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Vata Self-Care Rituals

Ayurveda is a simple system that provides key ingredients to help us achieve balance in our bodies and minds within our natural environment. Today I share with you the Vata Ayurveda self-care ritual — or routine if you will — to help balance your DOSHA.

Artist: Hera Baboudjian

VATA, from the Sanskrit word meaning WIND, pertains to that which blows, that which moves and that which is responsible for movement. Vatas are light, dry, changeable, always cold, worried, anxious and fast thinkers.

You are a VATA. Vata is composed air and space. To restore balance, you require healing touch and sound. Shortly, I will guide you through a balancing ritual I am sure you will enjoy. But before we begin, I would like to share with you another home care Ritual for Vata balancing.

Oil your body with warmed sesame oil or sweet almond oil before stepping into a warm aromatic rose and lavender bath. This will bring down the Air element as the entire skin is touched by nurturing oils and water. For this ritual, you can select gentle, calming music to invite further balancing to the element of space, as space is healed with sound.

Vata, you are light, dry, mobile, always cold, a fast thinker. Your predominant emotions are worry, fear, and anxiety. You look for warmth in love, friendships, and from within. You are a creative spirit. Your skin is dry, dehydrated and sun-damaged, prematurely aged by stress.

Your antidote for daily self-care:

Keep yourself safe and grounded, avoid stress, dry foods, places and people. Avoid over-activity and becoming overwhelmed. Let yourself rest and replenish your energy. Bring warmth and gentleness into your being, and give yourself permission to experience and share creative expression. You are a beautiful bird who needs to experience everything in life. So fly from one branch to another, but remember to recharge in the safety of your nest.