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Author: Andrea Olivera

Svadhisthana Chakra

Svadhisthana Chakra The Self takes pleasure and becomes established as it dwells sits within its own abode ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Sva = The Self – One’s own BeingSvad = To take pleasure inAdhisthana = Abode or Seat – Established #2 Sacral Chakra Location: NavelBija Seed Sound: VamElement: WaterSense: TasteColor: OrangeDeities: Brahma & Saraswati Symbol: Cosmic…
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The Muladhara Chakra, Our Root

The Muladhara Chakra Our Root, Our Tribe, Our Ancestors. ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Mula: RootAhhara: Foundation, Base, Support #1 The Root Chakra Location:Base of the Spine: Coccygeal Plexus, Vertabrae 1-2-3Bija Seed Sound: LamElement: Earth, TattvaSense: SmellColor: RedDeities: The Goddess Dakini Symbol Lotus Blossom Four Petals representing1. Mind2. Intellect3. Consciousness4. Ego In the center of our tailbone…
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Messages in the Rice – The art of Rice Divination

Messages in the Rice: The art of Rice Divination By Andrea Olivera Omen observation is an important quality and skill of the Priestess and Priest. It can be a “gift” that one is born with or develops due to extreme spiritual practices. Or even life traumas that provoke the opening of specific spiritual centres. Most…
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Elemental Wisdom Meditation

We may practice guided meditations so that our enlightened nature may overcome our demonic Rahu-based habitual tendencies. We may experience different forms of self-sabotage depending on our constitutions (which we learn about through Ayurveda) and our Rahu-Ketu configurations (which we learn about through Jyotish).  This first meditation is about elemental balance. Let’s reflect on our cosmic…
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Setting up your Alter

Building your alter and seeking inspiration By reflecting on our lower consciousness, and through Rituals, the mirror of Higher Divinity emerges. Rituals to the Gods and Goddess are universal. Our traditions are similar to the cultures in the East. Find a tradition that connects to you. It can be an image of God, an affirmation,…
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