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Pitta Self-Care Rituals

Ayurveda is a simple system that provides key ingredients to help us achieve balance in our bodies and minds within our natural environment. Today I share with you the Vata Ayurveda self-care ritual — or routine if you will — to help balance your DOSHA.

Artist: Hera Baboudjian

PITTA refers to that which cooks, that which transforms and assimilates, that which burns and that which digests. Pittas are sharp, determined, always hot, fiery, and great organizers and leaders.

You are a PITTA. Pitta is composed of Fire and Water. In order to restore balance to your Dosha we invite the Fire element to heal via the Sense of Sight, as Pitta needs to see the truth, have insights and revelations. Water heals via the sense of Taste; therefore, Pitta Doshas can find their balance by seeking the flavour of life or to have insights or revelations on their purpose in life and in situations that require clarity and awareness.

Before we begin our self-care ritual, let me share with you some additional self-care you can do at home, whenever you wish. Crucial self-care for Pitta Balancing is cooling down. At the bottom of our feet are energy channels that correlate to the eyes. You can massage your feet with coconut oil infused with peppermint and sandalwood essential oil to help heal tired, dry eyes.

Keeping the feet cooled and relaxed helps to circulate energy toward the eyes. You can also explore Marma therapy, which works with pressure points around the eyes, forehead, and upper neck and shoulders help to release stored stress.

Pitta, you are hot, sharp, and fiery by nature. You have a quick tongue, but are easy to forgive. You are a leader and organizer and you look for acknowledgment, perfection and soothing. You are compassionate, passionate, and full of good advice. Your skin, like your heart, is sensitive. You are prone to rashes, allergies, sunburn and dehydration. The antidote: avoid, hot, pungent, spicy foods and people. Keep cool, clear-minded, and practice patience with yourself and others. Remember that the goal is love, not perfection. As a visionary, strive to see the world as a place of opportunity and hope.