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“As Above So Below, Find it as You Go!”

“As Above So Below, Find it as You Go!”

That was a phrase one of my esoteric teachers used to say before starting any class on the mysteries of this universe.

Andrea Olivera

The time of energetic war is upon us, like these viruses we see causing panic & fear consciousness. Let us turn to ancient concepts about our cosmic nature for guidance. The churning of the ocean, seeing a war between the gods, represents our divine nature and demons, our inner saboteur.

The story begins with a quest set by the gods and demons to find the Elixir of Life, mythology that reflects our inner conflicts between our higher self and our lower nature.

In the story, a serpent-like demon Rahu-Ketu becomes obsessed with stealing the elixir of life all for himself.

Yes, similar to what is happening today in the fight for toilet paper! In a state of fear consciousness, our lower selves become self-centered, forgetting the higher purpose of life, self-service love, and compassion.

You see, there is always going to be a hidden desire within us all, a nature that is subconscious that will come out in dark times and act in ways that are not aligned to our soul’s purpose. 

We all have a Rahu nature, that part of our subconscious mind that likes to sabotage and destroy our health, happiness, and state of mental peace. Knowing that part of our nature, we can begin an inner transformation and alignment to our Higher Self.

The story also shows many layers of our true self, our Divinity, and how to overcome that inner saboteur. 

The search for our true nature brings us to one realization. We must come together with all aspects of self, community, and relationships with nature and all sentient beings. This is the key to finding the Elixir of Life and the secrets of living a harmonious, happy, and healthy life.

The position of this behavior in our birth chart can sabotage us and those around us. The position of Rahu-Ketu shows this.


In the story, Rahu succeeds getting nectar, but just as he takes a sip of it, the Moon with its profound intuitive nature sees that its a demon, and alerts the Sun who then tells the sustainer of this universe Vishnu. He throws his disc and chops off the head of this serpent-demon, Rahu-Ketu, severing the head from the tail. 

In our chart, the head of Rahu indicates the Karma that we have come here to face. Wherever the tail of Ketu sits is the remedy and holds the ways out of our suffering. 

This Karmic axis is so vital for us to understand. To know that every 18 months, a new opportunity to heal the past, to let go of perceptions, people, and situations that no longer support our soul’s destiny can be liberating. Universal timings can provide us with time frames for us to plan our evolution and freedom from Karmic bondage.

Knowing your Cosmic Anatomy and understanding your Elemental nature, your constitution, and your birth chart helps guide us in self-study. It can liberate us from perceptions of self that keep us suffering and experiencing repetitive behaviors that no longer work for us. Severing our inner saboteur and detaching from things that continue to make us suffer is essential in living a joyful life.

During these times of uncertainty and fear of the future, we can turn towards ancient concepts. Following rituals and practices that may support, heal and guide us out of darkness into the light 

Using a birth chart to navigate life.

Our birth chart becomes a map out of our suffering. A karmic life map that leads towards a higher understanding. A connection with our soul bringing higher power, true nature, and the internal and eternal relationship with Divinity.

Lets first start by understanding the idea that as individuated souls born into these bodies that help us move towards our spiritual development, we all are affected by the natural laws of Karma.

Some of those Karmic issues can manifest in our physical body. The art of healing in Ayurveda provides Pancha Karma therapies, which are five actions of purification and rejuvenation treatments. These help us free ourselves from physical toxins, toxins of the mind, and emotions.

Understanding the principals and laws of Karma are complex; it starts with our own Karmic Life Map first. 

My teacher Mantriji would always say “Know Thyself, Heal Thyself”. This principal always awakens in me anytime my Karmas are active, and life lessons have come to me as an opportunity for inner growth.

Astrology’s primary goal is for us to know our Karma and to see the areas in our lives that we will tend to suffer. 

Ayurveda and Yoga are Jyotisha’s (Vedic Astrology) third sister, and together, they provide medicines, practices, rituals, and tools for us to follow. They bring our health, consciousness and spirit into a living balance, allowing one to find peace.

Let us first understand some of key players in this cosmic dance that walk us towards self understanding.

In your birth chart, the primary planet that will indicate your soul’s purpose is the Sun.

In the Vedas ancient scriptures, we find Ayurveda Yoga and Jyotisha prescriptions for humanity’s salvation from mental, physical, and spiritual suffering, teaching us the importance of self-realization. 

As to know thyself and to understand the self, we begin to find a compassionate understanding for all sentient beings, our earth, and each soul that lives in this universe.

 The soul is called the Atman, and the journey is for the soul to realize its true self.

To know and understand the flavor, and nature of your purpose in life shows in your karmic life map.

To find your soul’s purpose, we look for the position of the Sun.

The threads of our destiny are guided by our soul, who knows its true essence. It’s aware and works together with our elements and the mind, and senses fulfillment of that Dharma.

To know your Dharma (your soul’s constitutional position or nature) is key in aligning our thoughts, actions, dreams, and behaviors towards our Soul purpose.

Ayurvedic Astrology

Astrology helps us understand the obstacles, the strengths, and weaknesses of our consciousness and offers remedies, practices, and rituals for our relief from suffering.

The Sun is like the King, that reigns over the body and all its ministers. It is also like the soul because it never strays away from its mission, duty, or purpose.  

The Moon is like the Queen Mother that nourishes and feeds the kingdom. Offering beauty, fortune, and change similar to The Mind.

The Moon’s cycles, waxing and waning, affect all agriculture. Affecting all sentient being’s fertility on a conscious and subconscious level.

To know the position of your Moon at the time of your birth helps you understand the nature of your own mind. 

Yoga practices given by the guru of yoga Patanjali are all practices to treat the different natures of the mind that keep us distracted. Guiding us back on the path of self-realization and understanding of the true self.

The practices given are to arrest the fluctuations of the mind so that we can sit in our own state of being. 

Mantriji used to say “To Be in The BE!, but we are busy in the Doing only dreaming of being in the be. It is due to the nature of our mind.”

Just knowing the interplay, the dance between your soul’s purpose and the nature of your mind can give you great insights on how to align your thoughts, actions, and behaviors towards your soul’s purpose.

Then to see what Karmas are fixed or unfixed in our charts can bring us to more self-acceptance, helping us feel compassionate understanding towards ourselves.

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