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Karmic Life Readings with Andrea & Amelia

Karmic Life Readings with Andrea & Amelia

This service can be done over Zoom, by phone, or Facebook messenger.

1 Hour Special ($125+HST)
30 mins each with Andrea & Amelia

2 Hour Special ($250+HST)
1 hour each with Andrea & Amelia

“I highly recommend both Andrea & Amelia. It was a very informative and pleasurable experience for me, and will definitely see them again sooner than later.”

-Caroline (April 2020)

A reading with Andrea

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, offers jyotisha Vedic astrology readings to find your karmic life map. During your one hour Vedic Astrology reading we will explore your karmic debt, the lessons that you came here to learn as a soul, the issues and blindspots that don’t let you see those lessons, and the antidote to remove them. Awareness of this will give you the answer to life problems in relationships, money, health and all other areas of your life.

Karmic Life Reading (30 mins) $65
Karmic Life reading (1 hour) $125
Karma Emotional Release Therapy (2 hours) $250
(Includes 1 hour reading)

A reading with Amelia

Born from a lineage of medicine women from South America, Amelia has developed her abilities as a seer. Using the traditional tarot, Amelia counsels and guides one to receive one’s own answer. Consult with Amelia in any areas in your life needing direction and advice: such as career, love, relationships, health, and more. Available in Spanish as well as English!

Tarot Reading (30 mins) $65
Tarot Reading (1 hour) $125

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