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Elemental Wisdom Meditation

We may practice guided meditations so that our enlightened nature may overcome our demonic Rahu-based habitual tendencies. We may experience different forms of self-sabotage depending on our constitutions (which we learn about through Ayurveda) and our Rahu-Ketu configurations (which we learn about through Jyotish). 

This first meditation is about elemental balance. Let’s reflect on our cosmic anatomy. We are all made up of the five great elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. The great Vedic seers recorded many observations about our true nature, Nature herself, the heavenly Mother and Father, and all of creation.

Let us reflect within our hearts about the nature of our relationship with the divine. Within our hearts–within the deepest chamber of our heart–sits a reservoir of love. This love reflects our internal–and eternal–relationship with the divine. We search for this love in every relationship that we have in this material world. 

In the search for our truly beloved, we experience relationships that do not fulfill our soul needs. In the soul realm, we consent to other souls and define our contracts together before we are born into this material existence. 

The key players we play within the sandbox of our lives are souls with whom we have created contracts in the soul realm. Therefore, we have consented to all the experiences in our lives to learn, grow, and recreate ourselves.

Every person who comes into our lives and every person with whom we experience struggles (grief, pain, and suffering) has consented to those very experiences. We play in the sandbox of our lives, wanting each of these relationships to satisfy the hunger within our soul. 

This desire, this thirst, can never be quenched. When one realizes the true desire of the soul, the real thirst and hunger is union with the Beloved, realization of that internal and eternal relationship relieves the soul. It is only then that we can let go of the disappointments that we experience with our mundane relationships.

Our first playmate in that sandbox is the mother. The mother soul who we choose to play and dance with us in this new existence partly reflects the needs of our soul. It is as if we come into this existence knowing which souls we want to dance and play with. 

The souls seem to consent to have this experience together. If each and every one of the souls who have come to journey, to dance, to play, to trigger us and provoke us in this life all chose to have these experiences with us, doesn’t that mean we are responsible? 

We have consented to all of these experiences that happen to us in our lives. It can be painful to admit that we chose for those souls who have hurt us to engage in those experiences; that we chose to experience that hurt. We are responsible for the very pain that we are in.

The word responsible contains the word respond: I suggest that we must respond to that which we need to be responsible for–our own pain, our own suffering. 

To respond to that pain, to respond to that suffering means to pay attention. This attention requires our continuous inner observation in an internal dialogue that helps us understand suffering, our nature, and the qualities of our individual soul consciousness.

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