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Ayurveda Healing Sanctuary Packages

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Personal Healing Reteats in Bewdley, Ontario

Enjoy 1-3 days of Ayurveda Healing treatments with Andrea Olivera

An Ayurveda Healing Sanctuary in the Country near Rice Lake

A Sacred healing sanctuary based on Ayurveda concepts, philosophy and ancient Vedic traditions.

  • ONLY 90 a minute Drive from downtown Toronto
  • 1 hour drive from Scarborough
  • 45 Minutes from Oshawa
  • 20 minutes from Port Hope and Cobourg Beach
  • 10 minutes from Rice Lake
  • Come up for a country drive and a Ayurveda Healing package of rejuvenating  treatments surrounded by gardens, sacred woodlands and a mystical creek to refresh your energy field
  • Let Mother Nature bath you with forest love and healing waters
  • We welcome you to book an overnight stay at our comfortable country inn and enjoy an Ayurveda Dosha balancing breakfast

Take a few hours out of your busy day and escape on a country drive to Northhumberland County. North of Port Hope and south of Rice Lake. Indulge yourself with the healing and nurturing wisdom of Ayurveda.

TESTIMONIAL – 4.5 hour visit with no overnight 
“A session with Andrea is not like any other spa experience you will find.  All of your senses will be nurtured.  Upon arrival you will notice her attention to detail, the aromas will calm you and invite you in.  She will guide you through your first ritual and walk you through the beautifully decorated space with an area provided for your every need.  You will feel at home.   Healthy, flavourful food will stimulate your tastebuds, nourish your body and a little sampling of sweets will take care of your sweet tooth.  
You will be fully at ease for your reading and your healing can begin.  Andrea will tailor the entire experience to you.  The Abhyanga massage is decadent.  You will feel warm and cozy.   Your body will thank you, your mind and your soul will thank you.  You will be refreshed, wiser and at ease with yourself.  So grateful to have found this little paradise.”
Thank you again Andrea💕
“I was finally able to see Andrea in her new location and wanted to write a quick note about my wonderful experience. When I learned that Andrea was going to be moving out of Toronto, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen as I have been going to her and using her products for close to 15 years, and she is the only one I trust with my skin! While it was always lovely to see her in her Toronto studios, experiencing a session in her new location felt like what was always meant to be. The property itself is natural and spacious and feels like a sanctuary, and the experience of going out to see her completely exceeded my expectation. It was an easy drive from the city, and very easy to find her new home. After arriving and being welcomed by Andrea’s beautiful warmth and kindness, I was encouraged to take a walk around outside before having my treatment to help ground my energy, listen to the trees, the birds, the running creek, and BREATHE.
I was also given a small incense wand to carry while I walked to help cleanse my energy. It was a grey, rainy January day, and after my walk, I came back inside to a warm cup of tea, and a completely unexpected bowl of delicious, locally made soup. While I ate, we had a chance to get caught up, and I was able to talk about what I was feeling like I needed in terms of my facial and treatment. Andrea is such a source of healing wisdom and is able to customize different aspects of the treatment to help nurture and heal where needed depending on what you are currently working through in your life. The facial that I had was as wonderful as always as there is nothing that compares to Andrea’s intuitive wisdom and technique!
After saying goodbye and picking up a few of her products, I was encouraged to once again walk through the trails outside and breathe in nature before leaving. This addition of the nature element was so impactful and made it feel so holistic and complete. I wasn’t just rushing in and out for a facial, I felt like I was intentionally giving myself time and space for something very healing and nurturing. Thank you so much Andrea for making me feel so welcome and cared for, it was such a beautiful experience! I am already looking forward to when I can return!”
– SL, Toronto
“I have known Andrea via Zoom over the last few years now. She has been a beacon on my own journey and has brought in so much wisdom. 
Wasn’t I blessed when she moved within 30 minutes of me so I could go and experience her full offerings and rituals.  First time in my life I felt so held, so loved and so seen. Her land is beautiful and the connection to Spirit is felt on your soul filling walk. Spirit truly walked with me that day. Her retreat space is absolutely stunning and you will want to pack a bag to move in. 😂
I am heading into a huge couple of years and I knew I would learn so much more through her Vedic Astrology. We are so used to Western and yet Vedic really does share so much more. After our time together I came home with a plan, a light within and excitement for what is next.
Andrea I cannot express enough in words the gift you gave me a month ago. More than I could have ever imagined. With you I see what overdeliverered really means and I am truly blessed.”
– Patrice Burns


• 4.5 hour package $550 +HST (No overnight stay)
• 3 hour package is $375 +HST (No overnight stay)
Click here for more info on both packages.


