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A Summer Love Ritual

The power of intention can be reinforced by the Ritual of casting a spell, which is a ceremony around casting a thought to fulfill a desire.

The magic behind spells or Rituals is the intention behind them.

The stronger the focus on the intention the more powerful the spell.

Actualizing our intentions with sacred ceremony can help us align our thoughts towards our intention.

When we raise the vibration of our intention and identify the energy blocks or negative emotions that may be deeply seated within our subconscious, our spells (which are merely energetic goals set within a ritualistic transmission) can produce more effective results.

In my Divination practice of reading Rice or casting a birth chart thru Vedic Astrology, there are many prescriptions that I give to help support the actualization of desires of the heart, career, health. Still, my most popular prescription is my LOVE RITUAL.

We are all wanting the experience of LOVE, and wish to manifest happy, healthy relationships. Unfortunately, our past experiences may still carry energetic blocks stored deeply in our cellular memory that prevent us from being able to manifest love, romance, and healthy relationships in our lives.

In your birth chart, we can see the strengths and weaknesses of certain planets placed in certain Zodiac signs and houses that can explain the many reasons why there are issues in the areas of love and relationships.

Read more about my Karmic Life Readings here  https://ayurvedaritualsspa.com/jyotish-astrology/

It is important to see these karmic blocks and lessons and repair them with prescribed rituals and healing ceremonies for you to be able to manifest happier and healthier relationships in all areas of your life.

Our soul consents with the souls of others, having experiences for us to learn and evolve from.

Once entangled in a human body, the soul can forget those contracts that we have chosen to play out with others, becoming immersed within that karmic play. This can entrap us in the repetition of behaviours that keep attracting the same painful issues and themes, relationship after relationship.

Identifying these stored painful memories and old decisions that we made about life, love, marriage, relationships, and ourselves is key. This is the first step towards freeing ourselves from repetitive cycles of continuous disappointments that weaken our Prana (life force energy).

A Love Ritual first begins with…

A) Identifying old beliefs and old decisions that you made from past experiences. Relationships you have had in this lifetime and previous lifetimes can still today block your ability to manifest the love you desire to experience in the present moment.

B) Identifying and examining Karmic debts and repetitive themes, undigested lessons and painful past experiences in your birth chart can direct the first steps towards Healing and mending your broken heart.

C) Identifying the predominant emotion or emotions that may be blocking your Prana your life force energy and weakening your immune system and power to manifest.

D) Identifying the LOVE that you are looking for, the essence of LOVE that you are and experience of LOVE that you desire. 

We forget that WE ARE THE ESSENCE OF LOVE, and that LOVE is what we are looking for outside of ourselves.

Returning to Self-Love first will draw us towards the essence of love that matches our own essence of love.

E) Taking the healing journey involves a Karma Emotional Release Therapy (KERT) session and answering some questions, journaling, then using the KERT workbook, available as an ebook here https://ayurvedaritualsspa.com/ebooks-by-andrea-olivera/.

Please email me for the KERT Homework questions to get you started! info@ayurvedictouch.com 

You are now ready to begin a LOVE RITUAL 

This is customized and tailored to your specific needs and will be prescribed during your Karmic Life Reading or your Karma Emotional Release Therapy Session.


Fridays are a perfect day to engage in love ceremonies. Harmonizing with others, socializing, meeting new people, going on dates, having gatherings or parties are great to cast a love spell, perform a sacred love ceremony, and begin the Ritual of Self-Care to invoke self-love, peace, and harmony.

The original love ritual ceremony was done in a river, lake or ocean invoking the love and fertility Goddesses and the water spirit Herself to bless one with love, children and prosperity for the family.

Invoking the Water Spirit within and without We are aquatic beings, over 60% water.

Water is sexuality, creativity and emotionality. Therefore, within us are sweet rivers of desire, passionate waterfalls, colourful creative oceans filled with caves of unexplored and undiscovered treasures. 

Approaching a body of water with the understanding that everything in this universe is a mirror reflection, an opportunity to tap into Prana arises. This macrocosm reservoir from the Angel of Water, the Divine Feminine creative life force energy, charges our own microcosm with Her qualities.

This is the power of attraction!

Tapping into natures power of attraction and connecting inward towards our own essence of love, creative life force and desire generates the magic of natural seduction. 

This is the Elemental secret known by all mystics, magicians, priests and priestesses of all walks and paths that I share with you. To help empower you and teach you to cast your own amazing Love Rituals and practice the art of this Elemental Wisdom.

Start your ceremony by bringing an offering to the Spirit of Water. It may help to research and connect to the personality of A Water Goddess that you resonate with.

Ochun the African fertility river Goddess, Yemaya The Mother of Fish, or Anahita the Persian water Goddess are just some examples.

Approach a body of water, place an offering of fruits, flowers, coins and incense at the water bank.

Sit and begin sharing all of your worries, struggles and pain around not being able to manifest love or fertility, even your prosperity goals.

Communicate as if you are speaking to your dearest friend or a caring mother.

Reveal to Her the journey of personal discovery and awareness that you now understand from doing the Karma an Emotional Release Therapy and your revelations from journaling your answers from the homework I sent you. 

It is important to reveal, confess, and take time to repent as this step helps one to integrate the lessons and understandings received. These insights become doorways out of our suffering, and the helping hand of our higher emotional intelligence.

When we read the stories and mythologies of the Water Divinities we learn from them and adapt those teachings in our own lives.

Once you have offered your gift and shared, ask permission to cleanse and recharge your aura with and by Her Shakti (energy).

Begin cleansing away all that is old and no longer of use in your energy field, allow yourself to release emotions and negative thoughts as you cleanse your aura with the fruits and flowers.

Take a piece of fruit in each hand and start cleansing your body, starting from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. 

Allow the fruit to touch your skin, over your clothing letting it absorb the energy from the body.

Rub areas of your body that have pain, throw each piece of fruit far into the water. Thank it for healing you. 

Take the flowers and using sweeping like caresses starting from top of the head to toes.

Cleanse front and back of body, then throw the flowers far into the water, thanking them for cleansing away all blocked negative thought energies and emotions.

Now walk away from the cleansing space and leave the flowers and fruits to float away taking with them your sorrows for the Divine Mother of Water to heal.

We as children loved crawling into the lap of our mother as she soothed our fears and caressed away our tears. 

Water is the body of our Divine Universal Mother, take time to rest, heal, and recharge in her presence. 

Once you have let go, you have created space for something new to enter in your life.

Invoke now your inner reservoir of desire – Set Your Intention! 

Now Cast your Spell!

Speak out loud your desire intentions and draw from the powers of the sweet waters within and without.

Hold a vision of the love you wish to draw to you. Invite that essence of love to come into your life as a spouse, child or object of your desire

What is meant to be yours will be yours! 

Light your Kashmiri Rose Dhoop stick or incense stick and sit in deep meditation and gratitude.

Thank the Spirit the Mother of Water and return home to start your Bath Ritual ( see below)

Continue this ceremony and home bath ritual for five consistent Fridays as advised.

For a further customized prescription tailored to your needs book a Karmic Life Reading or Consultation 

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