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The Devi Sanctuary Healing Circle

Your are invited to The Devi Sanctuary Healing Circle!

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday February 25th – March 18th – April 22nd – May 13th

Located in Bewdley, Northumberland County

A Sacred healing sanctuary based on Ayurveda concepts, philosophy and ancient Vedic traditions.

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

Each of us longs for safe, supportive, sacred community. It is our human nature to belong as a means to sustain ourselves, heal, and serve others in gracious reciprocity.

Our lives create joyous impressions in our layered beings as well as life altering scars that may bind us to the point of isolating paralysis. It’s not easy to keep ourselves together as we traverse through life’s ups and downs. Independent perseverance has never been enough to carry anybody through life’s journeys. What all of us need is access to a community of care in whichever form or manifestation it may be available to you.

As you move through life’s triumphs, adversities and failures, your inner workings, approach, and exposure to true love are the prime determinants of your ability to maintain your inner light as you perceiver through time. Brewing resentment, anger, jadedness, rage, guilt, regret, shame, paranoia, fear, bravado, denial, arrogance and jealousy are all gateways to self-harm and the dimming of your inner light if these are not kept in check.

How then do you retain your inner light in the face of adversity, obstacles, doubt, personal indiscretions, or the many other pressures, demons, aggressions, and struggles each of us face throughout our lives? How do we envision a bright future while faced with an undesired present? How are you to enjoy the bounty that you may have in service of your true purpose?

Our Know Thyself, Heal Thyself healing circle offers opportunity to learn and experience a collection of East-Meets-West techniques, philosophies, practices, and principles that provide tremendous help on how to embrace happiness, overcome internal adversity and become unbound from deep seated scars.

The healing circle will share knowledge of your body-mind type based on the philosophical and scientific methods of self-awareness and longevity we term The Three Sister Sciences – Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha. We also unashamedly recognize a supreme reality that is beyond ourselves and tap into the divine teachings of various religious beliefs and prayers that help us shed light on the human condition.

Devi Sanctuary offers a safe space to share, integrate new ideas, gain knowledge and perspective, and be provided time to reflect on your healing journey while embraced by our beautiful property. The healing circle includes a meditative walk through our sacred land, we call the “Devi Sanctuary”, located in the beautiful Northumberland County. We are incrementally preparing spiritual introspection stations across the property that offer different energies, moods and characteristics accentuating the highly energized and healing qualities of the property.

Healing circles occur every third Saturday at 10:30am beginning February 4th, 2023, in the Bewdley area – 15min north of Port Hope, 35min east of Oshawa.

The sessions are by donation with no expectations. The occasions are being offered in the spirit of service. We do ask you to bring an offering for the space in the spirit of giving to showcase care and gratitude for the environment that is facilitating your healing. This includes things like incense, candles (in glass containers only), flowers, bird seed or apples for the wildlife etc.

We strictly forbid the presence of alcohol, any forms of narcotics, intoxicants, stimulants, or other psychedelic type substances. You are welcome to bring what you feel you need for your healing circle journey. This can include a notebook and pen, comfortable walking shoes, your favorite cushion etc.

You are being invited into our own private sanctuary space. Please show the utmost of care, compassion, and kindness to the space, with gentleness and respect.

You must RSVP before you attend via emailing info@ayurvedictouch.com with you name and phone number. Or, call 416 504 6049. We will connect with you to confirm your attendance.


“My experience at the Healing Circle created a shift in my energy that I can’t explain. I didn’t know how much I needed the peaceful, compassionate, positive and all accepting energy that your space, your property and you and Ali provide. Several days later I’m still riding that wave of positive, healing energy and having important awarenesses. Most importantly, I feel a new sense of calm, patience, and compassion for myself, as well as excitement that I have a place near me like this, where I can go whenever I need to. I look forward to many more visits, and many meditative walks on your beautiful property. Thank you and Ali for being you!! I’m so grateful you’re close by!”
– Lori Dunstan

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Located in Northumberland County in Bewdley near Port Hope

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