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Patra Potali Swedana

Pancha Karma Treatment With Vd. Sandeep Ram

A specialized Pancha Karma treatment to treat joint, back, or body pain and stiffness that can be added to an Abhyanga massage. Bundles are created from various healing herbs and ingredients that are selected depending on what is being treated and the dosha involved. The ingredients are heated in order to release their therapeutic properties before being gathered in a small bundle that will be patted or massaged over the area of the body the treatment is focusing on. The therapeutic ingredients used have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, back pain, or stiffness in the body while strengthening the joints. The bundles may be dipped into warmed medicated oil to intensify the healing properties. Patra Potali Swedana improves circulation, reduces tension, pain, and stiffness. It is beneficial for muscle or joint issues, back issues, detoxification, and is considered to be anti-aging and rejuvenating while easing pain and inflammation.

$125 for an hour treatment.