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The Muladhara Chakra, Our Root

The Muladhara Chakra

Our Root, Our Tribe, Our Ancestors.

~ Sanskrit meaning ~
Mula: Root
Ahhara: Foundation, Base, Support

#1 The Root Chakra

Base of the Spine: Coccygeal Plexus, Vertabrae 1-2-3
Bija Seed Sound: Lam
Element: Earth, Tattva
Sense: Smell
Color: Red
Deities: The Goddess Dakini


Lotus Blossom

Four Petals representing
1. Mind
2. Intellect
3. Consciousness
4. Ego

In the center of our tailbone sits the bija (seed) of pure potentiality. This bija (seed) lays dormant deep in the earth, the root of our consciousness. The seeds of our past deeds and misdeeds known as our Prarabdha Karma lay dormant waiting for the time (Kala the serpent of time) to awaken.

The 7 trunks of the Elephant represent our 7 hidden spiritual treasures, the 7 Dhatus; Tissues of the Body, 7 Gems and minerals found in the earth and the 7 Levels of
Consciousness waiting to be awakened.

  1. Unconsciousness
  2. Subconsciousness
  3. Dream Consciousness
  4. Waking Consciousness
  5. Astral Consciousness
  6. Supreme Consciousness
  7. Cosmic Consciousness

The root of our consciousness from our childhood to our previous past lives lay in an unconscious state.

To awaken awareness brings us out of the darkness of negative emotions such as fears, insecurity, doubt, disillusions, phobias, and the seeds of our Prarabdha Karmas our misdeeds and that of our family.

Our tribal roots and their legacies keep the pain of the past. Traumas block our consciousness from transforming inherited obstacles out of the darkness into the light of self-evolution.

Here begins our spiritual unfoldment and the shedding of the past. As we move upwards towards union with our true self, we travel through the next doorways of consciousness.

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