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Kapha Self-Care Rituals

Ayurveda is a simple system that provides key ingredients to help us achieve balance in our bodies and minds within our natural environment. Today I share with you the Vata Ayurveda self-care ritual — or routine if you will — to help balance your DOSHA.

Artist: Hera Baboudjian

KAPHA refers to that which sticks, that substance that is cohesive and stable. Kaphas are soft, stable, slow moving, and tend to be cool and lethargic. They are deeply romantic and caring.

You are a KAPHA. KAPHA is composed of Water and Earth. In using the senses to bring balance to Kapha we must engage the sense of Taste, which is connected to water, and the Sense of Earth, which is connected to Scent. Water and Earth are the heaviest of the Elements, and therefore movement plays an important part in keeping your Dosha in balance.

Also, ingesting spicy and invigorating foods will help improve digestion.
Before beginning our self-care ritual, let me share with you some additional self-care you can do at home, whenever you wish. First, begin your day with a ginger beverage. A cup of Tetley’s Kapha Vigor tea is perfect! Then, try to include in your morning ritual some dry brushing of your skin, possibly before stepping into a shower or bath. This will improve circulation, and help with the elimination of stagnate energy and toxins.

You can prepare a body by scrub, combining 2 tablespoons of ground ginger root with 5 tablespoons of warmed sesame oil, and scrub your body in the shower vigorously. As well, inspire yourself to move by playing music that makes you want to dance! It’s a beautiful, fun, and invigorating way for KAPHAs to get moving and help restore balance.

Kapha, you are kind, caring, and loving. You seek comfort and pleasure. You are sensual, seductive, and romantic by nature. You are slow to get going, but once on the move, you have high endurance. You seek indulgence in life and love. Your skin can be oily in the t-zone. The antidote: avoid stagnation, depression, and boredom. Choose things and people who deserve and are worthy of your loyalty and devotion. Seek that which inspires you and share it with the world.