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A Mystical Doorway into Rejuvenation

Anointing rituals have been practiced for centuries. Ancient cultures understood the benefits of bathing in medicinal oils and anointing their bodies with aromatic fragrances in defense of viruses, disease and negative energies such as curses, spells and even evil spirits.

An image by Danielle "Bhavya" Winter
Cosmic Aura by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com

In search of the meaning of life, the fountain of youth, or to obtain spiritual insights, the practice of a spiritual pilgrimage or vision quest would have preparatory rituals of shaving the head, bathing in selected herbs, milks and oils, casting of an Oracle, or taking guidance from the astrologers and most importantly massaging the head using pressure points and chanting of mantras to prepare one of a meditative state to go inward as the first step into the mysteries of obtaining enlightenment, youth or immortality.

In many spiritual scriptures to meditate focusing the eyes towards the point of the nose and gazing into ones third eye, or the Ajna Chakra was said to bring one into a deeper connection with their inner guru, guide, guardian angel their Higher Power,  it  is this connection that opens a mystical doorway into the field of the miraculous. Within this doorway lay the secrets to anti-aging, youth and bliss.There is another energetic portal that is not mentioned often the Soma Chakra.

This minor chakra  is located between The Third Eye Chakra  and The Sahasrara Chakra, (Crown Chakra).

Soma has several meanings from the nectar of immortality, or the elixir of Life , to the name of the Moon God himself.

In Yoga the sister science of Ayurveda, many of the routines prescribed or asanas the postures given, are to prepare the body to sit in meditation focusing all of our energy and to concentrate all of our attention inward to hopefully enter into our own mystery and discover our purpose, our soul, our Higher Power.

An Image by Danielle "Bhavya" Winter
“Sisters” by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com

Ancient Yogis knew that to mediate on the Soma Chakra would stop the aging process, increase vitality and stamina and preserve the full body and mind as well as prevent decay and disease of the body.In Ayurveda the Churning of the Ocean story explains how the Gods obtained the Nectar of Immortality the Soma  by churning the ocean and invoking the Father of Ayurveda Lord Dhanwantari the celestial physician who brought forth the nectar in his golden pot for the world to use.

These stories have layers of hidden clues for humanities self realization and relief from all suffering. 

I invite you to research them and explore the treasures of healing formulas and practices left for us by the Sages.

In modern day Ayurveda there are ancient formulas, treatments and practices that we now bring into healing  rooms, yoga studios and our very own self care daily rituals of  to obtain rejuvenation, peace of mind, healing to the body and soul. 

One of those treatments is known as Shirodhara -the drip of peace 

This treatment is described by the Vaidya’s (doctors of Ayurveda trained in India) as the most effective rejuvenation therapy for the mind. It releases tremendous mental stress, anxiety and the restlessness of a windy mind. The concentration of warmed herbal oils continuously pouring over the Soma Chakra invites one to journey inwards and search for or connect too our own mystical nature.

Once in union with our mystical nature or true being our Higher Power , our inner guru or Beloved we can experience a deep peace, a profound feeling of tranquility. All thoughts quiet, the wind begins to blow in the right ways aligning our Pranic energetic body into balance.

All Ayurveda healing treatments like Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage, Shiro-Abhyanga otherwise known as Indian Head Massage, Shirodhara and all of the Basti and Pottali treatments are to direct the flow of our life force energy known as Prana.

The postures in your yoga practice are there to also support the Prana  and increase our immune system.

These ancient Sages documented severalrecipes for our health and spiritual wellness. The study of these ancient texts and scriptures as been my passion for years, I am so grateful for all these teachings and have wanted to share them with the world with my own ways, hence the creation of my    Ayurveda Rituals studio spa boutique,  as well as my Rituals of Scent and Ayurveda Rituals Botanical Skincare line.

This months theme is the Ritual of Scent of  Shiva a botanical fragrance I created that captures and honors this voyage into the mystical inner eye, with the intoxicating scent of African Violets, Black Coconut Attar from Sudan as well as the exotic Black Sudanese Rose, layers of Sandalwood Attars and essential oils ,Vetiver, in a boutique of floral waters from around the world.Shiva Ritual of Scent botanical perfume balances the Ajna (third eye)  and Manipura (solar plexus) Chakras as these two energy centres are where we process and digest our thoughts, emotions, food and energies.

Our Shirodhara and Shiro-Abhyanga services balance the mind and body with Ayurveda’s most trance enhancing meditative treatments. Taking you deep within your being and connecting with your life force energy, bringing alignment of your thoughts towards your purpose and a feeling of total health!

Discover your inner SOMA!


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