Ayurvedic Rituals is a stunning and cozy oasis for those that are looking for rest, restoration and a truly transformative experience. Andrea is foremost expert in Ayurvedic treatment and healing. She uses a focused -individualized approach for each client which creates a precious holistic experience. Not only did I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, Andrea provided some insights that has helped me to navigate challenges I was experiencing. Clients will truly be nurtured from head to toe and heart to soul.”

– Dimple Joshi

“My first visit to Andrea’s new spa was exquisite.

Having been a client of hers for many years, I expected that the experience would be wonderful. But I was bowled over by how it surpassed my lofty expectations.

Every detail created a sense of magic and luxurious indulgence. The land was a mix of beautiful landscaping and native forest land that evoked delight, peace and a sense of the sacredness of life. The spa was filled with elegant antiques and Hindu symbolism. I felt I had entered a magical portal into another world.

Andrea’s Vedic astrology reading provided wonderful guidance which I continue to follow daily since my stay. And I can never say enough about her Ayurvedic treatments which leave me in a beautiful altered state in which my true essence emerges from under layers of stress.

It was very easy to relax from the moment I arrived because Andrea and her partner were so warm and welcoming. They made me feel as if I was family. The only downside: the food was so delicious that I had a major challenge in putting down my knife
and fork.

Needless to say, I’ll be back repeatedly and I’ve encouraged many of my friends to book a stay.”

– Carole Umana

Located in Northumberland County in Bewdley near Port Hope

Book today! Contact us at 416-504-6049 or email us at info@ayurvedictouch.com

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of our services and the remote location of our healing retreat,  we request that you cancel or reschedule your reservation — by phone or online — 48 hours prior to your scheduled treatment to give us an opportunity to fill the resulting gaps in our schedule. 
If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours prior to your treatment, you will be charged 50 percent of the cost of your treatment. You are at liberty to transfer your appointment to a friend or family member. If you do so, we request that you inform us at your earliest convenience.