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Ajna, The Third Eye Chakra


A doorway where miracles occur when perception, Truth, Consciousness and Light awaken the Seer within

~ Sanskrit meaning ~
Ajna – translates to “Command, Authority”

#6 The Third Eye Chakra

Location: Upper end of the Spinal Column
Bija Seed Sound: OM
Element: Space/Akasha
Sense: Sound
Color: Indigo Blue (Western), Smokey Grey (Yogic Texts)
Deities: Shiva and Shakti Ardhanarishvara, the half-male, half-female Shiva-Shakti


  • Two Lotus Petals, one is inscribed with The Sun, the other with The Moon. This represents Sun-Pingala, and Moon-Ida.
  • The planet JUPITER/GURU of the Deities

A portal between spine and the brain, the center between the eyebrows, the center where Ida and Pinga end and merge with Sushumna this is known as Triveni.

The Third-Eye Chakra is considered a bridge a meeting place where the Guru, inner teacher, communicates with the Self.

This is an internal relationship often reflected externally in a Guru/Disciple relationship. Many subtle initiations can occur here between our inner Guru our Higher Power and the Self.

Within the gateway of our inner temple, our inner Divine eye of intuition and knowledge can receive profound revelations and insights that can lead to a spiritual awakening.

This door of perception reveals Truth, Consciousness, and Light when awakened. The removal of the darkness and ignorance, “GU”, and are now embodying the light of knowledge, “RU”. Therefore the meaning of the word “Guru” is the eternal master who expels the darkness and ignorance wit the torch of knowledge.

Ajna is where the Buddhi, our Cosmic Intelligence, sits.

The wisdom that emerges from the Fire of discernment cleansing our perceptions, opinions, attachments, sparks our revelationary knowledge.

Here when the Yogi controls the mind and senses, one becomes able to “Dwell within the Self” becoming the “Witness” and attaining our “Buddhahood” or True Self.

At Ajna Chakra all Karmic chains our Samskaras/Vasanas are burnt with the Fire of discernment the power to recognize what is real and unreal and see the Truth and BE THE TRUTH – our TRUE SELF a being of LIGHT and LOVE.

Balance your Anja Chakra with Shiva perfume.

from our Rituals of Scent line, custom blended by Andrea Olivera.

This Ritual scent balances Chakra #6 Ajna, Third eye chakra, the seat of intuition to promote deep states of meditation, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

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