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Water & Earth

You are kind, caring, tend to be on the heavy side.

Like a bear, you are always comforting and look for comfort and pleasure.

You are sensual, seductive, romantic by nature.

You seek indulgence in life and love!

Avoid stagnation, depression, and boredom.

Your skin can be oily.

At times of stress and wrong diet, skin congestion and boils may occur.

Seek things which inspire you and share that with the world!

Kapha Morning Rituals

  1. Keep moving

  2. Find Activities to keep your mind and body moving

  3. Play your favourite music and dance!

  4. Go for a walk after meals.

  5. Take a bath using the Kapha Ayurveda Salts

  6. Cleanse face with the Balancing Cleaner, if needed.

  7. Spray face with Liquid Nectar, let sink in.
  8. Apply Rejuvenation Serum using the Marma therapy pressure point sequence.

  9. Massage Renewal Cream into face and neck.

  10. During the day keep moving. Stay Inspired. Find your passion!

  11. Avoid lethargy, and excessive sleep during the hours of 6am to 11am.

  12. Awaken early and begin your Kapha reducing Yoga program.

  13. Avoid heavy, oily, fatty foods. Eat green, vibrant and pungent foods.

Kapha Night Rituals

  1. Cleanse face and neck with Balancing cleanser

  2. Spray Liquid Nectar, allow to penetrate the skin.

  3. If expoliation is needed mix half a tsb of Kapha Ayurveda masue into 2 tbsp of yogurt or honey

  4. Apply Rejuvenation Serum

  5. Apply Renewal Cream

  6. Apply Lotus Eye Cream

Kapha Additional Rituals

  1. Apply Kapha Ayurveda Masque using 2 TBSP of mango and half tsp of masque, mixing them together.

  2. Leave on skin for 10-20 minutes.

  3. Rinse off and follow with Liquid Nectar.

Devi Perfume for Kapha

May the experience of the fragrance Devi invoke your inner Goddess. The Devi is the divine feminine energy in the form of the Mother, the Divine Partner, the Moon, the flower, the womb and the ability to love and nourish yourself and others.

This Ritual scent soothes the Pitta dosha and inspires change in the Kapha dosha. It balances Chakra 2 (Swadisthana – the abode of the sensual self) and promotes the free flow of creative expression.

The aphrodisiac scent of Devi is formulated using the sacred attar of Pink Lotus, which represents the Goddess of Abundance. These, plus Arabian Rose, Vintage Indian, and Bulgarian Rose Oils are blended with Bergamot, Persian Lilac, and a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual blend.

As you breathe in the Ritual scent of Devi, connect with your vital creative energies and rebirth your authentic self!