  • One night stay with 4.5 hour Ayurveda Healing Package and Ayurveda Breakfast cost is $801 +HST
  • One night stay with 3 hour Ayurveda Healing Package and Ayurveda Breakfast cost is $601 +HST
  • Two night stay with 4.5 hour Ayurveda Healing Package and Ayurveda Breakfast cost is $1108 +HST
  • Two night stay with 3 hour Ayurveda Healing Package $1008 +HST
  • Click here for more info on all packages.
    (Day 1 & 2 plus Two Hour Ayurveda Abhyanga and Shirodhara Treatment. Includes Ayurveda Breakfast both mornings.)


“Thank you Andrea for the beautiful experiences you have given my mom and I on two separate occasions. Our first experience was total bliss and joy! You made such an impression on us with all the knowledge you shared about Ayurveda, delicious food and blissful treatments that we had to come back a second time. I recommend all of Andrea’s services to anyone looking for an Ayurvedic spa getaway to those open to some healing”

– Shawna D

4.5 Hour Healing Package Includes:


  • Opening invocation & healing ceremony
  • Ayurveda Constitutional assessment
  • Customized Ayurveda lifestyle program and daily self-care plans are designed and your treatment plan is discussed
  • Discover your Dosha Ayurveda type and learn how to balance your life with food, breath, yoga and herbal support with Kashmiri Rose smudge and aromatic mists


  • A Vedic Ceremony consultation with Andrea Olivera will determine your karmic Life Map and a discussion of your cosmic anaotomy will help bring clarity to any life challenges and prepare you for Karma Emotional Release Therapy with includes New Decision Therapy, NDT, to enchance mind/body cellular detoxification
  • Abhyanga Ayurvedic body detox massage
  • Shiro-Abhyanga, known as Indian Head Massage
  • Swedana-Sweating therapy
  • An Ayurveda Lunch

Extra time with Andrea:

Add more time with Andrea during your stay. After your 4.5 hour package,
you are welcome to book some time with Andrea in the evening or early
morning during your overnight stay.

If you would like to further study your Moon chart or have Vedic counselling time with Andrea add 1 hour $125+HST. Sessions available at 7 to 9pm or 7 to 9am before Breakfast and check out.

Services available for 1 hour at $125+HST | Add two hours total $250+HST  | Add 3 hours $375+HST 

  • A study of your Moon transits
  • Your Sun transits for the Year
  • Vedic life counselling. Discussions on topics like your lifestyle, relationships, career or questions about your Ayurveda Body-Mind
  • Deity story telling, meditations and visualizations to help you process your healing journey
  • Vedic scripture class/discussion or ceremony.


“I just came back from Ayurveda Rituals and feel so grateful for the time with Andrea at her new home and spa. All the senses cared for in this exceptional experience of wellness and care. From Jyotish readings, to ayurvedic massages, delicious food and beautiful accommodations it is a haven in Northumberland, very close to Toronto. Dear friends, do check it out and take good care of yourself.”

Thank you again, and again,
Namaste and Blessings,

“Ayurvedic Rituals is a stunning and cozy oasis for those that are looking for rest, restoration and a truly transformative experience. Andrea is foremost expert in Ayurvedic treatment and healing. She uses a focused -individualized approach for each client which creates a precious holistic experience. Not only did I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, Andrea provided some insights that has helped me to navigate challenges I was experiencing. Clients will truly be nurtured from head to toe and heart to soul.”

– Dimple Joshi

“Andrea and Ali have a beautiful and welcoming “temple of healing,” with lovely grounds in a rural and pristine setting. My wife, two young boys, and I spent two wonderful days there in July 2022. Andrea gave us a warm welcome when we entered, washing our hands with rose water and feeding us delicious snacks, sweets, and eventually dinner! The ambience is elegant, luxurious, and spiritual, all at the same time. The decor is beautiful, with the idols and other spiritual iconography inspiring awe and devotion. We had a very comfortable and spacious room, and our hosts constantly gave us loving and kind attention. My wife and I both had profound treatments from Andrea. While I had an abhyanga massage, it felt more like an emotionally and spiritually healing experience. Andrea also has a deep knowledge of the Indian spiritual and healing traditions, which she deftly wove into my treatment. Doing a cleansing “fire ceremony” with Ali one evening was also one of the highlights of my time there. If you are looking for a break from the city life and are ready for some deep spiritual and emotional healing work, then you need to visit!”

