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Karmic Life Readings using Jyotisha Vedic Astrology and Rice Divination

This service can be done over Zoom, phone, or Facebook messenger.

Jyotisha of Vedic astrology readings help find your karmic life map. During your session we will explore your karmic debt, reoccurring patterns and propensities, the lessons that you came here to learn as a soul, the issues and blind-spots that don’t let you see those lessons, and the antidote to remove them. We will discuss a variety of matter and complications surrounding your life. Awareness of this will give you extraordinary awareness and an ability to address relationships, money matters, family, health and all other areas of your life.

The Rice Reading is an alternative for those who don’t have their time, date, or place of birth

This  method of divination originates from the aboriginal shamans of Andrea’s motherland in Uruguay. Rice grains absorb the electro-magnetic energy of the individual when held tightly in the hand. The grains are then cast revealing patterns that help provide insight into your unique typology. Goddess tarot, inner vision and Ayurveda Wisdom are incorporated as well.

Other divination tools used in rice readings can include Tarot and a moment in time chart casted on your question.

1 Hour: $125+HST
1.5 Hours $165+HST
2 Hours $250+HST (includes custom self-care ritual from Andrea!)

Group Rate $300 per hour

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Enjoy a reading in the comfort of your own home.

Gain insights into relationships, money, family, and more…

APPNA – Registered Vedic Astrology Consultant (R.V.A.C.)

Andrea Olivera is a registered with the association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America


“Andrea is my go to for my astrological readings. She is an extremely gifted and intuitive healer who really cares. Her deep understanding of vedic systems allows her to see you in your totality and each of her readings builds on the last, no matter how much time has passed. Working with her felt like the beginning of a new journey in my life with a compassionate guide who knows my path. I could not recommend her more.”
– Vincent

“This was the first ever jyotish reading I have had and I can’t believe I waited so long! Andrea is amazing at cutting right to the heart of the matter. Everyone has placements in their charts that could use a little help and awareness. I think she’s able to zone in on those places and give the tools necessary to create a bit more balance.
I felt like she instinctively understood what I needed, which I really appreciated because I didn’t want to waste my time focusing on things that didn’t contribute to my overall wellbeing. I went back to her two more times for my mine and my child’s reading. I will continue to consult with her in the future; she has a wealth of knowledge and intuition that is nothing short of healing.”

– Mukti Patel, an Ayurveda Practitioner from NYC

“I have had the privilege of having Vedic Astrology Readings done with Andrea. She is an amazing healer and master teacher. Her knowledge, experience, intuition, coupled with her gentle approach makes each reading truly amazing! She has helped me discern different aspects of my life which I was uncertain about or needed guidance on. Andrea always takes the time to ensure that all aspects of the reading are understood. If you are seeking clarity about your past, present patterns, and guidance in order to live your best future I recommend you book an Vedic Astrology Reading with Andrea. In my opinion she is the best in the city!”

Be well and lots of love,

“Working with Andrea was a wonderful experience. She was able to go into the story behind the planets and their relationships and how that affects you. She could unveil my dharma and karma and was able to give wonderful ways to marry the both without having to choose. I ended feeling positive and hopeful. I felt I was hugged through my feelings of insecurity and confusion. Can’t thank you enough Andrea”

– Esha Bhattacharya

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Audio Clip of Andrea speaking about vedic astrology.

Enjoy a reading in the comfort of your own home.