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Celebrity Testimonials

“For over a decade Andrea Olivera has worked to generate an Ayurvedic community in Ontario, spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda by organizing lectures and seminars, and by fusing the principles of Ayurveda with the art of aromatic blending to create unique and revivifying cosmetics. I can testify from personal experience of her products that her nourishing and satisfying skincare line brings the rejuvenating effects of Ayurveda directly to the skin.”

– Dr. Robert Svoboda

“Andrea is gifted with both the skills and Shakti of an Ayurvedic alchemist.”

– Mother Maya

“A treatment from
Andrea is a blessing
you never see coming.
I cannot live without her wisdom and grace.”

– Maggie Q

“I’m blessed to know you Andrea. Thank you a million times for everything!”

– Daphine Zuniga

“When I was shooting the period piece SELF MADE, there was very minimal makeup. Healthy, glowing skin was a must. The Ayurveda Rituals products help me achieve that both on and off camera. I love these products- I know they are of the highest standards and the best quality ingredients – and they’re healthy and nourishing!”

– Kimberly Huie as Mrs Margaret Washington in Netflix’s SELF MADE, inspired by the life of Madam CJ Walker (Octavia Spencer)

Celebrity Testimonials

Helena Christensen

“I felt incredibly cared for, like a mother’s love.”

Natalie Brown

“Her unique approach to inner and
outer health & beauty makes her
the only woman I trust,
inside and out.”

Dylan McDermott

“Andrea is a healer of the soul. I highly recommend Andrea if you want to live in a higher consciousness”.

Joeseph Fiennes

“Absolutely brilliant facial.”

Marcia Gay Harden

“Thank you for an incredibly nurturing treatment.”

Robert Wisdom

“Glory to the goddess.”

John Taylor

“A most godly experience.”

Lisa Ray

“Great Ayurveda facial!! An incredible rejuvenating experience.”

“Andrea is not only full of passion in her creations of a luxurious skin care line but she embodies the knowledge of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and its wonders of alchemy – she has been blessed by Goddess Saraswati – the goddess of beauty and arts.”

– Sonja Picard, Jewelry Designer/ Artist

“One of the best facial treatments around”.

– Rahul Khanna

Video Testimonials

You can view the full 90 minute interview with Mother Maya Tiwari by clicking here

“At Ayurvedic Rituals, Andrea Olivera has created a unique assortment of products and treatments to assist any woman connect to her finest healing program available in Canada that bases all its knowledge on the ancient practices of Ayurveda. Only at Ayurvedic Rituals can you find a line of products which are tailor made for each dosha, with impeccable integrity through the highest grade essential oils and ingredients. Apart from Andrea’s fabulous skin care line, she has made available an assortment of organic botanical perfumes which are truly exquisite. Each fragrance assists with invoking a different quality of being….either joy, release, calm, clarity of mind, or meditative bliss. Andrea also presents lectures and workshops with the gift of sharing her vast knowledge of healing modalities with others who would like to embrace her incredible connectedness to the world of Ayurveda.”

– Jalanna Lloyd-Smith

“I’ve seen Andrea perform miracles and I think she would be the perfect person to evoke femininity. She is a ritual, she is a blessing, and she is someone who you have never experienced ever before.”

– Jane Dayus Hinch, host of Wedding SOS

I am so thrilled to have found Andrea! I have had facials in some of the world’s leading spas… in London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Cape Town, Manhattan, Tokyo… pretty much everywhere!

I have always had problems with my skin so I have searched high and low for treatments and products that will work the miracle for which I’ve been desperately longing. I suffer from terribly sensitive skin, as well as blemishes and wrinkles; almost every possible skin-related scourge. Then I met Andrea.

After just one facial, less than a week ago, my skin has cleared up competely, for the first time in years. The redness is gone, leaving my skin with a healthy glow. Most of the wrinkles around my eyes have disappeared and the deep furrow between my eyebrows has diminished to the point where it is barely noticeable. To complement the facial, I’ve been using four of Andrea’s amazing skin care products. Not only have they worked wonders on my skin, they make me feel soothed, centred, and uplifted every time I use them. I am in love!

My quest is over. Andrea has herself yet another customer for life! Oh, yes, and besides working wonders with skin, Andrea has to be one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring individuals you will ever meet. I only wish I could visit her lovely spa every day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Andrea. You are truly amazing!
– Jennifer Gordon

Client Testimonials

Jennifer Copeland MN RN

“Andrea, and her studio Ayurveda Rituals, is a rare find. A true refuge of healing and empowerment. Andrea is a ‘healer to healers’ and to anyone seeking truth, presence and care. As a trauma therapist living with trauma, I turn to Andrea as my guide on my path to wholeness. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and incredibly generous. My time with her is always instrumental in creating significant shifts in my healing and growth. I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life. “

Simon Chokoisky

“There are many Ayurvedic practitioners these days, but a rare few excel in both the physical AND spiritual applications of India’s sacred healing tradition. Andrea is one of those few whose expertise in the theory AND practice of Ayurvedic makes her my go-to recommendation for anyone seeking Ayurvedic treatments in Canada. Whether you’re looking for massage, beauty, lifestyle, spiritual healing- you name it- she has mastered it. You could go to five different therapists… or see Andrea and get all this and more. It’s a no-brainer .”

Lara Margaret Marjerrison

Yesterday I was blessed to be given an Abhyanga Massage by this incredible woman, Andrea Olivera, who I have been following for years and years. I cannot speak highly enough about her, her knowledge, her astounding insight, and the care with which she treated me in her beautiful space with her phenomenal products. I wanted to never leave. I wanted to buy everything. I will be back for more, time and again. If you’re looking for Ayurvedic treatments or training or for Vedic Astrology, go!