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The Devi Sanctuary Healing Circle

Upcoming Dates: February 25th – March 18th – April 22nd – May 13th

Located in Northumberland County, Bewdley, Ontario. 90 mins out of Toronto 5 mins south of Rice Lake, 15 mins north of Port Hope.

Each of us longs for safe, supportive, sacred community. It is our human nature to belong as a means to sustain ourselves, heal, and serve others in gracious reciprocity.

Our lives create joyous impressions in our layered beings as well as life altering scars that may bind us to the point of isolating paralysis. It’s not easy to keep ourselves together as we traverse through life’s ups and downs. Independent perseverance has never been enough to carry anybody through life’s journeys. What all of us need is access to a community of care in whichever form or manifestation it may be available to you.

As you move through life’s triumphs, adversities and failures, your inner workings, approach, and exposure to true love are the prime determinants of your ability to maintain your inner light as you perceiver through time. Brewing resentment, anger, jadedness, rage, guilt, regret, shame, paranoia, fear, bravado, denial, arrogance and jealousy are all gateways to self-harm and  (read more…)

Email info@ayurvedictouch.com or call 416-504-6049 to reserve space. Free, donations welcome.

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