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Lunar Awareness Message: Foot Care

As the Moon moves into Pisces this afternoon in the sky, I am preparing to embrace loving my feet.

Does anyone else need a desperate PEDICURE!!!!

In this Moon in Pisces, enjoy some water therapies for your feet as a self-care ceremony to connect with your Soul-Sole’s needs.

Today, while the Moon moves into Pisces in the Star (nakshatra) of Purva Bhadra Pada, is a great time to bring out all your pedicure tools, foot masks, scrubs, and your copper Kansa wands to massage your feet.

There are such deep mythologies behind this Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology that I wanted to lighten up its heavy intense meaning behind its symbol of the Two Front Feet of a Funeral Cot, or The One-Footed Serpent or Goat , Aja Ekapada a fierce from of Lord Shiva.

This intense star of transformation ignites a spiritual fire within that purifies the lower emotions such as anger, envy, self-centered behaviors, our secret dark side.

When we engage in austerities, tapas, and disciplined spiritual practices, we transform out of our negativity and begin to live in our true authentic selves.

This energy or Shakti is known as Yajamana Vdyamana Shakti

Practices like yoga poses that require your intense focus and determination. Prayers that cleanse out the darkness in our consciousness and bring us closer to the higher vibration of the light within are recommended during this Moon in Pisces.

Another symbol of this Star is a two-faced man who has two sides of himself, his dark inner secretive personality and his divine high spiritual qualities.

The two fish in the sign of Pisces can also symbolize the two natures held within this sign.

Today which fish will you feed?

The Pisces body part is the feet. The Element is Water and today on this wet, gloomy day, nurture your feet and connect to the higher qualities of your Sole-Soul!

As a child, I would watch my grandmother, mother, and two aunts nurture their feet on a Sunday. It seemed to be the beautification day for the feet.

An excellent recipe for your foot soak is to add fresh ginger mixed with lemons, fresh basil or mint, a cup of Himalayan Sea Salts or Dead Sea Salts, a pinch of cinnamon and 2-4 drops of Lavender essential oil. Soak for 15 mins.

Sand your feet with foot sanders or stones or your copper Kansa wands or cups.

Cut your toenails, condition your cuticles with a mix of coconut, or olive oil or ghee mixed with a pinch of cardamom spice powder.

Exfoliate your feet with a cup of chickpea flour mixed with a pinch of ginger powder, turmeric powder, cardamom powder, mixed in Rosewater or coconut water. Rinse off well.

Massage your feet with your favorite foot cream, or make a blend of a moisturizing oil like olive, or shea butter. Mix two drops of Peppermint essential oil or your favorite essential oil, I enjoy Ylang Ylang with Geranium; this helps uplift heavy energy and increase circulation.

End your foot ceremony with a color to uplift your mood today

Red Polish is excellent for Passion and Love Attraction

Pink Polish is excellent for connecting to that youthful part of yourself

Orange Polish is excellent for balancing emotions and connecting to your creativity

Purple Polish is excellent for a mysterious love ceremony and connection to your higher sex vibe

Green Polish is excellent to inspire mental focus and clarity

Blue Polish is excellent to bring out all unexpressed emotions, speak them sing them out or write them out

Share your favorite Foot Care Home Recipe with us!

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