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Author: Andrea Olivera

Lunar Awareness Message: Foot Care

As the Moon moves into Pisces this afternoon in the sky, I am preparing to embrace loving my feet. Does anyone else need a desperate PEDICURE!!!! In this Moon in Pisces, enjoy some water therapies for your feet as a self-care ceremony to connect with your Soul-Sole’s needs. Today, while the Moon moves into Pisces…
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Lunar Awareness Message: Aquarius

In Vedic Astrology, we learn that the Moon is a male his name is Chandra, and he has 27 wives who each have their own mansion. Every 2.5 days, he visits one of his wives. These mansions are the stars behind the Zodiac, giving different meanings to each of the 12 signs. Each of us…
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Pomegranate: The Fruit of Immortality

Pomegranate: The Fruit of Immortality The Fruit of Immortality or the Fruit of Life, as it was named by ancient civilizations, understood the sacredness, holy mystery, medicinal attributes, and beauty secrets found in the pomegranate. Inspired, I dove into research on this calyx shaped bejeweled crown of a fruit. Goddesses like Persephone, Hera, and Egyptian…
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Looking for omens?

Do you believe in Omens? Looking for signs, omens, messages from nature spirits, animals, and the universe helps us to feel connected. We sharpen our intuition and begin to have deeper inner dialogues with ourselves, nature, and our higher oower. Vedic Astrology has much to offer when it comes to the interpretation of Omens.  An…
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Excerpts from A Rishi Among Us: Preface

This is an excerpt from Andrea’s book, “A Rishi Among Us: Tales of Krishan Mantri”. A PDF version of the book is available in our store located here. Mantriji, Omenology and Me When I arrived in Toronto as a young girl, that first day at the airport I watched as an Indian man in a…
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