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Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is traditionally known as Shiro-Abhyanga, which translates to head or scalp massage.

During an Indian Head Massage, warmed herbal oils are generously massaged into your upper chest, neck, shoulders, and poured over your third eye and massaged with various relaxation techniques into your head and hair.

Each Dosha type will experience a customized massage approach to your scalp as well as selected oils to treat your scalp condition. This treatment is helpful to prevent hair loss, relieve stress and headaches, as well as a wonderful way to calm anxieties and overwhelm.

Experience a full 1 Hour treatment which also includes a seated back massage and aura cleanse 1h. Cost: $125

1.5 hours is $165+hst • 2 hours is $250+hst

Add On Shirodhara (30 min) For $75+HST

Add On Karmic Life Reading (One Hour) For $125+HST

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This treatment is performed by Andrea Olivera

Andrea is a pioneering figure in the field of Ayurveda beauty, and has dedicated her life to the study of Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga and the Vedic Sciences. Over 30 years ago, Andrea began her career as a make-up artist and aesthetician, and was one of the first Canadians in her field to incorporate Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Eastern wellness practices into her spa treatments and services. Today, she is one of Canada’s leading Ayurveda beauty and wellness specialists and educators.

Founder & CEO of Ayurveda Rituals Spa, Ayuveda Rituals Skincare Products and The Andrea Olivera Academy.
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“Prepare to have a tremendous amount of warmed oils poured into your hair.”

Your hair will be wet with this rich conditioning oil. Please bring a hat and hair tie for after your treatment.

It is advised not to have Indian Head Massage one week before your hair coloring appointment or one week after, as your hair will be oil rich.

ADD Indian Head Massage to your Ayurveda Facial or Abhyanga Massage

30 minute Indian Head Massage – $65+HST
1 Hour Indian Head Massage – $125+HST

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Vata hair tends to be frizzy, dry, curly, tangled and static. These conditions may be present throughout the hair or just at the ends. The vata scalp can be flaky, with dandruff, itchy and dry. People with Vata heads are; active, indecisive, scattered, imaginative, and creative. The predominant emotion is fear. The Vata scalp treatment soothes these symptoms with herbal medicated powders added to warm ghee, milk and base oils such as sesame, sweet almond, avocado, and/or castor. This customized formula is then comfortingly massaged into the scalp and hair with a gentle motions. The hair is brushed and the head is wrapped in aromatic hot towels.

Pitta hair tends to be oily on top with frizzy or crisp ends. Early graying and hair loss are common in Pitta types. The hair is often flat and thin. The pitta scalp tends to be red, may have blemishes, excema, psoriasis, and may be itchy and sensitive. The mental energy of Pitta’s is; agitation, frustration, and always busy organizing and trying to control their thoughts. The predominant emotion confronting the mind is anger. The Pitta scalp treatment comforts these symptoms with a cooling herbal preparation of chilled coconut paste and/or organic natural yogurts. The powered herbs are then added to jasmine and sandalwood fragrant oils. Pittas love aromatics. These customized preparations are firmly massaged into the scalp and hair to stimulate hair growth, inspire forgiveness, and to promote tranquility. The hair is gently brushed and the head is firmly wrapped in cool aromatic towels. This treatment is excellent for migraine and tension headaches, and for neck and shoulder pain. A cooling shower is recommended after this treatment.

Kaphas have lush, full, thick, wavy and slightly oil rich hair. The Kapha scalp is usually moist with full, strong healthy hair. The mental energy in Kapha heads is heavy, dull, and lethargic. The predominant emotion is depression. The Kapha scalp treatment addresses these symptoms with stimulating and motivating herbal preparations in warmed hair oils (i.e. alma) with euphoric citrus aromas to entice energy and uplift the spirits. This restores the shine and movement to the hair. The scalp and hair are vigorously brushed and wrapped until cooled. This treatment is recommended for preservation and maintenance. Aids in times of depression, lethargy, and boredom.


Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of our services and the remote location of our healing retreat, we request that you cancel or reschedule your reservation — by phone or online — 48 hours prior to your scheduled treatment to give us an opportunity to fill the resulting gaps in our schedule. If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours prior to your treatment, you will be charged 50 percent of the cost of your treatment. You are at liberty to transfer your appointment to a friend or family member. If you do so, we request that you inform us at your earliest convenience.