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Spiritual Pilgrimage in Toronto with Andrea Olivera

A day packed with spiritual insights, sacred knowledge, legends, and emotional healing.

Andrea Olivera in a prayer pose.

Andrea Olivera invites all to a self-discovery healing journey. Explore a day of spiritual insights, blessings and pilgrimage.

Learn more about the spiritual mysticism behind Ayurveda, Yoga, and Jyotisha. Begin a Vedic self-discovery investigation while on pilgrimage to Toronto’s temples and ashrams. Andrea will share her knowledge and personal experiences from her own journey into the Vedic culture and Ayurveda healing worlds. She will also share her experiences over 34 years in the healing arts and spa industry. Andrea’s love of the Vedas and shamanic philosophies makes her a unique teacher weaving all spiritual traditions and concepts.

This psycho-spiritual approach to healing brings a unique experience to Andrea’s clients and students embarking into the healing world of Ayurveda Yoga and Jyotisha.

As many people are not traveling to India or undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage or a Silk Road journey, Andrea is offering a guided customized pilgrimage into the hidden treasures available to us in Toronto. Experience Toronto with new eyes!

Explore the spiritual offerings that this city has to offer, not as a tourist but as a spiritual aspirant looking for self-realization and support in releasing old emotional wounds and aligning your thoughts to your full life purpose.

Students enrolled in the Ayurveda Spa Specialist program benefit from this time with Andrea as she creates a tapestry of knowledge and fills in the gaps by integrating the body-mind connection.

Temple in Toronto

The one-on-one teachings, as well as a well-planned journey customized to your unique needs, following the ancient traditions of storytelling held in auspicious places, can facilitate deep insights and revelations for the healing of consciousness.

Andrea pays personal attention to helping you achieve your vision of healing or to help you further your understanding of the mysticism and psycho-spiritual details of the philosophy behind Ayurveda Yoga and Jyotisha.

We will begin with a full Karmic Life Reading, for you to begin to learn how to understand your birth chart and the hidden powers behind the Stars you were born under. A review of your chart over the sharing of blessed food from the Deity of the temple we will visit, as well as a show and tell of the different aspects of your karmic map will be continuously pointed out during the day.

Your Karmic Life map, your birth chart will show your Cosmic Anatomy, your Karmic crisis that your soul came here to learn and offers guidance on which aspects of Divinity to reach out to for support and healing. It offers an antidote out of your suffering; your redemption and the right anti-dote to relieve your consciousness from repetitive patterns.

Knowing yourself is Healing yourself.

Andrea will arrange all the experiences for you to begin taking an inner pilgrimage toward your True Self. The journey begins with a customized spiritual pilgrimage to some local Vedic temples to learn about the gods and goddesses that are best to support you personally based on your Karmic issues.

At these temples, the traditional healing rituals are offered by Vedic priests and priestesses to help one connect to the higher aspect of our unique Divinity. The mantras and prayers offered will be specifically for your personal healing. This will be in support of your Cosmic Anatomy found in your birth chart, as well as specific rituals to help you align to your Higher Power or your guardian Deity.

A statue of Ganesh

Understanding this Divine mirror of yourself and the universe will boost your immune system and help you to step into more personal self Faith, expelling out fears. It will provide a sacred space for you to have insights and revelations about your issues and crisis so that you can integrate your Truth and begin to Trust yourself, your Higher Power/Divinity/God, and step forward towards your true Dharma/Soul Purpose.

Immerse yourself in an esoteric understanding of eastern mysticism and psychology to help you along your healing journey.

Vedic fire ceremonies and aura cleansing rituals will be customized at certain temples for your spiritual upliftment. An aura cleansing is performed in front of specific deities to receive direct blessings and protection rituals.

Prasadam is blessed food, we will experience a spiritually blessed lunch during our pilgrimage in the tradition of the Sadhus (holy men and women) living in the Himalayas.

Other needed healing experiences will be discussed and customized prior to the journey. This one-day intensive journey will help expand your knowledge of the traditional Ayurveda practices prescribed in your self-care.

This is a perfect day for all students learning from Andrea to experience integrating all the psycho-spiritual theories in Ayurveda healing methods. For anyone looking to understand their Karma and Dharma and be introduced to a wonderful spiritual support system.

Andrea’s teachings will enable you to reach your goals, as well as live a healthy and balanced ayurvedic lifestyle. This customized package tailor-made to suit you starts with a journey to a place of spiritual magnetism.

A fire ritual in a Toronto Temple

For students, upon completion, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment for those studying the Ayurveda Spa Specialist program

A Full Day with the Fire ceremony total costs are
Cost: $1,625*


  • Pre-consultation based on your Karmic Life Map, a goal outline, and assessment
  • Temple pilgrimage in Toronto
  • A Fire ceremony and spiritual blessing
  • 10 hours Spiritual Pilgrimage with Andrea Olivera
  • Lunch
  • Certification

A Half Day $750 without the Fire Ceremony
(with the Fire Ceremony add $285)

*Additional fees will depend on the rituals selected, which will go directly to the temple priests.

Donations at all temples are recommended, bringing loonies and small bills to leave at the feet of certain images and deities to receive further blessings.

In keeping with the ways of Andrea’s teacher Mantriji, and the 5 mothers who raised her, visiting Holy places to discuss life issues, sitting together to share a meal and problem solving are ways in which one can learn to follow the Grace of Spirit.

Andrea Olivera standing in a temple with her mentor, Mantriji

Andrea Olivera will personally customize your experience to fit your healing and experiential self-discovery journey.

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