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A Simple House Cleansing Ritual

Allow me to share, a simple house clearing ritual from the traditions of my ancestors. This ritual removes stagnant energy created from negative thoughts, and daily life challenges that can store energetically in corners, walls, and areas of your living space.

Find a small resin burner, or small pot. Remove some of the onion peel and place it in the Sun’s light to dry during the day. Leave it overnight to receive the light of the Moon.

Light some of the onion peel and use the smoke to cleanse your aura and space.

Take a large onion and cut it into four pieces. Place 1/4 of the onion on a small dish and place it on the floor in one of the four corners of a room. Continue to place a piece of onion in each corner.

This can be done for each room; one onion cut into four pieces placed in each corner.

From the main entrance door, light a Kashmiri Rose Dhoop Stick or any strong Frankincense based incense, and walk counterclockwise three times from the main door entrance around the room and back.

While you are smudging your space, pray, invoke, chant your mantra, or read out loud the Psalms, or other scriptures that resonate with you. Or simply speak out loud the intentions that you have for your space.

Spray the charged, healing fragrance of Devi and invite the Divine Mother to cleanse, protect and create peace and calm in your space.

After you have cleansed your space, you can place an offering of flowers or fruits in respect to a form of the Divine Mother that resonates with you.

For those who don’t have a relationship with a physical form of a Goddess, simply connect with a place in nature that you feel safe and at peace in. Mother Earth is a Goddess Herself, take shelter in any of Her forms.