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Svadhisthana Chakra

Svadhisthana Chakra

The Self takes pleasure and becomes established as it dwells sits within its own abode

~ Sanskrit meaning ~
Sva = The Self – One’s own Being
Svad = To take pleasure in
Adhisthana = Abode or Seat – Established

#2 Sacral Chakra

Location: Navel
Bija Seed Sound: Vam
Element: Water
Sense: Taste
Color: Orange
Deities: Brahma & Saraswati


Cosmic Golden
Womb, Crocodile

The potential to transform our past mistakes and purify our subconsciousness where the prints of our cellular memory or Samskara/Vasanas “Sit 0r Dwell”

“Our Story”, floats within this abode of the self.

This is the inner ground where the epic story of Samudra Manthana, or the churning of the Ocean story, found in the Hindu scriptures the Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata, and the Vishnu Purana, takes place.

Our inner saboteur can be the consciousness of our inner child who is stuck in the pain, stories, and traumas of the past. It can also be part of the ego who carries the pain of previous lives.

Those parts of the underdeveloped or not yet fully realized part of our ego can represent that demoniac force or darkness holding the rope on one side of the mountain that is about to churn the ocean. On the other side of the mountain, the part of our consciousness that has awakened, has developed and is becoming its True Self or Higher Power. Our Divine nature pulls the rope churning our emotions and purifying our consciousness. The goal? To capture the Elixir of Life and not stay dormant or indulge in our senses.

This churning purifies our lower emotions such as anger, fear, self-doubt, violence, hatred, greed, envy, jealousy, arrogance and lethargy. It turns them into life-enhancing gems, wisdom trees, the blessing of Mother Divine, and Prana. All the ingredients that make up the Nectar of Immortality come up from this churning.

Here we move away from self-sabotaging actions of the ego and move our unconscious selfish actions which can destroy our growth potential into the flow of our creative higher being of peace and love.

The Symbol of Svadhistana chakra is the crocodile.

The crocodile represents the Sanchita Karma, our collected Karmas, Samskaras, and Vasanas that lay dormant like the crocodile. Our deepest desires and behaviours stem from the collected deeds and mis-deeds. Churning, purifying, clearing and atoning them can affect our future Karmas. This is the action known as Kriyamana Karma, the Karma created in this present life.

This begins our yogic path of purification found in the Kriyas, actions burn out of beliefs. When inertia and laziness possess our consciousness, we need to apply these Kriyas to awaken two hidden gems, our Will Power or Iccha Shakti and our Vitality/Vigor or Kriya Shakti.

The power of our creativity and sexuality awakens when the three powerful energies churn our ocean of consciousness.

Prana Shakti or Life Force Energy, Dharana Shakti or the Power of Focus and Chetana Shakti or the power of Discernment awaken.

When these energies or Shaktis awaken the Symbol that appears is the Cosmic Golden Womb that gives birth to the Knowledge of the Self.

Balance your Svadhisthana Chakra with Devi perfume.

This Ritual scent balances Chakra #2 , Swadisthana, the abode of the sensual self and promotes the free flow of creative expression.

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