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Air & Ether

You are light, dry, mobile, always cold, a fast thinker.

Your predominant emotion is worry, fear, anxiety.

You look for warmth in love, friendships and within.

You are a creative spirit.

Your skin is dehydrated, dry, sun damaged, prematurely aged due to stress.

Avoid stress, dry foods, dry people, over actively and lack of rest.

Bring warmth and gentleness. Give yourself permission to experience and share creative expression.

Cleansing with oils based on the Vata body Type

Vata body types have dry, rough skin that can get cold and easily fatigued. Massage warmed sesame seed-based oils. Add lavender, eucalyptus, and sweet fennel essential oils to balance excess Vata symptoms. Leave yourself soothed, calm, and relaxed. The warming of muscles will make it easier to stretch and release pain.

Vata Morning Rituals

  1. Keep warm

  2. Stay grounded

  3. Stay focussed

  4. Drink warm water with ginger or a warm milk beverage (almond, rice, soya, goat or cow’s milk)

  5. Apply Abhyanga Ayurveda self massage using Vata ayurveda Scalp oils and Body oils

  6. Take warm bath with Vata Ayurveda Bath Salts

  7. Cleanse face with half tsp of Vata Ubtan – a dual performance Ayurveda Herbal powder, mixing with Liquid Nectar to become an exfoliant.

  8. Make a masque with Vata Ubtan Herbal powder mixed with honey or avocado.

  9. Tone using Liquid Nectar, leave on until fully absorbed into the skin

  10. Massage Rejuvenation Serum using Marma Pressure Point

  11. Apply Renewal Cream generously to face and neck.

Vata Night Rituals

  1. Cleanse face and neck with Balancing cleanser

  2. Spray on Liquid Nectar, allow to penetrate skin

  3. Apply a generous amount of Rejuvenation Serum using Marma point technique

  4. Massage Renewal Cream

  5. Apply Lotus Eyes Cream

Vata Additional Rituals

Twice weekly or when needed mix 1 tbsp of mashed avocado to half tsp of Vata Ayurveda Masque, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off and follow with Liquid Nectar.

May the experience of the Ritual scent Dharma invoke the awareness of your divine truth and duty.