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A Simple Purification Fire Ritual

Moon in Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra, is a good time to purify and face the things in our lives that we do not want to face.
Fire ceremonies are practiced in several cultures as rites of passage, for initiations, weddings, house and business openings, funerals, and many other celebratory events.
The idea is to offer the fire a sacrificial offering so that the prayers reach the Divine.
In Hindu traditions, these offerings are chosen according to the intention of the Yajna or Homa the sacrificial ceremony.
Offering oblations and libations, flowers, fruits, coconut water, rose water, herbs, grains and other items to the highest Element Fire or the God of Fire himself Agni symbolizes and ignites our own internal fires.

This is an excerpt from Andrea Olivera’s daily Lunar Messages posted on Facebook. Add her as a friend!

“The digestive fire in the intestines (jataragni) is the root of all the digestive fires in the body. As it causes the increase or decrease of the elemental and tissue digestive fires. It should be treated with great care.”

Before you start

Begin your personal fire ceremony after you have given yourself a sacred bath ritual.

follow this link to customize your healing bath journey https://ayurvedaritualsspa.com/sacred-bath-ritual-recipe/

After your bath

Dress in light colored, clean clothing. For safety use tight fitting and not flowing loose clothing to avoid accidents.
If you have a mala or special ceremonial jewelry like gemstone rings or talismans do wear them.

Step 1

Prepare your fire

Gather wood chips and small sticks
Have Ghee ready and melted in a copper pot with a long copper spoon to pour into the fire

Step 2

Choose a location

Create a fire outdoors, in your fire place, in a cauldron pot, or in a copper pot if you have it.

Step 3

Set your Alter up

Include images or idols of your selected form of Divinity or ancestors. Remember if you are honoring your ancestors that their pictures do not include any living beings, only the deceased.

Step 4

Prepare your plate
 to feed the fire

Bananas, grains, herbs, aromatics like camphor, agarwood or oud, or frankincense and myrrh are good. If you do not have any of those, some of your essential oils like basil, camphor, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, cypress, or any of the mints.
Sandalwood powder, turmeric, ginger powder or Kumkuma, a blend of all of the above with saffron can also be offered into the fire.
Certain herbs like fresh Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Sage, Sweet grass, Vetiver, and others can bring a cleansing energy and the smoke clears viruses and germs miles away.
Persians use an aromatic herbal powder called Essfand that is burned around the house to remove bad energy and spirits, I also throw some of that into my personal fire offerings.

The atmosphere feels purified and fresh.

Step 5

Select a mantra, prayer or verse

from the Psalms that support the intention for your fire ceremony as well as who you would like to receive blessings from.
Blessings from your Deity, your ancestors, your angels or God can be very healing and feel very supportive

Step 6

Create a lovely offering tray

Get all your ingredients ready for tossing into the fire. Place herbs in bowls, essential oils can be dropped into the leaves and petals of the flowers. Cut the stems away from the flowers.
Have your coconut water, rose water, golden milk and juices in pouring vessels.
Have fruits and herbs ready to go without elastic bands or labels.

Step 7 – Use caution

Have a pot of cold water ready

To pour in case the fire gets out of hand.

Step 8

Start with a small fire

Until you learn how to read the fire and understand what creates smoke, keep the fire small.

It is a relationship that needs attention and direction.

Step 9

Gaze into the fire…

Gaze into the fire, connect to that which needs to be transformed, needs a digestive aid, an emotion or stressful situation in your life that needs to be burned away.

Whatever you let go of during this Moon in Krittika, let it be transformed into an energy, supporting you in manifesting a goal or desire that you wish to bring into your life.

As you offer your gifts into the fire, watch Agni the God of Fire digest and consume, let that be a mirror to help your inner digestive system transform and assimilate. Watch the nutrients enter the smoke carrying your prayers and mantras to the celestials and may they bless all your endeavors.

This is an excerpt from Andrea Olivera’s daily Lunar Messages posted on Facebook. Add her as a friend to get instant updates!