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Looking for omens?

Do you believe in Omens? Looking for signs, omens, messages from nature spirits, animals, and the universe helps us to feel connected. We sharpen our intuition and begin to have deeper inner dialogues with ourselves, nature, and our higher oower. Vedic Astrology has much to offer when it comes to the interpretation of Omens.  An…
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Excerpts from A Rishi Among Us: Preface

This is an excerpt from Andrea’s book, “A Rishi Among Us: Tales of Krishan Mantri”. A PDF version of the book is available in our store located here. Mantriji, Omenology and Me When I arrived in Toronto as a young girl, that first day at the airport I watched as an Indian man in a…
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“As Above So Below, Find it as You Go!”

“As Above So Below, Find it as You Go!” That was a phrase one of my esoteric teachers used to say before starting any class on the mysteries of this universe. Andrea Olivera The time of energetic war is upon us, like these viruses we see causing panic & fear consciousness. Let us turn to…
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A Mystical Doorway into Rejuvenation

Anointing rituals have been practiced for centuries. Ancient cultures understood the benefits of bathing in medicinal oils and anointing their bodies with aromatic fragrances in defense of viruses, disease and negative energies such as curses, spells and even evil spirits. In search of the meaning of life, the fountain of youth, or to obtain spiritual insights, the practice of…
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