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Svadhisthana Chakra

Svadhisthana Chakra The Self takes pleasure and becomes established as it dwells sits within its own abode ~ Sanskrit meaning ~Sva = The Self – One’s own BeingSvad = To take pleasure inAdhisthana = Abode or Seat – Established #2 Sacral Chakra Location: NavelBija Seed Sound: VamElement: WaterSense: TasteColor: OrangeDeities: Brahma & Saraswati Symbol: Cosmic…
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Lunar Awareness Message: Foot Care

As the Moon moves into Pisces this afternoon in the sky, I am preparing to embrace loving my feet. Does anyone else need a desperate PEDICURE!!!! In this Moon in Pisces, enjoy some water therapies for your feet as a self-care ceremony to connect with your Soul-Sole’s needs. Today, while the Moon moves into Pisces…
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