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Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra

A City of Gems, Our Power to Digest

~ Sanskrit meaning ~
Mani: gem, pearl, jewel
Pura: city or place

#3 Solar Chakra

Location: Solar Plexus, all upper digestive organs
Bija Seed Sound: Ram
Element: Fire / Agni
Sense: Sight
Color: Yellow
Deities: Braddha Rudra and Shakti Lakini
Symbol: The Ram, Inverted Triangle, Lotus blossom with 10 petals

Our internal Fire-pit, our City of internal Lights

Entering our internal Fire-Pit where layers of our Karmas become purified in our internal fires, igniting the fire of discernment our Tejas and opening the gateway into “A city of Pearls of Wisdom”.

Insights, revelations, “Aha moments”, are sharpened as the power of discernment or the inner sense of sight is switched on.

When the “Lights” turn on and the engine of our digestive fires are strong we are able to see clearly and better digest our emotions, and our present and past life experiences.
An internal equilibrium manifests and supplies our bodies with vitality and we are able to wassimilate the nutrients from our food and those unforgettable life lessons and teachings that come to us from the collection of our Karmas.

Ayurveda describes 13 digestive fires, the main centre fire pit or the Mother of all these fires is Jathara Agni.

This centre is the door we enter towards the establishment of our individuation.

The symbol of Manipura Chakra is a Lotus Blossom with 10 petals. Each petal represents vibrations of our Pranic Energy.

There are 10 Pranas that help to regulate the whole bodily functions and nourish our organs of actions and the organs of knowledge or perception.

5 Prana Vayus

  1. Prana – The function of Inhalation
  2. Apana– The function of Exhalation
  3. Udana– The function of Ingestion
  4. Samana– The function of Digestions
  5. Vyana– The function of Circulation / Nervous System

5 Upa Pranas

  1. Naga – controls burping
  2. Kurma – controls the movement of our eyelids
  3. Devadatta – controls yawning
  4. Krikala – controls sneezing
  5. Dhananjaya – controls our stability and the functions of the organs

Our Vital Energy Force has two main functions:

A) Receiving power – Prana
B) Eliminating power- Apana

These two Pranic Energies when functioning well radiate and pulsate with the light of transformation out of our polluted wastes-Ama, towards an upward movement out of the darkness into the light of our soul.

Here we begin to see the flavour, qualities and characteristics of our Higher Power, or the power of our inner saboteur and its ego.

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