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A Summer Love Ritual

The power of intention can be reinforced by the Ritual of casting a spell, which is a ceremony around casting a thought to fulfill a desire. The magic behind spells or Rituals is the intention behind them. The stronger the focus on the intention the more powerful the spell. Actualizing our intentions with sacred ceremony…
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Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra A City of Gems, Our Power to Digest ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Mani: gem, pearl, jewelPura: city or place #3 Solar Chakra Location: Solar Plexus, all upper digestive organsBija Seed Sound: RamElement: Fire / AgniSense: SightColor: YellowDeities: Braddha Rudra and Shakti LakiniSymbol: The Ram, Inverted Triangle, Lotus blossom with 10 petals Manipura: Our internal…
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Svadhisthana Chakra

Svadhisthana Chakra The Self takes pleasure and becomes established as it dwells sits within its own abode ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Sva = The Self – One’s own BeingSvad = To take pleasure inAdhisthana = Abode or Seat – Established #2 Sacral Chakra Location: NavelBija Seed Sound: VamElement: WaterSense: TasteColor: OrangeDeities: Brahma & Saraswati Symbol: Cosmic…
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The Muladhara Chakra, Our Root

The Muladhara Chakra Our Root, Our Tribe, Our Ancestors. ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Mula: RootAhhara: Foundation, Base, Support #1 The Root Chakra Location:Base of the Spine: Coccygeal Plexus, Vertabrae 1-2-3Bija Seed Sound: LamElement: Earth, TattvaSense: SmellColor: RedDeities: The Goddess Dakini Symbol Lotus Blossom Four Petals representing1. Mind2. Intellect3. Consciousness4. Ego In the center of our tailbone…
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Messages in the Rice – The art of Rice Divination

Messages in the Rice: The art of Rice Divination By Andrea Olivera Omen observation is an important quality and skill of the Priestess and Priest. It can be a “gift” that one is born with or develops due to extreme spiritual practices. Or even life traumas that provoke the opening of specific spiritual centres. Most…
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