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Free 30 minute consultations with Andrea Olivera

Andrea will provide consultation for anything from Dosha Skin type to Chakra Balancing Rituals, to discovering which Ayurveda Spa Specialist Workshops to take and how to begin your Career in the healing, spa, beauty, or wholistic industry.

Need help determining your Ayurveda Face Type?

After taking the Dosha Quiz, Book a skincare consultation with Andrea Olivera to have her customize your Dosha Balancing Skincare Routine that will best work for your individual Dosha Skin type.

Learning Consultation

Have you been thinking about taking online workshops during the Covid lockdown to enhance your career or start a career in the healing, spa, therapy, wholistic industries?

Are you thinking of learning how to give healing treatments to your family members, community or being a home-based business?

Or perhaps you already are in the healing industry and wish to integrate some of Ayurveda’s wisdom, learn how to integrate the psychology and philosophy of the Vedas into your practice.

Learn to provide emotional release and support during your massages and facials or any healing service that you are offering.

Reading Consultation

You may be thinking of booking one of Andrea Olivera’s Karmic Life Readings based on Vedic Astrology or the Karma Emotional Release Therapy, but want to know what you will get or what can you expect from these sessions?

Perhaps you are unsure which one to book first to help you solve some of the issues you face in your life?

Book a 30min discovery call with Andrea Olivera to discuss the best approach towards your healing.

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