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Sacred Bath Ritual Recipe


Select one of our Dosha Balancing Ayurveda Herbal Himalayan Salt Bath Formulas

Vata Bath Salts create a nurturing grounding and calming healing bath ceremony.

Pitta Bath Salts creates a cooling, soothing, and pain-reducing healing bath Ritual.

Kapha Bath Salts stimulates and energizes the senses with its blend of aromatic essences and herbs, creating an uplifting healing bath Ritual.

Select your Scalp and Body Formula ointment 
(Dosha specific)

Vata scalp and body formula calms the mind and relieves itchy dry skin.

Pitta scalp and body formula relieves sore, achy muscles and inflammation cooling and soothing to the body and mind.

Kapha scalp and body formula energizes and stimulates stagnate energy, inspiring energy and uplifting the spirits.

Begin with an Ayurveda Abhyanga Self Massage

Massage full body then soak in your healing bath salts.

Prepare your bath Ritual by firstly smudging your aura, body, and space with our Kashmiri Rose Dhoop Stick Smudge.

The scent of Roses will begin to calm and entice the senses.
Set your intention.

Think about something that you wish to release, cleanse, and invite into your aura, body, and mind.

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Light the dhoop stick & some candles

Prepare your bath by adding 2 TBLS of our Doshic specific Salt choice

Add 1 cup of Dead Sea Salts along with your 2 TBLS mix the water

Add a few Rose petals or other flower petals if you desire.

Select the meditation of your choice from your FREE Ayurveda Elemental Wisdom Meditation CD by Andrea Olivera.

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Sit and soak

After meditation ends, cleanse your body, and spray your body and hair (avoid the face) with your select Rituals of Scent Chakra and Dosha balancing Botanical perfumes.

Set your intention, focus on what you want to let go of and what you want to attract into your healing ritual.

Ganesha Scent balances the Root Chakra, and Vata Dosha helps ground and removes emotional blocks caused by fears, anxiety, and confusion.

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Devi Scent balances the Navel Chakra and Pitta and Kapha Dosha, helps to inspire creativity and alignment with the voice of the inner child.

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Shiva Scent balances the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the Third Eye Chakra.

It also cools the Pitta Dosha, providing clarity and calming the mind, helping metabolize your thoughts, energies, and emotions.

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Rumi Scent balances the Heart Chakra as well as is Tri-Dosha, calming anxieties for Vata, soothing intense emotions for Pitta and healing tensions of the heart for Kapha.

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Magdalena Scent balances the Heart Chakra as well is Tri-Dosha, cleansing all negative energy and blocked emotions in the Heart chakra for all doshas. Calming for Vata, Clearing for Pitta, Stimulating for Kapha.

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Dharma Scent balances the Throat Chakra and Vata Dosha, helps achieve clarity, aligns the thoughts to the life purpose. Inspires speaking your truth and finding your truth.

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Krishna Scent balances the Crown Chakra and is Tri-Doshic.
Inspire and attracts love, union with the Beloved, and Divine connection with your Higher Self.

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Sacred Bath Rituals are lovely ways to invite self-care, allowing time to process and reflect. A perfect way to meditate and connect deeply.

You retain your health only so long as you are willing to forgive your stresses, shrug off adversity, and adapt to new situations.

– Dr Robert Svoboda