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Our Healing Circle continues, “Know Thyself, Heal Thyself”

You are invited to…

The Devi Sanctuary Healing Circle

Our next healing circle is Saturday February 25th, 10:30am to 12pm, and continues on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Future Dates:

March 18th – April 22nd – May 13th

Located in Bewdley, Northumberland County 

By donation, to reserve a seat reply to this email or call. 416-504-6049

What happens at a healing circle stays in a healing circle…

The walk in the woods is taken from many traditions as a time to commune with nature and our inner self.

Being in nature heightens our senses and sharpens our intuition, therefore allowing us to perceive and receive answers to questions we have or receive insights, even epiphanies, about issues we need to be resolved.

Walking in awareness allows one to process and digest our thoughts and emotions.

Each religion has its spiritual pilgrimages that people attend. Walking to Holy places, shrines and sacred sites like cathedrals, temples, and mosques offers those spiritual seekers their time to pray, communicate, and commune with their Divinity of faith.

In tribal, indigenous, and religious rituals, taking a pilgrimage by walking offers one time to repent, worship, connect, reflect, process, release blocked emotions as well as be cleansed by the energy of the land, and for those of faith by the actual face of Divinity they worship.

Andrea Olivera on Pilgrimage
There are no specific mantras as we wish for each person to pray, chant, and commune safely within their own beliefs. Our intention is not to convert or suggest for anyone to pray to another form of Divinity that they are not comfortable with.
The walk begins with an intention setting, there will be incense and candles to take on their walk to offer along the way to either one of our reflection stations that we have set up with universal images of Divinity that one can tap into.
Everything in this universe is an image of an aspect of God. Divinity, Higher Power, Source, Divine Light, Nature, Mother Nature, Goddesses. Whatever is comfortable for a person to call “It”.
Tapping into this externally trains us to see our highest potential, our own Divinity and True Self, that we are a Soul, a part and parcel or aspect or servant or all of the above of Divinity.

Walking in awareness of our struggles, pain, predominant emotions and mental states is our first step in healing.

Walking toward our Higher Self, or towards a new perspective of conscious awareness can boost our immune system and increase our will to live our inner faith.

This is the ritual…

Set an intention 

Be aware of what you need, how you feel, and ask nature to help you to support you and heal you. The trees, land, water, air and the sounds of nature will communicate with you. Cleanse your energy and recharge your body mind and spirit.

For those who wish to see the divine mirror between ourselves and aspects of Divinity there will be extra support stations that will have an Deity where one can select to sit by or walk around or just contemplate and be in observation.

Each station will have a different opportunity to go deeper into oneself to see things with the teachings offered. For example, when we see a statue of the Elephant God called Ganesha we are not expecting someone to worship this Hindu God but to see the hidden esoteric metaphysical understanding of it. In Yoga, the first posture/asana is Lotus pose. To be able to sit in meditation for hours one must have a good strong physical foundation, a ROOT that connects us to the element Earth. The Elephant is a symbol of the great Earth element. It has strength, and power and an elephant has stored all the knowledge of the medicines in nature. With the elephant’s trunk it can remove great obstacles in its way and with its massive legs it can stand still without fear. It is connected to its roots, it’s ancestral lineage and family origins.

Therefore this symbol is considered an Obstacle remover. When we move out of weakness from our minds & body, legends of family trauma fears phobias with awareness we can awaken that energy within our consciousness and remove the obstacles that are in the way towards our good health of body mind, and spirit.

Fear is the obstacle and when we do not have a good strong Earth element the wind can knock us out of the way. Therefore a good athlete, or yogi, strengthens their core and then can master the body and mind.

This quality of God or Higher power lives in our root chakra so when we stop on the walk towards the meditation contemplation station where the Deity of Ganesha is we are reflecting on our own state of consciousness.

The awareness ritual / question will be

Become aware of your deepest obstacle, challenge, predominant emotion, fear, worry, and anxiety, and set an intention today to find a new awareness perspective, even a solution or healing wisdom to help you remove and let go, shifting you out of this state of consciousness that leaves you weak.

That is why we call the land Devi Sanctuary, Devi means the Feminine Divine aspect of our Higher Power / Divinity / God that acts like a Mother. This is our own immune system and this is how and why Ayurvedic medicine heals with nature, food, herbs, spices, medicated oils, healing touch, breath, and sound to boost our immunity and digestive strength.

There are some Divine Feminine aspects like Angel, Goddess Of Compassion Kuan Yin, a female Buddha, Mother Mary, and Goddess Parvati in the form of Annapurna the goddess of food. We will be bringing more in from India in the spring. This is a spiritual dwelling sacred space that we are slowly building.

Taking time in nature in a walking meditation will boost our immunity, help digest negative emotions that block our life force energy and keep us stuck.

Part of the walk is guided so they know where to go and what is available and then you are left to commune and do your own inner work.

We will then gather inside to begin the healing circle starting with some refreshments some Ayurveda snacks, spices, teas, and treats. We will connect as a community. For those people who feel alone and unsupported, the intention is to create a safe space.

We then will begin a guided meditation and a guided journaling session to support the emotional release exercise, we close with a random reading from a collection of poems, stories, and scriptures and close with an invitation to share our reflections as a group.

This is by donation as it’s my community service.

– Andrea Olivera

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