-Ajit Pyati, London, Ontario

“Having received a weekend retreat at Ayurveda Rituals as a gift, I was curious and not sure what to expect. In a word – the experience was “inspirational”. Andrea and Ali’s hospitality, lovely home, friendly neighbours, sacred land, wonderful food, relaxing and nourishing treatments, and wisdom/insights were just brilliant and exactly what I needed. Anyone who is looking for a restful, nurturing, personal-growth inspiring weekend would truly benefit from a weekend at Ayurveda Rituals retreats. Thank you and I’ll be back!”

– Carole Umana

“My first visit to Andrea’s new spa was exquisite.

Having been a client of hers for many years, I expected that the experience would be wonderful. But I was bowled over by how it surpassed my lofty expectations.

Every detail created a sense of magic and luxurious indulgence. The land was a mix of beautiful landscaping and native forest land that evoked delight, peace and a sense of the sacredness of life. The spa was filled with elegant antiques and Hindu symbolism. I felt I had entered a magical portal into another world.

Andrea’s Vedic astrology reading provided wonderful guidance which I continue to follow daily since my stay. And I can never say enough about her Ayurvedic treatments which leave me in a beautiful altered state in which my true essence emerges from under layers of stress.

It was very easy to relax from the moment I arrived because Andrea and her partner were so warm and welcoming. They made me feel as if I was family. The only downside: the food was so delicious that I had a major challenge in putting down my knife
and fork.

Needless to say, I’ll be back repeatedly and I’ve encouraged many of my friends to book a stay.”

– Carole Umana


Andrea Olivera’s husband Ali also offers a sacred fire ceremony with customized yoga therapy that includes problem solving, pranayama, as well as any yoga therapy and body alignment work. Cost $150 +HST

Ayurveda Breakfast is included with overnight stays!


3 Day Ayurveda Mother of Healing Retreat Escape

Includes 3 nights stay with Ayurveda Breakfast each morning

Plus customized Ayurveda Healing plan and Ayurveda Dosha Balancing meals

DAY 1 - Check in at 10am

  • Orientation
  • Silk Road Tea and Snack Welcome
  • Enjoy an Ayurveda tea and snack tray
  • Devi Sanctuary Woodlands Pilgrimage
  • Begin your stay at the Andrea Olivera Centre for Ayurveda Rituals with a walk into the woodlands and creek to bathe your energy field with forest and water love
  • Ayurveda Body-Mind Assessment and Consultation (Fill out Chakra Awareness Assessment and Dosha Quiz prior to your visit)
  • Sensory Journey and Intention setting ceremony
  • Chakra Aura Cleanse
  • Karmic Life Reading using Vedic Astrology & Rice Divination Session
  • Karma Emotional Release therapy
  • Ayurveda Lunch
  • Guna Therapy ( Chakra Therapy)
  • Abhyanga Ayurveda herbal body treatment
  • Indian Head Massage with herbal warmed oil scalp and hair treatment
  • Ayurveda Facial
  • Shirodhara
  • Seated Prana Balancing
  • Ayurveda Tea and Snack
  • Healing Activity


  • Morning walk in Devi Sanctuary with optional Spiritual Invocations or personal Yoga Practice
  • Ayurveda Breakfast
  • Ayurveda Body-Mind check in
  • Sensory Journey and Intention setting Ritual
  • Chakra Aura Cleanse
  • Chakra/Guna Balancing Treatment
  • Abhyanga Therapy
  • Shirodhara with Shiro-Abhyanga Treatment
  • Ayurveda Tea and Snack or (Lunch optional)
  • Healing Activity
  • Rest and Reflection


  • Morning walk in Devi Sanctuary
  • Ayurveda Breakfast
  • Ayurveda Body-Mind check-in
  • Sensory Journey and Intention setting Ritual
  • Treatment of choice Karma Emotional Release Therapy or
    Abhyanga Therapy or Ayurveda Rejuvenation Facial treatment or Shiro-Abhyanga treatment
  • Ayurveda Tea and Snack
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Check out at 2pm

Located in Northumberland County in Bewdley near Port Hope

Book today! Contact us at 416-504-6049 or email us at info@ayurvedictouch.com

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of our services and the remote location of our healing retreat,  we request that you cancel or reschedule your reservation — by phone or online — 48 hours prior to your scheduled treatment to give us an opportunity to fill the resulting gaps in our schedule. 
If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours prior to your treatment, you will be charged 50 percent of the cost of your treatment. You are at liberty to transfer your appointment to a friend or family member. If you do so, we request that you inform us at your earliest convenience.