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Lunar Awareness Message: Aquarius

In Vedic Astrology, we learn that the Moon is a male his name is Chandra, and he has 27 wives who each have their own mansion.

Every 2.5 days, he visits one of his wives. These mansions are the stars behind the Zodiac, giving different meanings to each of the 12 signs.

Each of us is born with an ascendant, a group of stars that reveal one of the 12 Zodiac signs. Each sign describes our personality, our demeanor, and body-type.

Another layer to those characteristics are the qualities, symbols, and Deities from the 27 other group of stars behind those Zodiac signs.

To calculate your sign and what stars favor and describe you, we take your place of birth, the longitude and latitude of the city, country you were born in, date of birth, and time of birth.

This knowledge creates what is known as your natal chart, your birth chart. The importance of knowing your birth chart is that this is your Cosmic Anatomy.

When a baby comes out of the mother’s womb, it is weighed and measured, and many tests determine the constitution of the child and physical identity. But there is more to us than just our physical appearance.

We are an electro-magnetic spinning wheel of energetic phenomena!

A chart reveals our inner nature, our ego structure, our emotional strengths and weakness as well as our areas of suffering.

This is a measurement of our layers of consciousness.

Knowing your chart helps you evolve from your lower emotional tendencies that bring suffering. Love, all of your relationships, your career, and your health can be brought to their highest potential.

Consciousness is everything: our awareness. Our ability to determine what is real from what is unreal is what keeps us away from the darkness. The unreal can cloud our true nature, which is that we are Spirit Souls.

As Spirit Souls we have come here due to Karma; this is your Karmic Life Map. Knowing it, learning it, understanding it can help you avoid suffering, create an exit plan out of misery and move closer towards self-acceptance and love.

My teacher Mantriji used to say “KNOW THYSELF, HEAL THYSELF”, and that is the intention I have in my consultations with my clients. I hope to teach you about your Cosmic Anatomy and Elemental Nature so that your awareness can help you in your personal transformation.

It starts with understanding the position of your natal Moon and what star influences it.

The Moon represents our Emotional Mind.

In Yoga and Ayurveda understanding the nature of your mind will help in the prevention of disease and help to keep your constitution in balance.

Each day my intention is to write a little information of one or two flavors of the meanings behind the position of the Moon so that you can begin to see that the Moon takes a month to go through the 12 Zodiac Signs and the 27 Stars.

Then it repeats itself. These cycles show us behavioral patterns, some good qualities, and some not so good characteristics of emotional tendencies that can cause us suffering.

Knowing your own Moon Star and bringing your awareness to the transits of the Moon will help you digest your emotions and adjust your behavior to be in better alignment to your life purpose.

Image knowing that the next 2.5 days will tend to bring up deep fears or anger, or doubts? This can help you adjust and prepare yourself mentally, protecting your body, mind, and soul from triggers that could be brought up.

For example, once a month, the Moon is in Scorpio, which is where the Moon is weak and debilitated. This can mean an emotional time, the anxieties and worries could increase, we may want to hide or over eat, get overly indulgent in our addictions or seek extra sexual pleasures. If we know when the Moon is in Scorpio we can prepare ourselves and learn to be self-supportive and understanding towards those fears and insecurities that may come up.

Those are the lower emotions that it can bring up during that transit. We can decide to focus on the positive things that the Moon in Scorpio can bring to us. Intuition, sensitivity, our search for the mysteries of life, God, and work further towards our self-realization.

As the Moon is transiting into the constellation of Aquarius, it passes the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

These are hundreds of stars.

The Ancients called them 100 physicians or 100 herbs that each of the physicians will use to help us solve our problems.

Today try a recipe that my great grandmother taught my grandmother who then taught my mother who taught me, to burn sacred herbs at home to create different energetic states.

If we had 100 herbs to choose from, we could categorize them into groups of sweet herbs, aromatic herbs, stimulating, calming etc.

Awaken your inner physician, and begin to heal your environment by burning herbs and releasing their medicinal qualities!

Make your own smudge sticks today under this beautiful healing Moon of Shatabhisha

Rosemary burns away undigested thoughts, helps with memory, and cleanses the air of bacteria.

Sage is anti-viral anti-bacterial and cleanses the space from all negativity.

Basil is excellent for negative thoughts and heaviness depression.

Take some fresh herbs of your choice and tie them into smudge sticks, burn them, and start cleansing your house.

It is recommended that you start from the front door and walk counterclockwise around your whole house. Then move towards the centre of your home and cleanse your own aura.

If you have dried herbs, you can crush them and burn them on your charcoal or boil them fresh or dry in a pot of water.

My great grandmother used to have a wood-burning stove, and she would throw fresh herbs over the fire, and her whole house would smell divine!!!

Bring that healing energy around you today.

I am offering consultations and Karmic Life Readings focusing on teaching you about your birth chart so that it can become a personal self study and help you move towards self acceptance and love.

If you would like to book a session call 416 504 6049 or email me your time of birth date of birth and place of birth to info@ayurvedictouch.com with your availability for a session.

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