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Thank You For Booking

Dear Clients,

My spa is an urban retreat located in central Toronto. A place of rejuvenation, tranquility and healing. At
the time of your appointment, other sessions will be in service. We ask guests arrive on time; preferably
not too early and to avoid being late, if you are early there are quaint coffee shops within walking
distance. Please enter very quietly, turn off your devices and remove your shoes. My staff are expecting
you, no need to engage or announce yourself.

Please relax, take a seat and help yourself to refreshments. If this is your first visit, you may use the tablet
on the desk to register your details. The washroom is located at the top of the stairs, please tiptoe quietly.
After your treatment you can expect to leave feeling very oil rich, many of our treatments involve
drenching your body with oil. Please bring a hairbrush or comb, hair tie and hat or scarf to protect your
hair from the elements. Plan your day accordingly, we recommend leaving the oils overnight and to rest
after your treatment, if possible, go to a sauna or steam room. Dress appropriately; you may get oil on
your clothes. We have a shower onsite if you desire and provide towels. For Shirodhara or Indian Head
Massage no hair colour or chemical treatments one week either side of your session.

Important Parking Awareness Notice

Paid metered parking on Bathurst Street – except for 16:00pm and 18:00pm
Paid parking lot on 30 Bridgman Avenue one block north of Dupont, east of Bathurst Street.


Special Instructions: Unless you have paid for your service in advance, we require a deposit to secure
your appointment. The date and time of your appointment is on hold for you. Your appointment will be
confirmed when we received your deposit which will be deducted from your final total. It is non-refundable
should you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Please pay your deposit using the
link: https://ayurvedictouch.com/store/treatment-deposit/

Alternatively, you may send an email transfer to info@ayurvedictouch.com PASSWORD: Rituals.

Appointments with Dr Shah DO NOT require a deposit

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appointment over the phone.