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Looking for omens?

Do you believe in Omens?

Looking for signs, omens, messages from nature spirits, animals, and the universe helps us to feel connected. We sharpen our intuition and begin to have deeper inner dialogues with ourselves, nature, and our higher oower.

Vedic Astrology has much to offer when it comes to the interpretation of Omens. 

An Omen can come as a sign to indicate whether or not a project, idea, or wish will be successful.

Looking for messages

Shamans from indigenous cultures follow the messages of nature. Astrologers follow the movement of the planets and stars. Religious practitioners select random scriptural writings and read the signs held within them. Mystics develop a sense of awareness to all signs, symbols, actions, and behaviors around them. 

by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com

The practice of Omenology has many detailed mythologies, stories, legends, and paths of practice, each different from one another depending on culture, race, religion, and traditions.

To begin, start by meditating on one question that you need guidance on, or perhaps a project that you would like to start and need confirmation from your intuition that now is a good time? Or maybe it’s a desire that you have a need that you wish to be fulfilled. 

Select one theme at a time, one question at a time, having too many at once can be overwhelming, and you may miss the subtle messages around you.

Select a day that you can dedicate all of your attention. A day where you can focus on your meditation, connecting with yourself. A day where you can take a walk into nature so that you can create sacred space and time to commune with nature.

by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com

Write out your question on parchment paper and use a red ink pen. Write it by hand three times.

After you have written it down, sit and meditate on each word. Select the right words, the right phrase that captures all your emotions,thoughts and visions.

Get clear on your question, or intention.

Writing it with red ink symbolizes that you are giving birth to your intention. It provides your question an identity, a birth time. Note the time you wrote your question, the day, and place. As if your question was born on that day, time, and place, meaning the city you are in at the time you cast this question. Make sure to take your parchment paper as well as the red ink pen with you.

Your time with nature can bring many messages, omens, signs, and symbols that may help support your purpose. 

looking for omens by the lake

Spend some time in nature, select a place that is safe to you, that has a body of water, many trees and flowers.

Find a comfortable spot. Take out your hand written question and begin to breath life into it.

A practice of Pranayama while meditating and visualizing your question will breathe life into it. 

As you enter nature, bring your question into your mind’s eye, read it out loud three times as if you are asking nature Herself to bring you the answer.

Then sit, become one with your surroundings, open your awareness, and listen to the language of nature.

When you become distracted, walk towards a body of water or a tree that attracts you.

Enter nature in the same way you would visit a friend, knock, announce yourself, and state what you are doing there?

Ask if today is a good day or time to connect?

Nature will reveal to you if it is a good time or not. You will feel it, sense it, see it. Try another time.

Your intuition will speak to you or nature Herself will send a messenger.

Beware of animals around you, notice their energy, their movements, and action. 

Write down what you see and feel.

Once again, ask your question out loud three times, sit be aware, and write down any patterns any messages or messengers. You may not know what you are looking for. Just be in observation for things that stand out to you. Like the color of a certain animal, or an animal that is not usually in a place like that. Perhaps it is a particular plant or flower that catches your attention? Or the movement of the water you are sitting close too?

Look at the sky, the clouds, take in all the visuals around you, and see deeply into them. 

Once you feel blank as if Mother Nature cleansed you with Her breeze, washed your thoughts with Her picturesque clouds and sky, calmed your nerves as you brushed up against the trees, leaves, grass. That feeling within you that feels filled up with nature’s prana, and your aura took in all the green of the Earth, the blue of the Sky and Waters. When you have let the colors of Her flowers inspire trust within you, then you know that nature has spoken to you and guided you into yourself and your intuition as brought you to your Truth.

Looking for truth

The word trust has the word Truth within it. Take a moment and see the Truth about your question, see the full intention, feel the Truth. How it will touch your life and the lives of those around you

Thank Mother Divine for holding space for you while you balance your energies and elements.

Take a gift for Mother Nature to thank Her

Gifts can help in your results, for example, offering honey to a river or lake can sweeten your life, bring sweetness into your life like love, or helps to sweeten a relationship that has gone sour.

by Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. www.followingthemoon.com

Bringing white flowers as an offering helps to clear confusion, open paths that seem blocked and bring clarity to your mind.

Offering yellow roses to the river can help with prosperity or for a creative project to be successful.

Gifts of seeds and nuts for the birds and animals can bring you blessings.

Make your ritual special, train yourself to see signs and symbols everywhere, sharpen your intuition by practicing awareness. Recording your findings and then sitting down with a guide who can help you interpret them until you learn the messages yourself is a start to learning nature’s language.

There are many interpreters; my ways are taught to me by the five women who raised me, my search of divination arts, and my Vedic Astrology teacher who taught me the ways of the East.

If you find yourself needing an interpreter, please feel free to consult with me about what items to bring as an offering, and for a customized Ritual.

Let’s take a look at the Omens around you?

Write out all of your insights messages animals that came to you or caught your attention in point form, send them to me along with your question that you wrote in red ink.

Email this to info@ayurvedictouch.com and then book a FREE 30 min consultation with me by calling 416 504 6049

A numbers of images in this blog are from artist, Danielle “Bhavya” Winter. Danielle comes from a family of artists and adventurers. Born in New Zealand, then nurtured and shaped by New York City, and currently living in Germany. It is a deep bond with Mother India that continually inspires her life and work. For more please visit her website www.followingthemoon.com

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