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Sahasrara, The Crown Chakra


The Seat of the Luminescent Soul where Knowledge, Knower and Known become ONE in Bliss

~ Sanskrit meaning ~
Thousand Fold, Lotus of a thousand petals

#7 Crown Chakra

Location: Fontanelle, top of the cranium cerebral plexus
Bija Seed Sound: OM
Element: All, infinite
Sense: All, infinite
Color: Gold/White
Deities: Adi Shiva- The Deity of Bliss and Moksha. The Realm of the Rishis/Sages or the “Realised Beings”

As consciousness moves upward experiencing different planes, elements, radiations, vibrations, prana, purification and transformation, the Yogi reaches the state of Asama-Prajnata-Samadhi. The state of stillness and oneness.

The union Kundalini Shakti travels upward to find is achieved, and the Yogi becomes self-realized and God-realized.

A complete awakening occurs starting from the root of the Lotus in the Muladhara Chakra to a blossoming at the Sahasrara Chakra.

Our self-discovery path is a journey through these 7 gateways of consciousness. Our experiences are unique and unfold according to time, place and circumstance.

Having a deep understanding of your birth chart can reveal or show a map of the Karmic play at hand.

Once we have an understanding of the many layers of karma and begin a path of self-realization and selfless actions to build merit and virtues, we enter the Sahasrara gate where sits the luminescent Soul our true Self.

This realization leads to Divine Bliss and Liberation.

Balance your Sahasrara Chakra with Krishna perfume.

This Ritual scent balances Chakra #7, Sahasara, the 1,000 petalled lotus in all the Dosha’s in order to invoke the transcendental experience of love.

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