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KERT Booklet (PDF) – Karma Emotional Release Therapy – A 12 Step Workbook


KERT Booklet (PDF) – Karma Emotional Release Therapy – A 12 Step Workbook

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Karma Emotional Release Therapy – A 12 Step Workbook

Allow yourself the opportunity to release your own karma. With this 12 step PDF booklet, discover how you can take control of your life and set your destination towards success and happiness.



Everything in the world is the result of karma. Simply put, karma is cause and effect. Our actions yesterday determine our today. Our bodies are the result of karma, the karma of our parents meeting, and creating us, the karma of being born at a particular time in a specific place. We enter this world, shaped by our genetics, our environment, our upbringing, education, and conditioning. We are the sum of these elements and experiences, and yet we can consciously change. But how do we release the undesirable qualities and traumas that imprison us? How do we purify our thoughts, emotions, and actions?

This simple and effective 12-step Karma Emotional Release Therapy is the result of decades of experience, both personal and that of my illumined teachers, as well as the thousands of clients I have treated over the years in my Ayurvedic practice. At the root of this therapy is the Yoga Sutras, an ancient method of self-discovery and liberation codified by the ancient sage Patanjali. I have organized it in-line with the natural and cosmic forces that govern our lives, corresponding to the 12 houses of an astrological chart. It begins with self-awareness and ends in personal bliss.

So much of how we perceive ourselves and filter the world is based on what Patanjali calls Vasanas, the subliminal impressions left in the mind after we experience desire. These Vasanas result in what the Buddhists call Samsara, or “worldly illusion,” that is the domain of karma, and they have the effect of pulling us back into the wheel of births and deaths so that we inevitably keep making the same errors through wrong thinking.

The goal of this Karma Emotional Release Therapy is to methodically clear the many Vasanas or emotional traumas and hurtful memories that clutter our minds and thus our lives. In the broader sense, we are trying to liberate ourselves from endless rebirths. Still, in the context of this life, we are simply aiming to release ourselves from the old patterns, triggers, and habits that result in suffering. In the modern context, we experience it as cellular memory, memories that are stored in various parts of the body that can cripple our progress and hinder our health. We can experience this in multiple ways; i.e., we hate our bodies because someone told us we are too fat, or too skinny, or too short, or not perfect.