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Chakra Awareness Quiz

This quiz takes less than 10 minutes to complete!

Note: The Chakra Awareness Quiz was created by Andrea Olivera and is the property of Ayurveda Rituals. This quiz cannot be copied or duplicated in any way without explicit consent from Andrea Olivera and Ayurveda Rituals.

Reflect and become aware of your energy distribution.

Take this Chakra Energy Awareness Assessment by meditating on a set of questions pertaining to each Chakra.

This meditation will bring awareness to each Chakra, helping you to “churn” your Ocean of Consciousness and align your thoughts to your purpose.

Seeing areas that need your attention, without judgement, will support your self-realization as well as help you to select healing rituals to bring balance and harmony.

Healing begins with awareness and movement towards self-love and acceptance. Practices of Atonement, Repentance, Forgiveness and self-less service will also bring deep healing to all levels of body-mind and spirit.

Once complete, the quiz lists your strongest Chakra at the top, down to your weakest at the bottom. Focus on Improving the last two chakras at the bottom of the list.

Chakra Awareness Quiz